The Changed Destiny- SwaSan (Episode 9)

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Both Swara and Sanskar were sleeping one on couch and the other on bed. The sun rays fall on Swara disturbing her sleep. She wakes up and sees Sanskar sleeping on couch innocently. She sees around and remembers that she was in MM not in GM. She sees the room which was of greyish black  and white color. The room’s one wall was filled with family photos of Sanskar while on one side it was the awards collected by him. There was a big cupboard of white color. The room had three doors, one for washroom, one for balcony which had a swinging chair to sit and the last one main entrance door of the room. A king size white bed and a big photo frame of Sanskar. The room was looking of a real matured adult. She thinks that she was so tired that she didn’t even notice the room. Her eyes fall on Sanskar who was sleeping on the couch.

This was the first time when she was just admiring her hubby. She wakes from bed and without making a noise goes to take bath. After sometime she comes and sees Sanskar still sleeping. She gets ready in pink color saree looking gorgeous. She notice the time and sees it’s almost 7 am.
Swa: Oh God it is 6:45 AM almost 7 and we have to go down at 7:30. Should I wake him up or not. What if he gets angry for waking him up. Leave that and first call Laksh to wake them up otherwise today they will definitely get scolding from Mom.
Swara calls at Laksh’s phone but he doesn’t pick it. She calls again and again and being tensed starts walking from one side to other continuously. Sanskar sleep gets disturbed with the blocking and coming of sunlight again and again.( Actually Swara was walking in front of the window with which sometimes she came in front of sun and blocked the sunlight and sometimes get aside making the sunlight fall on Sanskar again and again. ) Sanskar wakes up and sees Swara he gets mesmerized to see her but then notices that she is walking here and there calling someone being tensed and acts to sleep. Laksh picks the call.

Swa: Good morning Laksh.
Lak: ( sleeping )Good morning di. What happened why are you calling on phone instead of coming to room?
Swa: ( teary eyes ) Laksh I am at MM not in GM to wake up you both up coming in your room.
Lak: Oh I forget.
Swa: It is fine. Did Aryan wake up or just sleeping? Don’t forget it is 7 and you have to go to college at 8.
Lak: Oh yes we forget about college. I will wake him up.
Lak: ( to Aryan ) Aryan wake up we have to go to college. Aryan.
Ary: Let me sleep.
Swa: Hello Laksh put the phone on speaker.
Laksh puts the phone on speaker and shakes Aryan to wake up.
Swa: Aryan wake up. It is 7 don’t you have to go to college. You know na if you get late Mom will scold you. You are a good boy wake up fast.
Ary: Di please I am not a small child.
Swa: I know you are not ok now wake up fast.
Ary: Di I miss you.
Swa: I miss you too. Ok now wake up and get ready. Bye.
LakYan: Bye.
Swara cuts the call and wipes her tears. She sees Sanskar still sleeping. Swara goes to Sanskar. Swara feels nervous what if he gets angry but then tries to wake him up.
Swa: Sanskar. Wake up.
After 2 to 3 times
San: (Acts as just waking up.) Yes.
Swa: Sanskar you get ready we have to go down for the pooja also.
San: ( smiles)I will get ready and come you go down.
Swara smiles and goes downstairs while Sanskar gets ready.

Hall of MM
Swara comes and goes to AP.
Swa: Good morning aun (interrupted)
AP: Ahhan ( No )
Swa: Sorry Mom. (smiles )
AP: Good morning.
Swa: Mom where is Ragini and Uttara?
AP: Beta they are in their room and will be coming down in few minutes. Beta you remember na that today is your first rasoi ( kitchen ).
Swara nods her head and smiles. So make anything with sweet.
Swa:  But Mom what should I make?
AP: Make whatever you want ok and don’t feel nervous. Now it is your home also.
Swara nods and goes to kitchen and starts preparing the dishes. After preparing the breakfast she makes gajar ka halwa ( a sweet dish made of carrot ) which was her favourite and Aryan’s favourite. She made it because she didn’t know what everyone liked.

