The Changed Destiny- SwaSan (Episode 1)


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# First of all I am sorry for my mistake. Sanskar is 24 years old not 23.

# Second is Swara’s past in this ff is 100% truth. The past which Swara has is a real incident of a girl who is 14 years old right now but the future is imaginary and that girl wants a future like how Swara will be having. I just want that the readers who read this FF pray for that girl that she gets the future she wants as her past is way too sad and she is just fed up of the game God is playing with her of giving and taking happiness. So please, just for once pray for that girl maybe God will listen to you people and will give her little happiness. So, let’s start with the next part.



A room is shown where a girl is sleeping. Sun rays are falling on her face disturbing her sleep. She wakes up and her face is shown. She is none other than Swara. She wakes up and gets ready in white and red anarkali suit looking really simple but pretty. After getting ready she goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone. She puts the breakfast on table and goes to her brother’s room to wake them.


Swa: Laksh, Aryan get up. It is 8 o’clock in morning and over here you guys are still sleeping. Wake up.

Laksh wakes up and goes to washroom to freshen up while Aryan is just sleeping.

Swa: Aryan wake up today I made your favourite breakfast. Don’t you want to eat it. Aryan is a good boy right. Aryannnn.

Ary: Didi I am not a small child that you are saying me a good boy as people say to small children.

Swa: ( in mind ) How to tell you Aryan that for me you are still a small boy only for whom I used to take care as a mother from the age of 5 only. I can’t tell you how much I love you. I always considered you as my own son instead of my brother but you don’t even remember that.

( to Aryan) Ok fine you are a 20 years old boy not a small child but now wake up. If you don’t wake up then I will not talk to you.

Ary: Ok fine see I woke up but now tell me did you make the breakfast or not because you know I love your hands food. And I specially wait for Sundays because you make breakfast only on Sundays as you have hectic schedule as a doctor on other regular days.

Swa: Yes I made it now go and get freshened up and then come downstairs as the breakfast is ready.

Ary: I love you Di. You are the best Sister in the World.

Swa: Ok. Ok stop buttering me. Get ready before mom comes from the temple. Otherwise you know she will get angry for letting you sleep till 8 as then on Monday you will not wake up for college because you woke up late on Sunday Morning and then did not get sleep at night till 11.

Aryan goes to freshen up while Swara goes downstairs. After few minutes Sumi comes from temple and sees Laksh, Aryan and Swara eating their breakfast sitting on the dining table. Sumi comes to the table and sits with them having breakfast. While eating:

Ary: Didi the food is really tasty.

Lak: Yes Swara di the food is really tasty. Sometimes I wonder the person who will marry you will be so lucky because you are so responsible and perfect in all ways. Well, Mom how is the food?

Sumi: It’s nice.

Swara feels bad as she knew Sumi just said that so Laksh and Aryan don’t get to know about the differences between Swara and Sumi.

Lak: Di, how are you so responsible. Means like you always do all the work and never forget anything. Even i want a wife like you who is perfect and responsible.

Swa: Don’t worry Laksh you will also get a perfect wife but right now you should concentrate on your studies and about marriage we will talk when the time comes as right now I am not gonna marry anyone leaving you all over here.

Sumi: ( to Swara) Swara it is not possible Swara as I have called my friend’s family to talk about her son and your marriage relation and they are coming at 2 o’clock so be ready.

( to Laksh and Aryan) Laksh and Aryan go to your room as I want to talk to Swara alone.

Laksh and Aryan go to their room as they finished their breakfast.

Swa: Mom how can you talk about my relation without telling me. You know I hate men because they all are same still you talked about that and how can I marry someone leaving you all over here. Their are so many responsibilities.

Sumi: I don’t know anything Swara. This is my final decision that you are gonna marry him. And even Laksh and Aryan are men but they are not same like him. You have to give chance to your life and have to understand that all men are not same. And the last thing Laksh and Aryan are not small children now that they can’t do anything without you. Today or tomorrow, one day you have to leave us and go to your in laws as I can’t keep you forever with me to listen society’s taunt. Now go and start getting ready as Maheshwari will be coming and behave nicely in front of them.

Swara runs from their crying to her room while Sumi feels guilty.

Sumi:( in mind ) I am sorry Shona but I have to make you marry Sanskar as I have to change your thinking for men. Sanskar is the only men who can change your thinking about men and for me being rude to you is so that you become strong enough so that you don’t have any effect of people’s talking and you are strong enough to face difficult situations in your life.


Sanskar wakes up early in the morning and goes to freshen up.He gets dressed in Yellow jacket with White shirt underneath and with Blue Jeans. He comes downstairs and sees AP serving breakfast to Ragini and Uttara.

San: Good morning Mom, Ragini and Uttara.

AP, Rag, Utt: Good morning.

San: Mom I am going for a meeting and will be back by 12.

AP: Sanskar at least have your breakfast.

San: No Mom the meeting is important so I have to go.

AP: Ok you go but listen to me once. Come by 12 because we are going to my friends house to see a girl for marriage for you.

San: Mom I don’t want to get married right now why don’t you understand?

AP: You are gonna go with me to see the girl otherwise I will tell about this to your father and then you have to listen to him. You just see the girl if you like then say a Yes and if not then say a No. But at least go to see her.

San: Ok fine but right now I am getting late for the meeting and I will be back on time. So, can I go?

AP: Ok go but be on time otherwise I will tell your father.

San: Fine. Bye Mom. Bye Ragini and Uttara.

AP, Rag, Utt: Bye.

Saying this Sanskar goes from there for the meeting.


Swara is crying having a picture of a man with a small daughter in his lap.

Swa: Why Dad? Why you left us alone? I used to think you as the best father in the World but you proved me wrong instead you are the worst father in the World. I hate you. I didn’t even imagine in my life that mom will force me for the marriage knowing that I hate men as I can’t trust them. Whenever I trust someone he or she always broke my trust. I hate this life. But I can’t even go against mom because she was the only person who made me study, gave me a life to live, kept me in her womb and beared all the pain given by you because of me as I am a girl. You left all of us because mom gave birth to a girl first which was me and whatever mom’s and my brother’s condition is today is all because of me. I don’t understand why everything bad happens with me only. I have lost everything in my life actually I didn’t have anything in my life ever. First when I had the best father in the World that time God took my father then when I loved Aryan as a son and gave motherly love to him he also forgot everything. When I needed everyone’s love and care that also I sacrificed for my brothers. God why you made this life so complicated but now I will not say no to marriage as I don’t want to make Mom more sad because of me. Suddenly someone knocks on door. Swara wipes her tears.

Swa: Who is there?

Sumi: Swara get ready fast as they are going to come.

Swa: Ok Mom.

Precap- Sanskar and his family coming to Godadia Mansion.


Guys please do comment and read the IMPORTANT PART above the starting of the episode as it has really important talking. And also tell in comments did you like or not and whether I should continue or not.

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