Scene shifts to swalak…..

Guys here swara is fake swara i.e. burkha girl

Swara- La….laksh…it…’s pain……paining a lot (said with very difficulty while crying)

Laksh- Jaan relax I am here na I will not let anything happen to you. I will only take out the bullet as we don’t have time to go to hospital.

Swara by then was unconscious and Laksh was removing the bullet from her hand………

Even in unconscious state she was wincing in pain.

Laksh was having red eyes…..filled with anger.

Laksh- I will not leave you whosoever is behind all this and that’s a promise to you Jaan.

Then he removes the bullet and Swara sigh in relief but was still in unconscious state.

Laksh takes swara in her emberance and hug her making sure she doesn’t feels the pain……


Here burkha girl and Sanskar comes deep inside the forest across the lake and there was a hut over there seems like someone lived here before……

Sanskar falls down unconsciously due to the bullet in his hand

Burkha girl picks him up with much difficulty and lay him on the bed placed in that hut…….

And then heated a knife which she found in the hut so that she can remove the bullet………

When that knife touched Sanskar hand he winced in pain and started to gain his sense.

Though he was not properly in his sense but could see that burkha girl was removing the bullet

When the bullet was out and Sanskar before going in unconscious state spoke…..

Sanskar- who are you? Saying so he was again unconscious

Then the burkha girl uplifts the veil of burkha and she reveals to be swara…….

(I know you might long back got to know that swara is only the burkha girl but Sanskar is not aware of the fact so I thought to frame this scene like this, I hope you all are satisfied with it, this scene is between real swara and Sanskar)

Swara- I am sorry Sanskar for lying to a friend like you but still I will tell you the whole truth very soon.


Laksh calls Sahil finding the network……

Laksh- Sahil where are you I have send you the location.

Sahil- don’t worry Laksh we are reaching. Keep swara with you only.

Laksh was shocked while listening this…..

Laksh- what swara is she also here. When did this happened this was not a part of our plan dammit.

Sahil- what swara is not with you

Laksh- no I am with your princess

Sahil- she is fine right

Laksh- yes now she is fine

Sahil- you (angrily) what do you mean by now

Laksh- she was hitted

Sahil- what

Laksh- relax she is fine and sleeping

Sahil- ok we will reach there

Sahil hangs up the call……


Sanskar gains his consciousness and looks around and tries to recall what happened.

Just then he remembered swara and shouts her name…..

Hearing the voice swara(burkha girl) comes inside and Sanskar looks at her shockingly.

Sanskar-(while shouting) who the hell are you

He tries to get up but was not able to, he winced in pain…..

Swara- relax you are not well you need rest ……I will tell you everything

Sanskar- (then again remember about swara) no I can’t sit here swara is injured I need to be with her……i……I have to go.

Saying so he tries to get up but was not able to and due to a lot of pain again get unconscious.


Here this scene is between Laksh and Swara (fake one).

Swara gains her consciousness and look around her when she finds Laksh there

Swara immediately hugs Laksh

Swara- (cryingly) Laksh I was so scared, I thought I will die and then I will leave you.

Laksh- (carcasing her back) shhhh. Calm down Jaan nothing will happen to you and I will never let you go away from me ok.

Swara nodes blinking her eyes innocently.

Laksh- (thought to tease swara) wese even if you had gone then I have swara with me I would have married her….

Swara laughs

Swara- that’s not possible because jiju loves her a lot

Laksh- widens his eyes listening jiju word.

Laksh- what jiju, what are you talking about

Swara- Sanskar loves dii a lot and he proposed me thinking her

Laksh- what he proposed you I will kill him

Swara noticed that he was being jealous, swara then laughs again

Swara- relax I am always yours

Laksh- (kissing her forehead) I know !

Laksh become tensed again due to Sanskar proposal

Laksh- what will happen when swara comes to know about this

Swara- nothing she will have to say yes because jiju loves her a lot, I can see how much he was worried when I got shot thinking me as swara, this proves he loves her truly like you do me……

Laksh- hm that’s true I love you a lot

Swara- I love you too.


This secne is between Sanskar and real swara

Sanskar again gains his consciousness…….looks towards swara who was in burkha covering her face carefully.

Sanskar- who are you? Answer me…….what do you want, what have I done……why are you not letting me go

Swara was not in a mood to talk so she puts the knife on her neck which she was holding…..

Swara- enough you talk to much keep quiet or I will kill you here itself

Sanskar gets angry seeing this and gaining the opportunity
he hold her hand which consist of knife and twist it and pulse her towards him and then keeps that knife on her neck moving his hand on her hand which was having the knife…….

Sanskar- don’t you dare blackmail me otherwise the consequence will not be good.

Saying so push her and she stumbles a little but composes herself from falling……

Swara gets more angry and again walks towards him and was about to again keep the knife but Sanskar held her hand and then both were very close to each other and they both shared a romantic eyelock……

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