She changed me ( RagLak) three shots first shot

Hi guys kashish here with three shots first part. Hope you guys like it too. Thanks for all the comments they have been personally replied…
First shot
We see a girl crying she was in a bridal attire her parents were also crying they say we are sorry beta we cannot do anything for u we are helpless forgive us if u can that b***** gangster what will do he with u he will make ur life hell we are sorry beta we are really sorry. The girl says it is not your fault mom and dad maybe this is was only written in my destiny anyways I will face all the challenges with brave and courage maybe this is also a challenge I just need to have faith on me and be brave and courageous. They take her downstairs the boy gets mesmerised seeing her. The marriage gets completed and all the rituals are done.
First night: –
The groom enters the room the bride gets nervous seeing him. He opens the veil and the girl is revealed to be Ragini and the boy is laksh.
Laksh: – you are looking damn hot and s**y I want to make u mine come on babes
He pins her to the wall and starts sucking her lips. He bites her lower lip blood comes out of it she moans in pain she protests and throws him he falls on the floor.
Ragini: you b***** gangster how dare u to force me on yourself maybe everyone is afraid of u but I am not understand
Laksh gets angry he throws her jewellery on the floor. He takes her saree out and throws her on the bed he is on top of her he kisses her lips and starts sucking them after sometime he leaves her then he kisses her cleavage and b****t and enters into her forcefully. He tortures her whole night.
No Precap
So guys how was first part I know it was too bad stupid one. Anyways no problem love u all guys bye take care see you soon with next update…


    • Kashish8456



      tysm fairy thanks for u continuous support and ur the writer of power in love ( swaragini) i am a right dear love ya take care keep smiling always next part tomorrow or whenever i get free time:p

  1. Anjali

    Awesome dear please make it a little bit longer
    Love it dear. 😍😍😍😍😍😘😚😚😚😚

  2. Fats

    Wow, this was such an intense update. I felt so sorry for Ragini 😢. Can’t wait to read the next part 💕

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