Swara noticed while descending the stairs that the servant were arranging the table for breakfast when one person finger by mistake get cutted by the edge of that table…..

Swara found something fishy in it and by the time she realise it she finds Sanskar going towards the table

So before he crossed that she runs and shouts Sanskar

Sanskar after hearing the her turns and catches swara as she was going to fall……

Swara falls in a such a way so that her hand intentionally touch that edge

She shouts as her hand touches the edge…..

Sanskar- swara are you ok

Swara- yeah I am fine, what will happen to me I was just getting bored so thought to get hurt myself (fake smiling……then she shouts) aahhhhh……you idiot it’s paining badly (saying she falls unconscious)

Then Sanskar immediately took swara in room and call the doctor…..

Doctor- she is now fine, you called me on right time otherwise the poison would have spread in the whole body

Sanskar- (shocked) what poison

Doctor- yeah from the thing she got hurt was poisonous

Sanskar- ok thank you doctor (talking to him) it means it was an attack for me, I need to discuss about this with Sahil

Swara gains consciousness, Sanskar noticed this

Sanskar- I am sorry swara because of me you got hurt I was the prey but….

Swara- (acting to be shocked) what you mean you were the prey and this was planned….

Sanskar- relax everything is fine, I saved you, now you are fine

Swara- even Ramu Kaka (the servant who was hurt)

Sanskar- relax he is also fine.

Swara- ok……(Sanskar goes from there thinking about it) he thought he saved me, but the truth is I saved him (saying so she giggled)

At midnight,

Swara wakes up to drink water but finding the jar empty she moved towards the kitchen.
While going towards the kitchen she hears some noise coming from Sanskar room

She enters the room and saw TV was on and Sanskar was sleeping.

So she switched off the TV and was covering him with the blanket when he feels someone around him so pulls that person beneath him and caged her

Swara due to the sudden pull was shocked and she closed her eyes, while Sanskar was gazing her, he for the first time was memorized seeing her.

Sanskar- you

Hearing the voice swara opens her eyes…..both were lost in each other

Swara- sorry that TV was on and you were, were slee…..sleeping so I……(stammering)

Sanskar- it’s ok, relax go to your room( moving away, giving her way to go)

Seeing her way cleared she runs from there. She reaches her room breathing heavily trying to catch her breath.

Swara- (thinking) what was that why the hell was I lost in his eyes, uffff……….swara you need to focus, remember for what you came here.

As it was the day when swara also going to go with Sanskar to his office…….

She got ready early.

At the breakfast table,

Sanskar comes and see swara having breakfast, was again lost in her beauty who was looking beautiful in her pink churidar.

Sanskar- how is your hand swara

Swara- still the same but better then before

Sanskar- good so ready for your 1st day of job

Swara- (smiling) of course…..

So both went to office and while leaving sanskar receive a call from Sahil inviting them at their place for Kavya birthday.

Swara – (thinking) now what will be their next move I have to be very alert. At home today I saved him but outside there is a lot of danger.
Please help me god.

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