Everyone comes down in the temple of MM and took the blessings of all elders after the puja.
DP: Live long and be happy.
AP: Stay happy. God bless you both with all the happiness. ( to Swara) I know beta you are feeling nervous and sad leaving your family alone but think this also as your home. And if you want to share anything you can share with me thinking me as your mother instead of mother in law. Hmmm. Be happy and always keep smiling.
Swara nods and smiles with teary eyes.
Seeing everything so emotional a naughty idea came in our Ragini’s mind.
Coming in front of everyone and throws Sanskar’s hanky down.
Rag: Bhai your hanky fell down. See. (pointing down on floor where the hanky was)
Sanskar bends to pick up when suddenly Ragini comes in front of everyone and says something making everyone laugh.
Rag: Arre bhai what is the need of taking blessings from me nevermind if you want blessings then ( with attitude putting her hand on his head ) ‘Stay happy my child. God bless you.’ (Sanskar stands up and about to speak something but gets interrupted by Ragini)

Rag: (Going to Swara) Wow bhabhi. It’s not even a day and you teached so many good things to bhai. I am proud of you bhabhi ( acting as crying ) Today I got to know that my elder khadoos (arrogant) brother can also be ruled. If I would have known this earlier I would have brought you earlier only. No, actually Maa you should have brought bhabhi at the time she was born so that my arrogant brother could be sweet brother and I didn’t have to take his torture.
San: I am arrogant and torture you ha. Wait today I am not gonna leave you.
Rag: ( Running ) Bhai for leaving me you have to catch me first.
Sanskar running behind Ragini.
San: Ragini ki bacchi. Ruk tu waha. ( Ragini’s child. Wait you there.)
Rag: Bhai what Ragini’s child. I didn’t even marry and my child. No ways. But ya instead of Ragini’s child you can say Sanskar’s child if you are so eager of playing with kids. ( winking)
Sanskar and Swara gets embarrassed and to avoid the situation.
San: Ma let’s go. I am feeling hungry.

DP: Come Swara beti. Their drama never ends. And I am eager to eat the food made by my new daughter( whispering to Swara)  and I can get a change from that regular tasteless food.
AP: Swara beti from tomorrow onwards there will be no food made for DP ji as nowadays they are regularly eating the tasteless food and having no food is better than having a tasteless food because i am not letting my newly wedded daughter to enter the kitchen to make food. OK.
Swara just smiles seeing the nok-jhok of everyone.
After few minutes everyone was sitting on the dining table and having breakfast when Swara came from kitchen with a bowl of Gajar ka halwa ( a sweet dish made of carrot ). When Ragini saw it she thought to tease Sanskar making a plan with Uttara.

Utt: Bhabhi this Gajar ka halwa?
Swa: ( interrupts ) I am really sorry if you didn’t like it. Actually I don’t know what everyone likes and this sweet is mine and Aryan’s favourite, also I always used to make it. So, I made it but if you want I can make something you want. ( disappointed and says in one breathe )
Rag: Arre bhabhi it is nothing like that. But ya bhai and my sweet bhabhi you have so similar tastes. Bhai also loves Gajar ka halwa and you also. Same same han. (winks)
( Dramatically ) Oh my God now no one will make my and Uttara’s favourite sweet because Papa is not allowed to eat so much sweet and Mom eats any kind of sweet and she makes the sweet which has more votes from three of us. Now Bhabhi will join Bhai’s team which means Mom will make Gajar ka halwa not my Gulab Jamun or Uttara’s favourite Kheer.
Utt: Bhabhi this is not fair now Mom will make majority winning sweet. ( Whispering to Swara extra sweetly )  Bhabhi you are really sweet can you please be on my side my favourite is Gulab Jamun so vote for it only. Ok.
Rag: No Bhabhi you vote for Kheer as it is my favourite because you are the best sister and bhabhi right.
San: No she will not vote for it. So stop manipulating her. She is my wife first so she will vote for my favourite. ( says unknowingly )

