She Changed Me Chapter 2



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Swara and Aradhya both go back home and pack their bags to go to Elite.

Scene 1 both Swara and Aradhya get up early the morning as it is the biggest day in their life. They both get up and then they get ready and Swara wears a long pink color skirt with a black top and puts a floral scarf and get ready to go to Elite. Aradhya wore dark blue jeans and yellow simple top with green scarf. They both first went to the Chruch nearby to take blessing from God as they are starting a new journey in their life. They both prayed to God and went home to say bye to their parents as they said bye their mothers were crying becoz their daughters were going to stay in a hostel. Then both fathers went with their daughters to their college to leave. They met the principal Mr. D’souza

Siddhant : Hello! Sir She is my daughter Swara

Ram : Hello! And she is my daughter Aradhya

Mr. D’souza : Hmm I’ve seen their exams papers, very well performed and I’ve seen how the teacher compliment you both, good in studies , good in sports , very helpful great Elite wants students like you both. I trust you both and I know you won’t let us down

SwAradhya : Sure Sir

Mr. D’souza : Maira!!!

Maria : Yes Sir

Mr. D’souza : Show these two girls their room

Maria : OK sir……. Come let’s go

SwAradhya hugged their father and said Byee to them and went to their hostel room as they were walking they walked through the class where SansRag were studying as they passed SansRag felt a little breeze but the didn’t care about it.


SwAradhya saw their room as they were room partners they had stay in one room

Aradhya : Wow great now we will be staying in 1 room for the whole year Swaraaa I’m so exited

Swara : Me 2 Aru

Aradhya : OK so let’s get ready we have already missed the first period now principal has called us to be ready as he wants to introduce us to our new class

Swara : OK


SwAradhya dressed into their uniform which had a check skirt, the color was green, light green and white and they had white button t-shirt and a tie which was also check only. SwAradhya tied a high pony and were looking very smart. And they left for their class


In class

Mr. D’souza : Excuse Me Students

The students wished him GM

Mr. D’souza : Good Morning Students….. New Semester new dreams new activities and new friends

When Principal said friends everyone were looking at each other

Raghav : New Friends? {Shouts} Sir do you mean by new students

Mr. Dsouza : Yes my dear student

Raghav with a weird expression : Dear Student! Lol

Mr. Dsouza : Please Welcome SWARA ROY AND ARADHYA SINGH

As they both entered the class Raghav just looked at Aradhya and Sanskaar couldn’t take his eyes off Swara as she was so pretty

Mr. Dsouza : So students these are ur new friends…. Try to make them your friends OK Miss Alina you can continue

Miss Alina : OK sir…. Swara and Aradhya please take you seats

SwAradhya : OK ma’am

The class got over and SwAradhya tried to talk to everyone but everyone ingnored them




As SwAradhya were going to canteen SansRag’s gang surrounded them in a circle

Monica : Oh Hi Swara Roy And Aradhya Singh as we all know you both are new so you might know the rules what happens with new students

SwAradhya looked at each other as they understood Monica was talking about ragging.

Kanika : But come on Moni ragging has become old let’s do something new

Monica : but what Kani

There was a boy in their gang name Yuvi

Yuvi : OK let’s do something new we will make some chits and whose ever boy name come in the chit these two have to kiss them

SwAradhya were shocked

Monica : Great Alia make the chit (monica lifts her eyebrows and shows something to her) but alia doesn’t understands it

[actually Monica was telling not to write Sanskaar’s and Raghav’s name] but alia didn’t understand and wrote their name and the chit Swara picked the name was of Sanskaar and the chit Aradhya picked it was Raghav’s name]

Yuvi snatched the chits and loudly shouted

Yuvi : OK lucky girls…. This Swara Roy will kiss Sanskaar Maheswari

Monica was shocked

Yuvi : And this Aradhya Singh will kiss Raghav Oberoi

Kanika was shocked

Yuvi calls forward SansRag

Come on now kiss ….. SansRag forwarded their cheeks

Swara : kitne batameez ladke hai

Aradhya : besharam ladka

Swara kicked Aradhya’s leg and showed her some expression and Aradhya understood it

And SansRag forwarded their cheeks and SwAradhya slapped them very tight all were shocked Monica and Kanika were shocked 2. SansRag were very Angry they were fuming wid anger

SansRag caught SwAradhya hand they again got a slap. All were stunned as they never saw any girl who did like this. All girls use to fall for them but these two OMG. Monica and Kanika were telling others to stop them becoz they were getting scared if SwAradhya hits them.

SansRag pulled SwAradhya by their waist and again got a Slap.

Sanskaar : bas bohot hua kya kar rhi ho

Swara : Tum jese batameez ladko ko sabak sikha rahe hai ……. Let’s go Aradhya

They both left

Sanskaar : I’m not going to leave them just wait and watch Swara Roy [gives an evil smile]

Raghav : Nor me Sanky Aradhya Singh u r gone


Precap :- SansRag evil plan…… Raghav started loving Aradhya but Sanskaar want to destroy Swara.


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