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As Decided Sahil and Kavya comes to Sanskar home at the lunch time

As Swasan were about to sit to have there lunch John (one of Sanskar servant) comes there……

John- Sir, Mr. and Mrs. Sahil have arrived.

Sanskar- ok John you can go.

Sanskar and Swara greet them

Sahil- Yaar Sanskar we were going for lunch outside so thought to take you both along.

Sanskar- (asking swara whether see is ok with it or not so she nodes) cool, so let’s go.

All reached restaurant when Swara excused herself to go to washroom.

Suddenly there was an attack on Sanskar. So Sahil and Kavya removes there gun and fight with them.

Suddenly a lady comes and saves Sanskar from being hitted by the bullet. Sanskar was shocked due to sudden entry of the lady who was wearing burkha and perfectly aiming and killing all of them.

Just then Swara comes from washroom……

Swara- (shouting) Sanskar what’s going on

Sanskar- (goes towards her and hides her in his arms as he wants to protect her) Swara there is an attack on me.

Then that lady (burkha one) comes to them

Lady- Are you alright

Sanskar- yeah, thank you but who are you

Lady- That doesn’t matters

Suddenly that lady leaves smoke gas , as soon as that has gets clear Swasan were shocked as that lady had disappeared.

Kavhil comes to them……

Kavhil- Are you both alright

Swasan- yeah

Sanskar- But who was that lady who saved me

Kavhil- About whom are you talking Sanskar only we both were there and no one else

Sanskar- No Guys trust me she was there, she….she was in burkha, even swara saw her…..

Swara nodes in yes……

Kavhil- Common Sanskar you are thinking too much, see around there are many ladies in burkha, she might be one of those who saved you

Sahil- Relax buddy, let’s go

Sanskar- But…..

Swara- Ha, Sanskar they might be saying right

Sanskar- Ohk, let’s go…..


Sanskar pov,

How is this possible, I know I……I saw that lady saving me, but who was she and why was she hiding herself.

His chain of thought were broken when he sees swara walking in the lawn in front of the house. So he also goes to lawn.


Swara saw Sanskar coming………

Sanskar- swara your alright na I mean your not hurt na

Swara- no no Sanskar I am ok

Swara- Sanskar

Sanskar- Hmmm……

Swara- Why those people attached on you

Sanskar- Swara my father is an IPS Officer so he has many rivals and even due to my business I also have many rivals so among those anyone might have attacked on me…….

Swara- Then why don’t you take police protection

Sanskar- I don’t like those bodyguards following me every where so

Swara- But Sanskar they are for your protection

Sanskar- But I don’t want them. I always feel like I am a prisoner, ok now no more questions on this topic

Swara- ok

Just then swara’s cell phone rings and she immediately cuts the call……

Sanskar- who was it swara

Swara- who will it be Sanskar that……that landlord only. I told you na my previous rent is pending so, but I don’t know how will I pay it

Sanskar- Don’t worry about that you can work in my company as I know you won’t accept the money from me so

Swara- Is it….. really…..I mean thank you so much

Sanskar- Ohk then good night see you tomorrow morning

Swara- good night……….

As soon as sanskar went from there swara immediately call back on that number……..

Swara- (Angrily) How many times should I inform you not to call me again and again. I myself will contact you when required….

Unknown Caller- (Angrily) Don’t you dare swara again use this tone to me and why the hell is that Sanskar Maheshwari still alive…..

Swara- I did as you told me to do but don’t know from where that Officers came and he got saved

Unknown Caller- I know that, that’s why I sended my people to that restaurant to kill him but don’t know from where a lady came and saved him.

Swara- That was I am thinking who was she

Unknown Caller- Were you that lady swara……

Swara- Your doubting me look this is your work I am not even related to it still I am doing what you told but now I won’t as you don’t trust me

Unknown Caller- no no swara relax I do trust you, but you need to find that lady soon

Swara- (Rudely) ok and hangs up the call

Swara sign in relief……


Sahil receives a call……..

Sahil- what happened

Unknown Person- Today we saved him, but they are soon going to come up with a new plan, from now on we need to be more alert

Sahil- ok saying so hangs up the call…..

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