She Changed Me Chapter 8 & 9


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Swara hugged Sanskaar while blushing : Sanskaar I love you Sanskaar

Sanskaar : I love you to Swara

They hugged for sometime and then


Hearing her voice Swasan broke the hug and Swara was shocked to see it was and when she looked at Sanskaar he was smiling


Swara : Monica tum yaha kya kar rhi ho

Monica : Bas tum dono ka pyar dekh rhi wah! Kitna pyar hai na tum dono ke beech ….. Oh no not beech Swara kitna pyar karti ho na Sanskaar se

Swara : Tum kehe kya chahti ho

Monica : Bas yehi ki swara ab tum sach jan lo

Swara : Kesa sach

Monica looks at Sanskaar and tells him to tell

Sanskaar : Roko abhi sab ko ane toh do

He called everyone his whole gang including Raghav and made a circle around Swara

Swara : Yeh sab kya hai Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Sachai the turth

Swara : Plz mujhe batao yeh sab kya ho raha hai

All started laughing

Sanskaar : Tum kya laga mai tumse pyaar karta ho ……. He started to roam around …… No Swara mai tumse bilkul pyar nhi bilkul bhi actually you know I hate you like hell

Swara was shocked and tears were rolling down her eyes : Nhi Sanskaar tum jhoot bol rahe ho na plz bolo u r lying right ….. She holds his hand

Sanskaar leaves her hand and angry : I’m not lying Swara I’m telling the turth OK just listen to me I hate aur Yeh sab mera badla tha Jo mujhe tumse Lena tha yaad hai na vo thappad jo tumne mujhe mare the uska badla do you get it

Swara falls and down and cries : Kyu kiya Sanskaar kyu I hate you

Sanskaar : Just for the peace of mind I did it

Swara cries

Sanskaar tells Monica and Monica goes and bring a bucket with very cold water and gives it to Sanskaar … Sanskaar was about to throw it on Swara but Raghav stopped him

Raghav : No Sanskaar tu kuch nhi karega

Sanskaar : Let me do

Raghav : No

Kanika comes and pulls Raghav to her and Sanskaar throws the water of bucket on Swara and Swara got little hurt as he throws it with much force and Swara touches her hands as she feels cold and all start laughing expect of Raghav just then Aradhya comes and sees Swara and goes towards her and holds her

Aradhya : Swara kya hua

Swara doesn’t replies

Aradhya looks up and understands and she looks at Raghav angrily and Raghav was about to go towards her but Kanika pulls him and kisses his cheeks

Aradhya is shocked and hurt
Raghav in anger pushes Kanika

Raghav : Stupid Kanika

He goes towards SwAradhya buts Aradhya stops him showing her hand and everyone tells Raghav to don’t go

Monica : Oh Raghav don’t go near these cheap people and let’s leaves
Everyone takes Raghav forcefully but while going Sanskaar looked back at Swara and her condition and feels little very little guilty but says

Sanskaar : Let’s party guys its celebration time

Everyone shouts : Wooooohoooo

With SwAradhya

Aradhya : Swara plz talk to me plz

Swara faints

Aradhya somehow takes her to medical room and the nurses there change her clothes and she is on the bed

Doctor to Aaru : She has got very high fever u need to go and bring these medicine immediately

Aaru : OK doctor

Aaru runs while she runs she bumps with Raghav and his whole gang

Raghav : Aaru what happen … He holds her

She leaves him and says

Aradhya : Don’t touch me from today you are my nothing I’m your nothing

She runs

Raghav : Aaru but I love

Till that she went

Raghav in anger : Sanskaar Maheswari

Sanskaar : Kya hua Bhai … He was laughing

Raghav goes near him and gives him a tight slap all are shocked and Monica is angry

Monica : You Rag

Sanskaar stops her : Kyu Mara mujhe ha bol

Raghav : Teri is cheap harkat ke liye how could you be so cheap Damn it
Sanskaar : Maine Jo kiya thik kiya aur agar tujhe un beheji pe bohot zyada daya arahi hai toh ja unke pas

Raghav : From today we are not friends nor nothing get that

Sanskaar wants to stop him but his ego comes in between : Even I’m not interested in being your friend

Raghav leaves in anger
Sanskaar was very upset he leaves his gang and goes at a corner and cries

