She Changed Me Chapter 4


Here’s PART – 4 of my FF SHE CHANGED ME.



Swara looks back and waves him bye he to waves

Sanskaar smiles evilly : So Miss Swara Roy ready to get destroyed.

He goes to his room and sleeps


Next Morning in SansRag room

SansRag get up and dress in their School Uniform. Their Schools uniform is Navy blue trouser and white shirt with a check tie.

Raghav : Buddy mujhe tujhse kuch puchna hai

Sanskaar : Tu kabse permission Lene laga puch puch

Raghav : Kal mene tujhe Miss Swara Roy ke saath dekh vo bhi friendship karte hua

Sanskaar (shocked) : Ha toh

Raghav : I mean tu usse friendship kar raha hai you said you have something in your mind to hurt her toh ab yeh friendship kyu

Sanskaar : Mai usse hurt hi kar raha hu

Raghav : But friendship karke hurt does it make sense

Sanskaar : It does just think in your mind what am I thinking of

Raghav thought for a second and said

Raghav : Dude no u won’t do anything like that

Sanskaar : I will

Raghav : Dude they are different girls use to die to kiss on our cheeks and they slapped us in our first meet So no tu esa kuch nhi

Sanskaar : Mai karunga

Raghav : tera plan kya hai

Sanskaar tell raghav his plan

Raghav shocked : nhi dude this is not good it’s not fair

Sanskaar : Everything is fair in love and war


In class……….

After their class gets over


SansRag goes to SwAradhya

Sanskaar : Hi Swara

Swara : Hii Sanskaar

Sanskaar : So how are u

Swara : I’m fine n u

Sanskaar : I’m also fine….. Swara I’ll ask you 1 thing

Swara : Ya ask

Sanskaar : Would you like to go with me for a coffee……. Plzzzz

Swara and Arahav shocked

Swara : But why?

Sanskaar : Just like this…. Hamari new friendship ke naam

Swara : Hmmmm… OK

Sanskaar gets happy : OK so today evening 6:30

Swara : OK Byee

Sanskaar : Byee

With Arahav

Raghav : So Aradhya I want to say sorry

Aradhya : Why

Raghav : That day I tried to kiss u so I’m sorry

Aradhya : Good u r at least guilty for what you did

Raghav : so can we be friends (forwards his hands)

Aradhya : Yaa we can be (shakes hand with Raghav)

They have a cute eye lock


In the evening @ 6:30

Sanskaar is waiting for Swara outside the hostel. He was wearing navy blue jeans and white T-shirt with blue blazer. Swara comes wearing a beautiful Long colorful frock. With light curls on her hair with light make up and flat sandals. She was looking very beautiful. Sanskaar came near her

Sanskaar : You….. You…. You are looking beautiful

Swara : Thank you

Sanskaar didn’t reply he was just looking at Swara

They had an eye lock. But Swara realized what she was doing

Swara : Chalna nhi hai kya

Sanskaar : Nhi… (Said in low voice)
Nhi mera matlab hai haa chalo

Swara laughed

They went to The Café


When they reached Sanskaar ordered Cappuccino and Swara ordered Lemon Tea.

Sanskaar : So Swara tell me about yourself

Swara : My name is Swara I was born in Shimla only and I studied in St. Mary’s Convent School but I had a dream to come to Elite and there was a scholarship in our school so I took part in it studied hard and got the scholarship what about you?

Sanskaar : Hmmm….. Nice my Name is Sanskaar and I was born in Mumbai then my parents had to go to America for their work so they can’t leave me in Mumbai so they did my admission in Elite since 2nd std I’m studying in elite and now their work is over in America so their work here only but I didn’t leave Elite becoz I love Elite

Swara : wow … So from when you and Raghav are friends

Sanskaar : Since 2nd std and u and Aradhya

Swara : Nice great friendship me and Aradhya we knew each other in school but were not friends in school but now we are friends in College

Sanskaar : OK

They talked like this and Had their coffee and left

While going it was little dark so some goons came in front of them

Goon 1 : Ohoo iss gori chikni chameli ko toh dekho

Goon 2 : Hayee kya is ladke saath ghoom rhi hai jara hume bhi toh maze kar

Sanskaar : Bas dooor ho jao humse pas mat ana Swara ke

Goon 3 : Aeeeee hat varna

Sanskaar : Varna kya huh?

Sanskaar catches Swara… Swara stares at him

Goons starts fighting with Swasan Sanskaar somehow manages to come out but when Swasan was about to run Goon 1 hits Sanskaar’s head

Sanskaar catches his head tightly : Aaahhh

Swara shout : SANSKAAR….

Sanskaar falls down Swara takes Sanskaar in his lap

Swara : Sanskaar uttho uttho Sanskaar get up

Swara somehow manages to take Sanskaar to a nearby hut and places him down. Swara checks in her bag she gets a water bottle and splashes water on him

Swara sweating : Sanskaar Sanskaar uttho

Sanskaar opens his eyes and sits and hugs Swara very tightly

Sanskaar still hugging : Swara tum kuch nhi hua na tum thik ho na

Swara was shocked as Sanskaar just hugged her but she understands the situation and hugs him back

Swara : Ha sanskaar mai thik ho Don’t Worry

Swasan hug for sometime and Swara realises what she was doing so she broke the hug

Sanskaar cups Swara’s face : Swara tumhe Kuch hua toh nhi ha I was so worried

Swara : Ha Sanskaar mai Tum chinta mat karo OK lekin dekho tumhe kitni chot lagi hai

She removes hanky and cleans the blood which was coming out of Sanskaar’s head and then she removes a bandage and puts it on his wound and While Swara was doing all this Sanskaar was looking at Swara lovingly and Swara looked at him. They had an eye lock. Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand but she didn’t realized and they still have they eye lock.


Background Songs

If you hold my hand
– Badal jayegi meri duniya
If you hold my hand
– Toh mill jaayegi sabhi khushiyan
If you hold my hand
– Nikhar jayegi meri duniya
If you hold my hand
O baby I will never let you go


They eye lock was disturbed by Arahav. [Actually Arahav came in search of Swasan as it was getting very late and if the warden didn’t find them they would create a scene].

Aradhya : SWARA SANSKAAR Do you both even know what’s the time it’s 8 guys the Warden comes for checking at 9 get up we have to go

Swasan nooded YES

Raghav : Bhai tujhe yeh chot kese lagi

Sanskaar : Woh kuch gundo mill gaye the rasste mai toh unhone Mara phir Swara ne bandage lagaai
Raghav : Toh are you OK

Sanskaar : Yes

As Sanskaar was talking to Raghav he looked at Swara and looked down and saw a scratch mark on her hand. He ran towards Swara who was talking with Aradhya as Aradhya was asking her is she OK

Sanskaar : Swara tumhara haath toh bleed kar raha hai

Swara looked at it

Sanskaar : Aur tum kehe rhi thi ki kuch nhi hua mai thik ho

Swara : Sanskaar woh

Sanskaar : Kuch mat kaho

He removed his hanky and tied it on Swara’s Hand

Sanskaar : Ab yeh bleed nhi karega aur hostel jake bandage laga lene OK

Swara : OK ab chale

Arahav were shocked seeing that they both care for each other that also in so less time.

They leave for Hostel


Precap :- SwasanArahav have to face the Warden. MoniKani jealous of SwAradhya. Swasan coming more close. Raghav confesses his love for Aradhya.

So what do you all think does Sanskaar really care for Swara or something else is there in his mind? Will Aradhya accept Raghav’s love or will she focus on her studies?
Comment below what you all think and keep reading SHE CHANGED ME.


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