The Changed Destiny- SwaSan (Episode 2)


Thank you guys for commenting and I am really sorry for not replying as I didn’t get time because of some important works and then I was also having cold because it is way too cold over here like 0 or -1 degrees at night and in daytime it is 6 degree. But right now I was feeling right so not wasting the time let’s start with the next part.


The episode starts with Swara getting up from floor and going to washroom. She washes her face again and again so that no one gets to know that she was crying. She gets ready in Pink and Sky Blue color sari with light makeup. Her hair was opened and she was wearing matching earrings. She was looking simple yet elegant. On the other side Sanskar comes with AP and DP to Godadia.

Sumi welcomes AP and DP while Sanskar was standing at a side talking with someone on phone.

Sumi: Namaste AP ji. Hello Ragini and Uttara. Everyone please come inside. Arre Sanskar beta come.( Sanskar cuts the call and takes blessings from Sumi)

God bless you Beta.

Maheshwari’s came inside while Sumi tells them to sit and goes to call Swara. Sumi tells Swara to come bringing the snacks while Sumi goes and settles down with Maheshwari’s.


Sumi- How are you all? And Ragini and Uttara beta how are your studies going in college?

Rag: They are going well aunty.

Sumi: DP ji didn’t come?

AP: They had to go to meeting as Sanskar had to come here.

Sumi: It’s ok AP ji.

Sumi sees Laksh and Aryan coming.

Sumi: ( to maheshwari’s) See Laksh and Aryan also came.

( to Aryan and Laksh) Laksh, Aryan this is AP ji my childhood friend and this is Sanskar with his sisters Ragini and Uttara ( to AP) and this is Laksh my elder son and Aryan my youngest son.

Laksh and Aryan: Namaste aunty and takes blessings from her.

AP: God bless you both.

Laksh and Aryan settles with them.

AP: Laksh beta what do you want to become?

Lak: Actually aunty I have thought to become engineer.

Sumi: See Swara also came.

Swara comes bringing snacks while Sanskar gets mesmerized to see her beauty. Swara takes blessings from AP and serves snacks to everyone. AP makes Swara sit beside her while Sanskar was just adoring Swara lost in her. Ragini sees this who was sitting just beside Sanskar.

Rag: Isn’t bhabhi beautiful?

San: ( not in senses) Yes .Ragini starts giggling silently making Sanskar to come back in senses

No I mean. ( interrupted)

Rag: Bhai leave it now there is no way to run because you are caught red handed.

AP: Seriously Swara beta you are indeed beautiful. Beta what do you do?

Swa: Aunty I am a doctor at a hospital.

AP: Now it is high time and I think we should let the children also talk as it is about their life. Right Sumi?

Sumi: Yes, (to Swara) Swara take Sanskar to garden and talk for sometime.

Swara nods and goes with Sanskar to the garden.

For first few minutes they were silent but to break silence Sanskar speaks.

San: Hi my name is Sanskar and I am a businessmen.

Swa: Hi my name is Swara and I am a doctor.

San: Actually if you don’t mind can I call you Swara.

Swa: Yes, sure.

San: See Swara a marriage is a lifetime relation and to be in any relation I think trust is really important and for trust we have to start with friendship. So you can ask me whatever you want.

Swa: Sanskar to say truth I have to do this marriage as my mom thinks you to be best and I can’t say no to my Mom. I have few questions and conditions for this marriage. If you can accept them then it will be easy for me to be a friend in this relationship instead of strangers. I hope you understand my point.

San: Don’t be nervous go ahead and clear your questions.

Sw: Sanskar I want to know your thinking on women and their rights?

San: Swara to say truth I think women should get equals rights as men. They should get their own freedom and independence. I like women who stand to show them self as independent rather than sitting at home. I always think the people wrong who say that a women is incomplete without a men because I think men are incomplete without a women. If women is not their than no one would be on Earth and women are only persons who keep children in their womb without any selfish reasons. That is all I think about women.

Swa: I really like the thought that women should get equal rights like men but after this I have some conditions for marriage.

San: There is no need to be tense say me what thoughts you have.

Swa: Sanskar I want to continue with my career means a doctor after marriage. I want to stay independent women and even because at home I was the only one who is working and after me Laksh has to see family but for that he has to get his degree and right now he is in college.

San: I am fine with it. You can work and as I said I like the women who are independent.

Swa: Thank you Sanskar and I am ready for this marriage.( smiles)

San: Swara can we be friends? Means if you are comfortable( nervous )

Swa: Yes, sure.

Sumi calls them downstairs. Both Swara and Sanskar came down.

AP: Swara beta come here. ( Swara comes and sits beside AP ) So Sanskar what is your decision for marriage?

San: Mom it is a yes from my side.

AP: Beta Swara what is your decision? Don’t be nervous or scared and if you want you can take your own time. Their is no need of hurry.

Swa: No aunty from my side also it is a yes.

AP: Sumi I loved Swara and now as both are ready for this relation so I want a yes from you also as from now I want to make Swara as our Daughter.

Sumi: ( Happy ) I also don’t have any objection.

Everyone gets happy and seeing them happy SwaSan also gets happy. Sumi and AP make each other eat sweets and say SwaSan to make each other eat. After exchanging sweets and AP gave her Family Bangles which were passed from generations to Swara indicating the finalization of SwaSan marriage.

AP: Sumi ji if you don’t mind can we keep the engagement after 2 days as I can’t wait to see Swara as my daughter in law or I can say daughter.

Sumi: But isn’t it too fast as there are preparations to be done and the venue.

AP: You don’t worry about the preparations and about venue we can keep the engagement party in MM but one thing is still left and that is a yes which only you can say.

Sumi: Ok so we will keep the engagement after 2 days.

AP: Ok now Sumi ji we will take a leave as I have to give this good news to DP ji also.

Maheshwari’s took a leave and went back to MM while Sumi gets really happy as now she was sure Sanskar would change her thinking for men and will give Swara the best future.

Sumi hugs Swara.

Sumi: You don’t know Swara how much happy I am. You changed my friendship to a relation and respected my decision. Now after 2 days it will be your engagement. Oh God I have to prepare so many things.( releasing the hug) Swara you go and take rest.

Swara gets really happy as after so much of time her mother was happy because of her and silently goes to her room.


AP tells the good news to DP and everyone starts the preparations. On the other hand Sanskar was smiling and just thinking about Swara in his room when Ragini comes from behind and sees him lost while smiling. Ragini goes to him.

Rag: Bhai someone is lost in Swara Bhabhi.

San: Hmmm. ( comes to senses) No, no I was not lost it was just that I was thinking about some work.

Rag: Bhai I told you first also you don’t need to hide something from me because I understand Love at First Sight right.

San: No I said na Rago it is nothing like that.

Rag: Bhai stop hiding from me. Ok for my sake tell na Love at First Sight. ( She slightly pushes her shoulder with him while saying Love at First sight)

San: Ok fine i admit I have fell for her but stop teasing me. ( slightly blushing)

Rag: Oh my God. The great business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari fell in love and now is blushing. Ha.. Ha..

San: Rago…

Rag: Ok bhai. Well bhabhi is beautiful right.

San: Yes she is but right now go from here and don’t start beating drums (dhindora peetna) about this outside.

Rag: Oh bhai. Ok fine I am going and will not tell about this to anyone.

Ragini leaves from there while Sanskar to stop thinking about Swara starts doing his work from office.


End of this part

Guys I did not give precap as I want to know your opinions whether to show all the functions of marriage or just show the wedding straightaway. Please guys tell your opinions in comments and tell whether you liked today’s part or not.


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