The Changed Equation (Intro)


He was upset. Very upset for mistakes happened in her life. She is all that he have now. It’s just her laughter which can fill his emptiness. But he released.Released HER from the burden of love. He cannot love, not with the burdens he carries every day. It was purely unexpected, the things which have happened in his life. But he has no say in it. All he could do was, do as told. It is a duty and he was always taught to abide by his duty. But the manner in which he carried out his duty is not up to the mark. People may give him names, but he knew if she was with him, her life would be doomed. And Yuvraj would not have liked it a bit. He would try to give her all happiness she needed in her life at arm’s distance. That he was sure of. But he can’t be her happiness.
Krishna saw the stars shining as a pearl in the dark blue ocean, she knew her father must be watching her, laughing at her hairdo as he always does and having a cigar on his left hand. She smiled. It had been 3months.It had been unexpected. Was his death, though natural? She missed him so much, his gruff voice always complaining about something or another thing. His room even smells off his stupid scent he used, his books untouched, his beds neat. She is living with his memories. He had been all she had. When he left, she had no reason to stay back. She wanted to let go, but his words hold her.He always wanted to do something in Teaching, though he never got a chance to do so. So she took up his feel and enrolled as a teacher for kindergartens. Maybe that changed the view of her life.
Will it or not?
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