Sanskaar to himself : Kya Maine sach me galat kiya hai

Monica : Nhi baby tumne kuch galat nhi kiya hai

And Monica hugs him and Sanskaar also hugs her as he really needed a hug and Aradhya sees this and says to Sanskaar

Aradhya : So cheap these people are so cheap ….. Saying this she cries and goes to the medical room and gives the medicine to doctor

Doctor sees Aradhya crying : Don’t worry She’ll be fine

Aradhya : Thank you doctor

Swara gets up but she has very high fever and Aradhya goes towards her

Aradhya : Swara tu thik hai na

Swara doesn’t replies

Aradhya : Swara I know what happened and you need to forget it its over plz forget it …… Swara cries and hugs her and Aaru hugs her back

Swara : Kese bhul jao Aradhya I loved him so much he was my first love how should I forget him … Saying this she cries more loudly

Aradhya : Don’t cry for cheap people Swara don’t now sleep OK…… saying this she lays Swara on the bed and goes to couch and sleeps


Next Morning Aradhya leaves Swara as she is still weak and goes to attend class as she enters everyone starts whispers something in each others ears except of Nina, Nidhi , Sharvan , Rohan and of course Her lover Raghav

Sharvan : Aradhya Where is Swara

Aradhya : She is in the medical room

Nina : But why

She tells everything

Rohan : Oye is Sanskaar ko toh mai chadho ga nhi (he is a Punjabi Boy)

Nidhi : No need guys we should be smart and ignore him he is useless we should pray for Swara she is more important

Sharvan : You are right Nidhi

Till then Alina Ma’am comes in the class

Everyone : Good Morning Ma’am

Alina Ma’am : Good morning ….. Wait a minute Miss Swara Roy is missing

When she takes Swara’s name Sanskaar lifts his eye up

Aradhya : Ma’am she is in the medical room

Alina Mam worried : What happen

Aradhya : Ma’am Yesterday she fainted and when I took her to medical room she got fever so that’s why she’s not here

Alina Mam : Ok take care of her …. OK students open your books

Everyone were focusing on their study but Sanskaar was in thoughts of Swara

Sanskaar in mind : Swara are you OK Sanskaar yeh tune kya kiya ….. 1min mai kyu uss pagal ke bare mai soch raha ho I hate her she deserves it ….. Says this he started to study

Sanskaar in mind : Nhi yaar she doesn’t deserves this …… No she deserves …. She don’t … She does
Saying this he shouts

Sanskaar : Aaaaaaaaaah! What to do

Everyone looked at him and they were like ??

Alina Mam : What happen Sanskaar
Sanskaar : nothing ma’am it was an insect

Alina Mam : OK focus on your studies

Sanskaar : Yes

Aradhya , Nidhi , Nina , Sharvan , Rohan : Pagal ladka (Sanskaar)

Sanskaar in mind : I need to meet Swara or I’ll go mad


Precap – Sanskaar goes to meet Swara ……. New Handsome Hunk in Elite…….


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Sharvan – Namik Paul

Nina – Tanya Sharma

Nidhi – Nikita dutta

Rohan – Harshad Arora


Here is Part – 9 of SHE CHANGED ME




Alina Mam : OK focus on your studies

Sanskaar : Yes

Aradhya , Nidhi , Nina , Sharvan , Rohan : Pagal ladka (Sanskaar)

Sanskaar in mind : I need to meet Swara or I’ll go mad


Next Day

Sanskaar was going to the medical room to see Swara but he sees Swara coming out so he hides behind a pillar and watches her

Aradhya was holding her

Swara : Aradhya mai thik ho ab mujhe chod de na you are being over possessive OK

Aradhya : I have to be possessive or you will be careless

Swara leaves her and runs and says

Swara : See I’m perfectly OK

Sharvan : Swara try to understand you are weak

And he picks her in his arms and Swara is shocked and Sanskaar feels little jealous

Sharvan can pick Swara easily as he is very tall and strong and Swara looks like a baby in his arms

Nina : Swara you look like a baby in Sharvan’s arms

Swara : Acha look at yourself also

Nina is also like Swara only

They have fun and make Swara forget about Sanskaar and she becomes happy but somewhere she is still hurt