Rag: (teasing) Bhai she is your wife first haan so she will vote for your favourite only. See Bhabhi now toh you have vote for Bhai’s favourite as he has said.
Utt: Waise Bhai you started using your rights on Bhabhi on the first day itself haan?
San: Be quite both of you. I will see you later.
All this while Sanskar and Swara both get embarrassed and sensing this AP changes the topic to not make Swara nervous.
AP: Stop three of you your favourite topic otherwise i will not make anything of your choice. And for your kind information just turn your face to other side and see the time. If you get late then don’t tell me. ( mimicking of Rags and making a crying face ) Mom we are late today now the teacher will scold us.
Swara smiles seeing this while DP laughs and says
DP: I think now we need to find a new person to handle the responsibilities of the house as the head female of the house is herself behaving like a child. Swara beti you are toh not like this na? Otherwise I have to see 5-5 children already it is like dieing to handle four of these but I know you are not like that so you have to help me in managing these 4 kids. OK.
Swara nods.

AP gives a death glare to DP while to change topic DP took a spoon full of the halwa and eats it.
DP: It is so tasty I wish I could eat more but the strict teacher and the female head will not allow me to eat but still it is really tasty. Here is your gift ( giving a musical box which when opened would play a music. ) This is similar box I gave to Uttara and Ragini so this one is for you.
Swa: Thank you uncle.
DP: Not uncle say Papa or Dad. Think me as your father.
Swara nods her head and opens the box and the music starts playing. Tears of happiness start forming in her eyes. She starts getting a flashback:

A girl around 7 years is shown crying and knocking the door of the room.
Girl: Dad please come out. See mumma is crying and you are also not talking to me. Dad please don’t fight today. It is my birthday and you said you will listen to me. Please.
And she starts crying bitterly but no one opens the door nor consoles the little girl of 7 years.


Swara starts weeping listening the father and after seeing the love which real father gives to her daughter.
Swa: If you don’t mind can I call you Papa instead of Dad.
DP: Sure beta. But why these tears? Are you having any problem? Tell me maybe I can solve it.
Swa: Nothing like that just my father left us when I was around 8 years old and getting the father’s love after so many years made these tears come out. You don’t worry.
AP: Well Swara you make so nice food. God Bless you beta. It is really tasty and I will give you two gifts one now and one in evening. Your first gift is that if any of these three says you anything come and say to me because I know three of these naughty heads always doing fun. Complaint to me and then I will see who says something to my daughter.
RagUtt: ( together ) It is really tasty bhabhi.
Rag: I think I should change my favourite now.
Utt: Well I don’t need to change as I know Swara bhabhi will make best Kheer.
Rag: Bhai won’t you say anything. It is your favourite na?
San: It is good.
Utt: Bhai only good or tasty.
San: It is tasty. Well my dear sisters you are getting late. Don’t you want to go?
Rag: Oh ya. ( with extra sweetness ) Bhai can you drop us college? Please.
San: Stop applying butter to me and you go I am coming with car keys.
Ragini and Uttara leave outside.
San: Swara you also come with us.
AP: Ya Swara go beta.
Swara nods and both SwaSan leave with Ragini and Uttara.

Sanskar drops Ragini and Uttara college and starts lecturing about concentrating on studies and taking care of themselves when Aryan and Laksh sees Swara and comes near SwaSan and RagUtt.
Swara hugs Laksh and Aryan with tears forming in her eyes. After sometime they break the hug.
Swa: Aryan how are you and Laksh?
Lak: Di we are fine and you are talking as it’s been a long time we met each other. We talked in morning and stop these tears ( whispers ) otherwise you know na people will laugh on you as you know na when you cry your nose gets red which makes you look like joker.
Swara smiles lightly and hits him lightly on his arm.
Swa: Be quite.
Ary: I missed you di.
Swa: I missed you too. Is Mom fine?
Lak: Ya and say something to this sleepy head Aryan. He was not waking up only.
Swa: Aryan you should start waking up at your own. Ok.
Aryan nods.
Swa: Now go otherwise you will be late to your class and concentrate on your studies. Bye.
Lak: Bye.
Laksh and Aryan leave while Ragini and Uttara also say bye to Sanskar and left.


Swa: Thank you Sanskar for bringing me to college and making me meet Laksh and Aryan.
San: You’re welcome. Come let’s go home.
Swara nods and both return back to MM.

PRECAP- Swara falls from stool while Sanskar saves her from falling and both share an eyelock.

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