She Changed Me Chapter 7


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Sanskaar : Shona

Swara looks back

Sanskaar gives a flying kiss : I love You

Swara smiles and both go to their room.


Next Day

Raghav proposed Aradhya and she said Yes as she also started feeling for Him. She also showed some nahkre but later said yes (guys I don’t want drag Arahav proposal becoz I want to focus on Swasan).

Arahav were just walking when Raghav puts his hand on Aradhya’s shoulder and walks Aradhya blushes just then Swasan come hand in hand and they see Raghav’s hand on Aradhya

Swara : Aaru

Arahav were shocked Raghav just took his hand off Aradhya

Sanskaar : Kya chal raha tha

Aradhya : Ku Ku kuch bhi toh nhi hai na Raghav

Raghav : Ha dude kuch bhi toh nhi

Aradhya notices Swasan holding hands

Aradhya : Ahem Ahem

Swara looks at her and lifts her eyebrows and Aradhya with her eyes points towards her Hands and Swara immediately leaves Sanskaar’s hand and Sanskaar gets shocked but later when he looks at Arahav both Swasan blush and Arahav laughs and give HiFi and Swasan just smile

Swara : Chalo bohot hua ab class ke liye chalte hai

Aradhya : Aree Shona Hume toh Tennis practice ke liye jana tha next to next week is our match with other School

Swara : Ohh na mai toh bhool hi gyi thi let’s go

Sanskaar : Swara plz don’t go mai bor ho jaunga

Raghav : Plz Aaru don’t go I will get so bor without you

SwAradhya smile

Swara : But Sanskaar it’s very important you don’t want me to win

Sanskaar : of course I want

Swara : So let me go please

Sanskaar : OK but come fast or I’ll come there and pick you up and go

Swara laugh : OK baba I’ll come …. She pulls his cheeks

And SwAradhya leave


@night the whole day SwAradhya were practicing and they could not attend any class and were very tired but they had to do their hw also so they were doing with sleepy eyes

Aradhya : Swara I’m so tired I can’t do this

Swara : Even I she slept on the book

Just then SansRag came to girls hostel and entered SwAradhya’s room. They saw their state and went near them and touched their hair

Sanskaar : Swara you look so tired why didn’t you sleep

Swara : Sanskaar today whole day I was in practice so see so much pending work is there I need to complete it or I’ll get punish and I don’t like getting punish

Sanskaar : Mai kar deta ho … He looks at the book and says ….. Shona woh actually When Alina ma’am was teaching this I didn’t not pay attention

Swara laughs with sleepy eyes : What were you thinking of

Sanskaar : You

Swara stops laughing and looks at him and they have an eyelock and then Swara

Swara : Do 1 thing go to your room and bring your books we’ll do it together or you’ll get punish

Sanskaar : I don’t care I don’t do my homework just to get punish so I can bunk the class

Swara wide opens her eyes and again laugh

Sanskaar : You don’t believe me wait Raghav we don’t do our homework just to get punish right

Raghav : Right

SansRag give HiFi and SwAradhya laugh

SwAradhya : Useless now go and bring your books

SansRag : As your wish baby

They went and brought their books Swasan and Arahav studied together they even enjoyed they talked and they joked and then they finish it was 2:00 when they finish

Swara : Chalo ho gaya now u 2 go and sleep

SansRag made faces as they didn’t wanted to go

Raghav : I don’t want to go

Sanskaar : nor me

Aradhya : But you have 2

Swara : Go tomorrow we have to get up early

Everyone freezes for a minute they thought some thing and Swasan looked at each other and even Arahav

Swasan Arahav : Oh Shit!!

They four started laughing loudly and thought

Swasan : We are so dumb

Arahav : Really very dumb
. Sanskaar : Oh Freak! Tomorrow is Sunday and we were awake so long

Swara : Seriously guys Tomorrow is Sunday and we didn’t even realised it and we were doing our Homework for so long Lol!

Aradhya : Now go and sleep

Sanskaar : Aree Aradhya kya problem hai tumhari hume nhi jana

Raghav : Dude language mind your language

Sanskaar make faces and says in a creepy voice : Language

SwAradhya laugh

Swara : Sanskaar ab mai bol rhi ho jao

Sanskaar : OK ab jana hi padega

Raghav : Wow apni girlfriend ki baath itni asani se man li aur bhabi ki baath

SwAradhya : Bhabi

Raghav : Sorry guys

Aradhya : OK OK abhi jao

SansRag : Byee

When they went out of the room MoniKani noticed them they were fuming with anger

Monica : how could they break up with us for those two (SwAradhya)

Kanika : Seriously this is so cheap they are so cheap

With irritated mind they went to sleep and SwAradhya and SansRag with peaceful mind went to sleep


Next Day [Sunday]

Swasan and Arahav went for a picnic out of hostel. They enjoyed a lot they eat many things played much and then they went to college.


1 month later

Now Swara was trusting Sanskaar blindly and their relationship was also very strong . But 1 day Sanskaar called Swara to Dance room immediately and Swara with any doubt went there and when she entered she saw Sanskaar there She went towards him

Swara : What happened Sanskaar why did you call me here

Sanskaar came closer to her and was leaning towards her lips

Swara : Sanskaar what are you doing

Sanskaar : Swara don’t stop me today you always stopped me but today you have to I can’t wait Swara

Swara : but

Sanskaar : No nothing Swara

Sanskaar again started leaning towards her but he saw in Swara eyes and Swara closed her eyes and they kissed they kissed for a long time it was passionate one and they broke the kiss when there was lack of oxygen but as they parted Sanskaar again kissed Swara and they again kissed for a long time and got parted for oxygen.

Swara hugged Sanskaar while blushing : Sanskaar I love you Sanskaar

Sanskaar : I love you to Swara

They hugged for sometime and then


Hearing her voice Swasan broke the hug and Swara was shocked to see it was and when she looked at Sanskaar he was smiling


Precap – No precap


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Who was that girl to know more keep reading SHE CHANGED ME


Roles :-

Alina Ma’am : Jennifer Winglet


Credit to: Google+ User

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