Everyone goes to their room and become ready for college

Swara before going to college goes to church

Swara kneels in front of God and says

Swara : God after what happened with me I’m now starting with a new start in know I forgot my dreams for some time but now my mind will not go anywhere except of my studies and for me now my everything is my Family and Friends I don’t want anything to disturb me again please god plz never let me forge this plz LOVE YOU GOD

Saying this she lights a candle and goes from there
While she was doing all this Sanskaar was looking at Swara but she didn’t notice

Sanskaar goes towards the altar he says

Sanskaar : God plz tell me have I really did something wrong with Swara after I told her the turth all the time she is coming in my mind plz give me the answer

Saying this he lights a candle near Swara’s candle and goes from there.


In class

Sanskaar was just looking at Swara but Swara didn’t notice him. He throw paper chits but Swara didn’t notice after class got over Swara was going out if the class with her books and from behind Sanskaar pushed her so that she would shout at him but she just picked her books and walked out Sanskaar was very upset.


Swara kept ignoring Sanskaar for 2 days and Sanskaar was very upset as Swara and Raghav both were not talking to him. After two days Swara was running as she got late for her tennis practice and was running very fast suddenly she bumps with a guy he was handsome like hell and his eyes were so amazing he was wearing black jeans and white shirt with brown leather jacket he was a perfect guy . Swara was about to fall but he holds her by waist and the guy looks in Swara’s eyes but Swara looks at him with wide open eyes and then Swara says

Swara : Leave me

Guy : I’m sorry

And he leaves her she was again going to run but he catches her hand

Swara : Ab kya hua

Guy : Plz tell me where is principal’s office

Swara : Go straight and the left you will see principal’s office

Guy : OK thank you

Swara without saying welcome ran away

Guy : Welcome toh bol deti


In principal’s office

Guy : May I come in Sir

Mr D’souza becomes very happy : Oh Come in my dear boy

Guy : Good Morning Sir

Mr D’souza (MD) : Good Morning So how are you Siddharth Rajput

Siddharth : I’m fine sir what about you

MD : Oh I’m great so did you like Elite and did you make any friends

Siddharth : Don’t know about friend but I bumped into a girl looked like she plays tennis

MD : Then you might have bumped in Swara Roy or Aradhya Singh

Siddharth : Leave all that Sir I’m here to study

MD : Oh ya here are the forms fill them you will get admission and there is Football team also in our college would you like to join it

Siddharth : I’d love to I love Football
MD : Great I’ll talk to the coach today itself

Siddharth : Thank you sir

And Siddharth leaves as he was going in his way all girls were talking and Saying : he is so hot OMG he’s in our college I can’t stop my self

And Siddharth gets pleasure listing to them and he reaches the tennis court and looks at Swara

Siddharth : Oh ho this tingu plays Tennis OMG what a player she is I have decided my first friend in elite will be so she only will

He goes to Principal’s

Siddharth : Sir I need your help

MD : What happen

Siddharth : Someone is there in this college and I want that person to be my friend

MD : But who

Siddharth : The tennis player

MD : OK but do you know who it is Swara Roy or Aradhya Singh

Siddharth : I don’t know you call both of them

MD sends a message and SwAradhya come in office

SwAradhya : Good Morning Sir do you need any help

MD : Yes Siddharth tell me who she is

He points towards Swara

MD : She is Swara Roy and Swara you need to be This guys friend

Swara got confused

Siddharth : I know you are confused but let me clear I met you in the college first so I want you to be my friend

Swara : Did any1 asked me I want to be your friend or no

Siddharth : Means you don’t want to be

He makes a crying face

Swara : Its nothing Like that I was like did anyone ask me but I want to be your friend

Siddharth : Really…. He becomes happy and forwards his hand ….. Hi I’m Siddharth Rajput

Swara : Swara … Swara Roy and she is my bff Aradhya

Siddharth : Hi Aradhya

Aradhya : Hi

They also shake hand

MD : Great Siddharth coach is calling you go

Siddharth : Ok sir Byee girls

SwAradhya : Byee

SwAradhya also left for their practice


@the ground

All boys were playing including SansRag and all were sweating and looking hot and Siddharth came wearing his football jersey

Coach blew the whistle and all boys came : So here is a new player with us please welcome Siddharth Rajput

