The Changed Destiny- SwaSan (Episode 3)


Thank you so much guys for commenting and supporting my ff. I am really confused as I got both votes on both sides equally and for majority I have decided to give wedding function with few functions which will contain SwaSan scenes. So, for now let’s start with next part.


Next Day –


Sanskar woke up and got ready for office. He comes downstairs and sits with everyone to have breakfast. While having breakfast.

AP: Sanskar as the engagement is tomorrow I want you to not go to office.

DP: Yes, Sanskar beta you don’t need to come to office today and tomorrow. You have to select rings and the dresses also.

San: But Dad Mom can arrange the clothes and ring for engagement and I have to sign a project also. So I have to go to office.

AP: See DP ji I told you he doesn’t listen to me at all. Sanskar you should have told me first I would have said no to Sumi ji for marriage if you love someone else.

DP: What Sanskar you love someone else and said yes to Swara beti.

San: No Mom who said I love someone ?

AP: I am saying. Sanskar you are getting more responsibilities now. I think I took a wrong decision I should marry you to your office only. Whenever I say you to take holiday or come home early you are always, “ Mom I am having meeting in office. Mom this. Mom that.” (mimicking Sanskar)

Everyone laughs silently seeing the nok-jhok of them.

San: Mom it’s nothing like that. Office work is also important.

AP: I am telling you. You have to take some time for your family also and specially for Swara otherwise I am made her marry and got a sautan ( second wife ).

San: Ok fine I will not go to office.

AP: That is like a responsible son.

Rag: Bhai can you drop us to college today.

San: Yes sure Rago. I will drop you and Uttara to college. Chalo eat your breakfast quickly otherwise you will get late.

Sanskar with Ragini and Uttara leaves to drop them.



Swara wakes up and gets ready in Yellow Anarkali suit looking pretty as usual. Swara haves breakfast while Aryan with Laksh leaves to college. Swara was about leave for college when she gets a call from Laksh.

Swa: Hello Laksh

Lak: Hello Di. I forgot my English notes in my room and they are really important. Can you please bring them.

Swa: Laksh you should be responsible. You know that hospital is opposite side from your college and because of you I will get late.

Lak: Di they are really important please can you bring them. Please, Please, Ple ( interrupted )

Swa: Stop. Ok fine I will bring them.

Lak: Thank you di. Right now I am near college and will reach there in 5 minutes. I will be waiting in the parking lot of college. You just come there with the notes. And ya the notes are kept on the table at side of the bed.

Swa:Ok bye I will bring them.

Swara leaves to college with the notes.



Sanskar with Ragini and Uttara reaches College. On the other hand Swara also reaches there and sees Laksh and Aryan standing near the gate. She parks her activa and removes the helmet. Sanskar sees her from far away and gets mesmerized again.

Swa: Laksh here take your notes and ya take care you both. Go to classes on time and have lunch also on time. Bye I am getting late.

Laksh and Aryan bid bye to her after nodding to all her orders. Sanskar sees Swara leaving. After sometime he also leaves after bidding bye to Ragini and Uttara.

The college bell rings and everyone starts going to their classes as they would get late. Uttara and Aryan leave to their own classes while Ragini and Laksh to their. While going Ragini bumps into Laksh and falls down. Lakh was on top of Ragini. Laksh gets lost in her beauty. ( Guys Ragini and Laksh don’t know each other nicely nor they remember that they met

Rag: Ouch. Ahh. Mister get up from me.

Lak: Oh sorry ( he gets up from her and gives his hand to Ragini. Ragini avoids him and stands.)

Rag: Oh mister what you were staring ha?

Lak: I am sorry.( interrupted )

Rag: What sorry ha. I know your type of boys first they bump into girls and then fall above them. Chi.

Lak: Oh hello miss. Whatever. I am not like other boys. You girls don’t see a boy and just start finding ways to talk to them.

Rag: Oh mister whoever you are my name is Ragini not miss whatever.

Lak: So for you also it is Laksh not mister whoever you are.

RagLak both at same time showing their finger to each other: You.

Boy standing at side.

Boy: Laksh leave it yaar. We are getting late for class. Let’s go.

Lak: Today I am leaving you because I am getting late but I will see you next time.

Before Ragini speaks something Laksh leaves from there. Then Ragini also leaves to her class.


Swara was going to her hospital in hurry as she didn’t wanted to be late while Sanskar was driving his car to Maheshwari Mansion when he gets a call from AP.

AP: Hello Sanskar.

San: Yes mom.

AP: Beta because tomorrow is engagement and we have to buy the ring also. Can you go with Swara to jewelry shop to buy the ring of your choice and the correct size.

San: Ok Mom.

AP: Sanskar you have to pick her from hospital as she is on work. Ok.

San: Ok. Bye Mom. Wait which hospital?

AP: Beta it is City Hospital. Bye.

San: Bye. By saying this he cuts the call and leaves for hospital.

On the other side Swara was busy in her work when she gets a call from Sumi to tell her that Sanskar is coming to pick her and to take leave for two days from hospital.


Sanskar reaches the hospital and asks receptionist about Swara. Receptionist takes Sanskar with her and says him to stand outside while she will go and ask.

Rec: Dr. Swara someone has came to meet you.

Swa: You should have send them inside. Ok go and call them inside. ( Swara says this busy in studying the reports.

Receptionist goes and sends Sanskar inside.

San: May I come in.

Swa: Yes, come and have a seat. ( busy in reports without seeing at him)

Swa: So, what problem you have . (She says looking up and gets shocked as she thought it might be a patient ) Sanskar

San: (Smiles) Voh Swara Mom said to take you to jewelry shop and buy the rings but if you are busy than I can come later.

Swa: No my work is done.

San: No Swara like seriously work should be done first. So, if you have any work you can complete it I will wait outside.

Swa: No actually I have finished the appointments but you didn’t came so I thought to check the last patient as receptionist told me that someone has came. I thought it was a patient that is why I asked about the problem. ( nervous)

San: Oh then it’s fine. Swara I am waiting outside you can come taking your stuff with you.

Swa: Ok.

Sanskar goes out while Swara removes her doctor’s coat and takes her belongings with her and comes outside.



Guys please do comment and tell if you like it or not because the comments are decreasing everyday. And it feels really sad seeing a low response.


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