She Changed Me Chapter 3

Here is Part – 3 of SHE CHANGED ME Hope you all like my FF and thanks for ur great response. Love you all



Swara : Tum jese batameez ladko ko sabak sikha rahe hai ……. Let’s go Aradhya

They both left

Sanskaar : I’m not going to leave them just wait and watch Swara Roy [gives an evil smile]

Raghav : Nor me Sanky Aradhya Singh u r gone


After the fight between SansRag and SwAradhya they literally ignored each other didn’t talk to each other and SwAradhya were becoming very famous in School through their talents and capability and were becoming every teacher’s favourite. Raghav started observing Aradhya he saw how she is so good she is so cute so talented, but Raghav’s ego came in between and he use to think how to hurt her. At night they use to discuss how to destroy SwAradhya. [Sanskaar and Raghav are roomates also]. They were waiting for the correct time. After 2 month there was Tennis Match between the girls and SwAradhya were together and Monica and Kanika were together.

After winning many matches the two teams had to face each other in the finals.

Before the match Monica & Kanika

Monica : kani at any cost we have to win and we have to make them loose I hate those but I know we reached the final through cheating by making girls at our side but this time we have to face That Stupid Girls Swara and Aradhya we have to win

Kanika : Ya moni at any cost we have to win we have to take revenge that Aradhya slapped my Raghav I’m not going to leave her

Monica : Exactly Kani we need to take revenge that Swara apne ap ko samajti kya hai dumbo mere Sanskaar ko thappad mara Idiot

Whereas SwAradhya

Aradhya : Swara this is the Final we have to give our best especially That Monica and Kanika are there

Swara : Aaru don’t think about them just focus on your game

Aradhya : Ya shona right

They both took God’s Blessing and leave for their match

SwAradhya were wearing 3 4th leggings of blue color and T-shirt which had a collar and it was of black color

Whereas MoniKani were wearing shots with crop tops [think of any color which you all like]


The Match

The match was going to start and everyone were there to wish MoniKani good luck but very few were there to wish SwAradhya good luck but they came with real hearts.

SansRag : All the best MoniKani we know that you both will only win

MoniKani : Kiss them on their cheeks….. Yes baby we will

With SwAradhya

Niddhi : All the best guys I know you all will only win

Nina : Yes they are right you both will only win

Shravan : All The Best We already know who is the winner u both

Rohan : Good Luck Guys win and come

SwAradhya : Yes guys we will win and Thank you for so many lucks now go match is going to start now go and sit.


The Match starts and the first service Monica does. She hits hard but Swara is able to handle it hits back and Monica couldn’t manage it SwAradhya get 1 point and the give a HiFi and hug. Sanskaar looks at Swara in an angry look and Swara to looks st him. They have an angry eyelock. Taking advantage of this Monica hits the ball and it hits Swara’s head. ? Swara falls down in pain

Swara : Ahh!! Aaru…. Aaru bohot dard ho raha hai

Aradhya : Shona…. Shona koi baat tu thik ho

They take her to the Medical room and they put an ice bag on her head and after half an hour she comes back to play. MoniKani were shocked as they thought they can defeat Aradhya alone but now Swara is back and she is fully perfect.

Aradhya : Shona are you OK tu mat khel plz

Swara : Nhi Aaru yeh game hamare liye bohot zaruri hai its about our reputation mai nhi chahti ke iss school ke stupid minded bacche soche ki ek ball lagne ki whaje se Swara Roy game Quit kardegi

Aradhya has a proud smile on her face


Everyone are shocked to see such a strong girl

SansRag are shocked becoz they use to make plans to hurt SwAradhya physically but their plans are gone in water now

Sanskaar : Bhai humare plans toh pani mai gaye ab kya kare

Raghav : Bhai mujhe bhi nhi pata

Sanskaar gets an idea

Sanskaar : Par mujhe pata hai….. Winks at Raghav

Raghav confused

The Game

After the time gets over the score:-

MoniKani SwAradhya

5 8

And the winner is Swara Roy and Aradhya Singh the partnership of ‘Fire & Ice’ They were given this name by the staff. MoniKani were very jealous. They went to SansRag

Monica : Baby I hate them I just hate them

Kanika : Rags I hate them yaar

SansRag : So what we will do?

{SansRag were very irritated with MoniKani}

MoniKani : Huh?? What do u mean

Raghav : Aaa we mean what should we do now

MoniKani : We don’t know

Sanskaar : Chill girls we will do something now go from here

MoniKani left

Sanskaar : Freak!! This Monica is so irritating

Raghav : Seriously dude. I’m tired with Kanika What should we do

SansRag : BREAKUP!!

Sanskaar : the best we can do

Raghav : Let’s do it tomorrow

After that they went and slept.


Next Day SansRag did Breakup with MoniKani and MoniKani were not bothered becoz they didn’t have any feelings for SansRag. They just used them for fame because SansRag were the most popular guys of college.


After school when Swara was going to her room as Aradhya already went. She met Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Hi Swara

Swara : Hi

Sanskaar : How are you

Swara : I’m fine

Sanskaar : Swara I want to talk something important

Swara : With me

Sanskaar : Yes

Swara : But why

Sanskaar : leave it can we be friends

Swara Shocked

Swara : What? You want be my friend

Sanskaar : Yes so what

Swara : What do you think I’m going to be your friend

Sanskaar : You have to be [angry]

Swara : No

Sanskaar : Please {he joined his hand}

Swara didn’t wanted to melt but his cute face made her melt

Swara : But why do you want to be my friend you remember that day what you did

Sanskaar : I’m sorry I just want to finish everything and want to become friend with you a good girl and I also want to become a good boy please be my friend

[He kneeled down and joined his hand]

Sanskaar : Please Just friends

Swara melted

Swara : OK

Sanskaar became happy and jumped and stood up and just upto give a hug to Swara but she stepped back

Sanskaar : OK I understand (he forwards his hand )

Swara smiles and shakes hand with him. When they shaked their hand they felt a current pass through their body

Swara : OK bye Good Night she smiles n leaves

Sanskaar smiles back

Sanskaar : Byee Good Night

Swara looks back and waves him bye he to waves

Sanskaar smiles evilly : So Miss Swara Roy ready to get destroyed.

He goes to his room and sleeps


Precap :- Sanskaar reveals his evil plan to Raghav…. Raghav stops him but he doesn’t stop…. Swasan become good friends… Raghav and Aradhya started getting close.


Guys hope you all like my FF and some wanted Swasan scenes so here I have a small scene.


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