Everyone : Hi

Sidd : Hi

Coach : So sidd I want to test you as principal said that you play well so you have to dodg my best player Sanskaar Maheswari

Sanskaar came in front and Sidd and Sanskaar shaked hands

Coach : Yuvi goal keeping

While going Yuvi winked at Sanskaar and Even Sanskaar winked Siddharth understood everything

And Siddharth started to dodg Sanskaar but Sanskaar took the ball and hitted and it became a goal
Its was Sansyuvi plan

Again Dodg started and again Sanskaar made a goal and this time Siddharth got angry and again dodg started this time Siddharth hitted the ball with so much passion that it was a goal and everyone clapped

Background Music :-

Koi naa jaane kittho aaye hai tu
Sab de dilon vich ho gayi kukaduku (x2)

Again dodging started and again Siddharth hitted the and it was a goal. Sanskaar’s anger was increasing.

Inna sona, inna cool
Munda inna wonderful
Ennu vekhe je kudiya toh kehndi
“Oh My God! Oh My God!…”

Again Siddharth hitted a goal and Sanskaar failed and coach was impressed.

Haan munda sab me sab ton best
Munda better than the rest
Ennu vekhe ke munde toh kehnde
“Oh My God!”

Coach :- Great …. He started clapping from how you are in our elite team … OK siddharth you have to prepare for the football match as we are losing from last 3 years OK

Siddharth : Yes sir I’ll try my best

After that Sanskaar was also impressed with Siddharth

Sanskaar : Hi new comer

Siddharth : My name is Siddharth

Sanskaar : OK ! I was impressed to see you on field you were mind blowing

Siddharth : Thanks

Sanskaar : So would you like to join our gang

Siddharth : Not your gang but you

Sanskaar : Great ….. Forwards his Hand ….. Sanskaar Maheswari

Siddharth : Siddharth Rajput

And they became friends


In the evening

All students were sitting in dining hall to have snacks and Sanskaar came to Swara

Sanskaar : Swara

Swara ignored

Sanskaar : How are you

Swara ignored

Sanskaar : At least talk to me plz scold me or beat me

Swara ignored

At that time Siddharth came

Siddharth : Hi Swara

Swara : Hi Siddharth

Sanskaar shocked

Sanskaar : You both know each other

Siddharth : Yup! Before you she became my friend

Sanskaar : Great ….. Still confused

Siddharth : So Swara I’ve heard that you are the best player in our college and you are gonno play for the college against another college

Swara : Yes! And congrats you have been chosen in football team and you play well whole college is talking about you I mean only girls boys are very jealous

Siddharth and Swara laughed

Sanskaar was shocked and quite jealous

Sanskaar : You both are so good friends

Siddharth : Yeah! She is really very good

Swara : OK now I’ll leave

Siddharth : Bye

Swara : Bye


Siddharth was day by day becoming very famous and girls were going crazy for him and he didn’t pay attention to any one

Background Music :-

Oh seena 6 biscut da
Oh munda 6 foot da
Oh dheere dheere karda dhamaal sa
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh kudiya te ho jaaye effect ohdi chaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
O bando mein banda perfect bemisal sa
Kukkad kamaal da

Koi naa jaane kittho aaye hai tu
Sab de dilon vich ho gayi kukuduku (x2)

Tu te hoya hai sab di misaal soneya
Tu te chamke ban ankhaan vich star soneya
Ho tu te lagge bada hi tip-top bailiya
Tu te hight te buje full-stop bailiya

Dil daude itte-utte
Phir karde titar-bitar
Ho munda angdai jado maar da..
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh kudiya te ho jaaye effect ohdi chaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
O bando mein banda perfect bemisal sa
Kukkad kamaal da

Siddharth had become a challenge for all guys in college especially for Sanskaar.


Precap – Tennis Match and Football Match …… Arahav apologies to each other ……. Sanskaar tries hard to apologies to Swara but Swara ignores ….. Siddharth gets to know about Swasan fight.


So hope you’ll like this part I’ll try my best to post next part as soon as possible.


Roles :-

Siddharth Rajput : Arjun Bijlani (guys he plays an important role in my ff )

Yuvi (Yuvraj Kohli) : Zain Imam


Plz comment below if you all liked my ff ? and if any improvement plz tell me love you all.

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