She Changed Me Chapter 6


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PART – 6



Swara stood silently

Sanskaar : Swara answer na I really love you and Sanskaar hugged Swara


Swara got a shock and she pushed Sanskaar and said

Swara : Sanskaar Yeh tumne soch bhi kese liya mai tumse kabhi pyaar nhi kar sakti kabhi bhi nhi yaha par mai yeh sab karne nhi ayi ho sirf apne padai par focus karna hai mujhe aur mai kyu apni life barbad karo tum jese ladke se pyar karke I hate you we are not lovers not friends

Sanskaar in anger : Tumhe kya lagta hai ha ki maine tumhe I LOVE YOU bina soche samjhe bola nhi Swara maine tumhari ankhon mai pyar dekha hai tum meri kadar karti ho and I know you love me

Swara : Nhi karti mai tumse pyaar nhi hai koi feelings mere maan mai Sanskaar nhi karti

Sanskaar holds her arms tightly : Swara I love you and I know you love me 2 so y r u doing like this

Swara pleads : Sanskaar please mera picha choddo plz let me study let my future be bright I want my parents to rest plz leave me forget me I don’t love you

Sanskaar in anger : OK I’m so so sorry Miss Swara Roy to love you and to disturb you in your life

And Sanskaar leaves from there

Swara falls on ground crying

Swara : Yes Sanskaar I love you I love you very much but I can’t say because I know your love is not true it is not mature you are only playing with me like how you play with others…. She gets up……. Now Swara….. Sanskaar and you are not friends not anything just focus on your studies

She went to her room and slept


Next day

When Swara came to classroom she looked at Sanskaar but he ignored her and the whole day same happened and this kept going for a week but after a week when Swara was going to Girls Hostel she saw Sanskaar talking on phone with someone (in elite students can keep phones but not an Android phone but a normal phone with the functions of Calling Message and camera)

Sanskaar : Dude today let’s go out of the hostel at midnight and get some drink many days became we didn’t drink at all so today its a plan OK

Man on the Phone : OK bring your friends and get ready soon OK

Sanskaar : OK Bye

Swara who heard this all was shocked that Sanskaar and his friends do these all things she immediately went to Sanskaar

Swara : Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Kya hai

Swara : Tum kisse baat kar rahe the aur kya kehe rahe the that you are going out that also to drink

Sanskaar : Miss Swara Roy tumhe isse koi faraq nhi padna chaiye so better apni studies pe dhyan do air mere bare mai maat socho Got it (points his finger)

Swara : Mera tumse koi matlab nhi hai lekin agar tum galat kam kar rahe ho then I will have to stop you

Sanskaar : Stay far Miss Swara Roy
And he leaves from there Swara thinks to stop him at that moment only



Sanskaar goes out side his hostel room with the help of rope and Swara follows him Arahav are not aware of this only Sanskaar Yuvi and his gang members. Swara keeps following Sanskaar but she stops when Sanskaar friend bought his car and all sat in it and they were driving very fast and Swara also started running thinking they can’t see her but Only Sanskaar was able to see her from the mirror and no one else. When Swara was running some goons came in front of her (they were the same one which Swasan had met first).

Goon 1 : Oye hoye kya lag rhi hai Yeh chori aaj

Goon 2 : Haa aur aaj toh won chora bhi nhi hai

Goon 1 : Aaj kaha Bach ke jaye gi

Swara : Door raho mujhe se door raho

They started coming close to… Swara started crying and as the goons were about to touch her face a guy came from behind and caught his hand and bet them very badly the guys anger was been able to see very badly in his eyes and the police came there and arrested the goons and went

Swara was sitting on the ground and the guy went near Swara and picked her up and made her face him as Swara saw the guy she hugged him

Swara : Sanskaar (yes he was Sanskaar) agar tum yaha nhi aate toh shayad mai mar jati

Sanskaar broke the hug : Tum pagal ho itni raat ko mere piche ane ki zaroorat thi kya bolo

Swara : Sanskaar tum itni raat ko kuch galat karne ja rahe the toh tum meri baat toh sunte nhi toh mujhe laga ki mai tumhare piche ajaon

Sanskaar was feeling sad : Tumhe ane ki zaroorat this kya kyu mujhe galat karne se rokh rhi thi bolo

Swara : Wo wo

Sanskaar : You love me na say that you love me say Swara

Swara : I don’t love you mai toh bas tumhe galat karne se rokh rhi thi

Sanskaar : Means you care for me and you love me….. He holds her arms very tightly

Swara : Its hurting Sanskaar

Sanskaar : I don’t care just say you love me

Swara : (gets off his hand and shouts loudly) Yes Sanskaar Yes I love you par mai darti thi becoz I knew that your love is not true I knew its fun for you but I loved you truely and I didn’t wanted my heart to break so I said

Sanskaar : firstly only no

Swara : Yes

Sanskaar smiles and hugs her : Swara I love you and I will never leave you I promise

Swara smiles and hugs him back : I love you to Sanskaar

They hug for a long time

Background music

Hmm.. hmm…

Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

Dehleez pe merey dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum
Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum

Hmmm.. hmmm..


Then they break the hug and

Swara : Ab tum kahi nhi jaoge mere saath caloge

Sanskaar : OK chalo

And they leave for Hostel hand in hand

They reach the hostel

Swara : OK so Byee

Sanskaar : Ase bye bolte hai…. Forwards his cheeks

Swara slaps him lightly

Sanskaar : Aree yeh kesi baat hoi I’m asking for a kiss Boyfriend ho tumhara

Swara : Lekin mujhe nhi deni

Sanskaar : Lekin mujhe chaiye

Swara : Bye

She was about about when Sanskaar caught her hand and made an innocent face and Swara melted and kissed him lightly on his cheeks

Swara : Byee

Sanskaar : Byee

And they leave and then Sanskaar faces back and Shouts

Sanskaar : Shona

Swara looks back

Sanskaar gives a flying kiss : I love You

Swara smiles and both go to their room.


Precap :- Swasan romance and Arahav romance…. Monica and Kanika…… jealous


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