She Changed Me Chapter 5




Here’s the part 5 of my FF SHE CHANGED ME



Arahav were shocked seeing that they both care for each other that also in so less time.

They leave for Hostel


When they reach the Hostel as they were going to go inside Warden came in front of them

Warden : Where were you all ANSWER ME

Swara : Sir actually we we went to to café

Warden : THEN WHAT

Sanskaar : Sir then we were coming only that some goons came in front of us

Warden : Hmmm then what happened

Swara : Sir then we fought with the goons and we even got hurt

Swara shows the marks

Swara : Now do you trust us Sir

Warden : Yaa OK next time come early and be alert with these goons OK now go and sleep you four

SwasanArahav : OK sir


In SansRag room

SansRag took a bath as they were really very dirty and when Raghav was drying his hair he was smiling a lot and Sanskaar noticed it

Sanskaar : Bhai aj kya tune Mccan ke smiles kye (eat) hai

Raghav : nhi toh

Sanskaar : Phir aj tere yeh lips itne bade kyu ho rahe hai kya mamla hai boss new ladki mili hai kya

Raghav : Kuch aesa hi samajh le

Sanskaar : Oh toh Rags has got a new gf

Raghav : No we are just friends

Sanskaar coughed

Sanskaar : We are just friends? Dude yeh sab lines tujhe suit nhi karti jaldi bol kon hai woh

Raghav : Woh….. Woh…… Woh

Sanskaar : Stop your woh woh and tell me who she is

Raghav closes his eyes and says in a loud voice : ARADHYA

Sanskaar heard it and was shocked but he reacted as if he didn’t hear only anything : What? Phir se bol

Raghav : Aradhya

Sanskaar : Oh shit !

Raghav : kya hua

Sanskaar : Dude tu us Aradhya Singh se pyar karne laga hai

Raghav : I seriously don’t know ke yeh sab kab aur kese hua but ho gaya

Sanskaar : OK fine stop ur nonsense and tell me ki tu kab propose karne wala hai

Raghav : Woh toh mene socha hi nhi

Sanskaar : Damn ! OK dude now I’m tired let’s go to sleep

Raghav : OK good night

Sanskaar : Good night


In SwAradhya’s Room

They both also took a bath and were just talking

Aradhya : Shona don’t you think that those two are not that bad how we thought

Swara : who 2

Aradhya : Aree Sanskaar Maheswari and Raghav Oberoi

Swara : OK ya they are not that bad

Just then SansRag came in their room and SwAradhya were shocked and then Swara went near Sanskaar

Swara : Tum dono yaha kya kar rahe ho Woh bhi girls hostel mai

Sanskaar was mesmerized by seeing Swara . she was wearing a dhoti and top with open hair as they were wet.

Sanskaar : Kuch nhi bas tumhara hal cal jane ke liye aaye the

Swara : Toh woh kal school mai bhi kar sakte the na

Sanskaar : Nhi par mujhe abhi jana tha

Swara : Kya jana tha

Sanskaar : Tumhari chot thik hai na dard toh nhi ho ra na

Swara : Nhi ab thik hai tum jao

Sanskaar : Nhi na plz

«There with Arahav»

Raghav : Hi Aaru

Aradhya : Hi by the way tumne mujhe Aaru kyu bolaya

Raghav : Kyu yehi tumhara nick name hai na

Aradhya : Ha hai toh lekin mujhe is naam se bulane ka haq sirf unhe hai jo mujhese pyar karte hai

Raghav : (whispers) Even I love you

Aradhya : Kuch kaha tumne

Raghav : Nhi toh

Aradhya : OK

«There with Swasan»

Swara : Acha Sanskaar ab tum jao bohot time ho gaya hai

Sanskaar : Nhi na Shona plz I want to talk to you I want to stay with you plz

Swara : Yeh kya bol rahe ho Sanskaar jao tum

Sanskaar : Acha thik hai lekin kal tumhe raat ko 12:00 baje dance room mai ana padega

Swara : Aree itni raat ko mai toh so jati ho mai nhi aaongi

Sanskaar : Ana padega varna mai nhi jaongi yaha se

Swara : nhi mai nhi aaongi lekin tumhe jana padega

Sanskaar : Acha toh tum nhi aaogi OK

He went and slept on Swara’s Bed

Swara : Sanskaar uttho Acha thik hai mai aaongi

Sanskaar got up and jumped from the bed

Sanskaar : OK toh kal raat 12:00 baje OK

Swara : OK good night ab jaao

Sanskaar : Good night

Raghav : Byee Swara and Bye Aaru

Aradhya : Byee lekin mujhe Aaru maat bolao

Raghav : I don’t care mai toh Aaru hi bulaonga

Sanskaar : Ab saale chal Bye girls

SwAradhya : Byee

When they went Swara in her mind

Swara : Sanskaar ne mujhe 12:00 baje itni raat ko kyu bulaya hai IDC mai nhi jaongi

In SansRag’s Room

Sanskaar in mind : I know Miss Swara Roy ki tum nhi ane wali par mai toh tumhe lakar rahonga Sanskaar Maheswari always have a plan for everything

And Everyone slept


Next Day

When Swara came to class she saw Sanskaar and smiled but he ignored her Swara whole day tried to talk to Sanskaar but he didn’t reply. She was very upset so she decided to go in the dance room at night to meet him.



Swara went inside the dance room telling Aradhya that she went to take water and as she went Aradhya went to sleep

Swara entered the the room it was fully decorated with red roses red and white curtains and there was a table for two in between of the room

Swara : Mai pakka dance room mai hi ho na wait let me go and check

There came a man saying

Man : U r in the right room pretty girl

Swara : Sanskaar

Yes he was Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Hi Swara

Swara : Hi toh batao tumne mujhe itni raat ko kis kaam ke liye bulaya mujhe neend bhi arahi hai

Sanskaar : Bas thodi der uske baad you go or wait….. But first come and sit here

Swara sat on the chair and Sanskaar also sat on the opposite side

Sanskaar : So swara finally you came

Swara : Pure din tumne mujhse baat nhi ki so I got scared that’s why I cane here

Sanskaar : OK maine isliye baat nhi ki taaki tum yaha ajao…. OK ab baate bohot hui tum yeh pasta khao aur mujhe bhi khane do

Swasan eat their 2nd Dinner

Swara : Sanskaar tumne mujhe dinner karne ke liye bulaya tha

Sanskaar : Nhi

Swara : Phir

Sanskaar : mai abhi ata ho

Swara : Par –

Then Swara stood there silently and then all the lights went off and there was a spotlight on Swara

Swara : Sanskaar where r u

Sanskaar came from behind and closed her eyes and said

Sanskaar : I’m here only Shona

And then Sanskaar turned her around and they were really very close they had an eyelock

Swara : Yeh sab kya hai Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Love

Swara : What

Sanskaar : Swara I wanted to tell you something from a very long time but couldn’t tell Swara I……. I really LOVE YOU

Swara was shocked


Swara stood silently

Sanskaar : Swara answer na I really love you and Sanskaar hugged Swara

Precap – I won’t tell but you all think

Will Swara accept Sanskaar ?
Will She forget her dreams ?
Does Sanskaar really loves Swara ?
So tell me guys how was this part in your comments below. ??
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