She Changed Me Chapter 17, 18 SURPRISE



Everyone cheered for him and when Swara came there she hugged him and congrats him Siddharth was not at all upset that Sanskaar won because he knew there is only 1 winner and he to hugged Sanskaar and Congrats him. Sanskaar was happy but something else was going in his mind


After some hours all students gathered in the school hall with perfectly dressed uniform and all were congratulating Sanskaar for his win

And the Principal comes

MD : So today Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari has won the title of Student of the Year ….. Congratulation my child

Sanskaar smiles from down as he was sitting with his Friends

MD : So I would like to call Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari on stage

Sanskaar goes on the stage and stands near the principal

MD points towards the trophy and says to Sanskaar : This trophy is all yours Mr. Maheswari but before I would like you to give a thank u speech

Sanskaar was waiting for that moment only and Sanskaar comes near the mike and everyone clap for him

Sanskaar : Thank u guys thank u so much …. I know that each and every student present here wants to win this trophy but as everyone says there is only 1 winner but you all are my friends and I am your friend you all want this trophy as well as I but by taking this trophy I don’t want to hurt you all becoz u all are my friend and for me there is nothing more than friends so Sir I can’t take this trophy

There was complete silence in the hall all were so overwhelmed by seeing such a good Sanskaar

Sanskaar came down from the stage and from behind he hears someone clapping

It was their coach

Coach : Very Good Sanskaar very good today you have proved yourself Very Good my son I’m proud of u

All start clapping and they kept clapping even the MD was clapping there was only clapping and after much clap they stopped and Sanskaar came and sat near Raghav

Raghav whispers in Sanskaar’s ears : So bad so selfish boy of school today didn’t take the trophy how come such a big change

Sanskaar smiles and blushes and points towards Swara who was little far from SansRag : SHE CHANGED ME Swara changed me she taught me the meaning of love the real meaning of life I love her yaar SHE CHANGED ME yaar she taught me the really meaning of friend I love her I can’t live without her

Raghav hugs Sanskaar

MD announces : OK students now in 2 months you all have your exams am I right

Everyone : Yes Sir

MD : So I want you all to prepare your best for you 1st term exams now u may leave


Guys I’m not going to drag the exams part I’m directly coming to the results OK


Exams are over and all students are sitting in the School hall

MD : So finally your exams are over and now its time for results you all will get your results tomorrow on the notice board and after that your parents have to come for Parents teachers meeting you all can call them go home what ever you all want now you may leave


All Friends were sitting together in the lawn

Swara : I’m so tensed for the results yaar

Sanskaar : Chill sweetheart everything will be fine

Swara : Hope so

Aradhya : BTW swara MD has also told that parents teachers meeting is there so we’ll go home and call

Swara : Ya right we’ll go

Sanskaar : Arey why Swara you won’t go anywhere OK

Swara : Sanskaar I have to call my parents so I’m going tomorrow

Sanskaar : No na Shona

Swara : Sanskaar you also have to call your parents

Sanskaar : I don’t care if they come or no

Swara : What

Sanskaar : Ya Swara I don’t think even if I request them they will come

Swara : What I’m not understanding anything Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Leave it Swara plz

Swara : OK OK but at least call them plz

Sanskaar : OK Swara

Swasan hug

Aradhya : OK fine now let’s go to class

All left for class and the day got over like that only


Next Day

All were rushing here and there for the results some were happy and were jumping some were sad and crying Swasan and grp came there to known the results. All were very happy to know that they have passed in all subjects and have scored well.

Swara : Wow guys I’m so happy we all have passed wow wow wow

Sanskaar was so happy seeing Swara

Swara jumps and hugs Sanskaar and Sanskaar also hugs her and twirls her round

All were hugging and congratulating

Siddharth : Chalo Bye guys I’m going to call my parents bye

Everyone : Bye

SwAradhya also left for the respective homes

Sanskaar calls his house landline and the servant picks it up as he picks he understands its Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Hello can I talk to Mrs. Annapurna Maheswari

Servant : Ji Sir 1 minute

Servant goes and calls AP

AP : Beta

Sanskaar : Mom

AP was so overwhelmed hearing her Son’s voice after so much time

AP : Kese ho Beta

Sanskaar : Mai thik ho mom ap kesi ho

AP : Mai bhi achi ho aur tumhare papa bhi ache hai

Sanskaar : Mom mene papa ke bare mai pucha nhi (I didn’t even ask how is my dad)

AP was upset that he still doesn’t cares about his dad

Sanskaar : Mom I need your help

AP : Kya hua

Sanskaar : Mom school mai parents teachers meeting hai if u wish to come then come if no then no need

AP : Mai zaroor aaongi beta I really want to see you

Sanskaar : OK so come day after tomorrow

AP : Sure beta

Sanskaar : OK mom Byee

AP : Byee


On the PTA meeting day

All parents are coming and the school is decorated well all are meeting their parents and all are very happy and Swasan and grp are waiting for their parents

Siddharth : oh ho when will my maa come

Raghav : Chill dude chill they will come

Swara sees her parents coming and runs to her mom and hugs her

Swara : Maa come maa I’ll show you my friend

Swara : Ma she is Aradhya , Sanskaar , Raghav , Nina , Nidhi , Sharvan , Rohan , Siddharth

Susmeeta (Swara’s mother) : Hello children

Sanskaar : Hello Aunty how r u

Susmeeta : I’m fine beta n u

Sanskaar : All good

Susmeeta : Shona chal I wnt to meet your teachers come on

Aradhya : Aunty you go to any teacher she will complain only about your shona she is very naughty

Susmeeta : Shonaa

Swara : No maa this Aaru is lying

Susmeeta : OK we will see this all later now let’s go and meet your teachers

Sanskaar : Aunty why don’t you go alone and leave Swara with me I …. I …. Mean with us

Swara was tensed : Nhi Sanskaar I have to go let’s go maa

Sanskaar : Par-

Before he could say they left

Then Sanskaar’s parents came Sanskaar wanted only his mother to come but he saw his dad and got angry

AP came near Sanskaar and hugged him

AP : How r u Sanskaar

Sanskaar : I’m fine mom but why did you

AP : That I’ll tell u later first I want to meet your teacher Let’s go ji

DP : Hmmmm

Sanskaar to Raghav : Dude yaar yeh Inko (Durga Prasad) Kyu leayi

Raghav : Chill yaar ab jaa

Sanskaar : Ya


The Teachers meets the parents and Swara’s teacher tell her mother that she is very good in studies, sports, music, discipline, everything and Susmeeta was overwhelmed hearing this for her daughter she had tears of happiness and on the other side with Sanskaar teacher says

Teacher : Oh Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari student of the year

Sanskaar smiles

AP : Sanskaar tumne mujhe bataya nhi kyu

Sanskaar : Woh actually when I called you I forgot to tell you

AP : So big thing you forgot

Teacher : But he didn’t take the trophy

AP : Why Sanskaar

Sanskaar tells her everything

AP had tears in eyes that her son has changed so much

Teacher : It was shocking for us also that Sanskaar didn’t accept the trophy becoz the boy who only loved himself who only thought about himself could do this

AP smiles : Proud of you Beta

DP : Good Sanskaar

Sanskaar smiles

Teacher : Now coming to the results …. Your son is excellent in studies , sports and other activities but he is very naughty he bunks plays pranks on students and teacher

AP looks at Sanskaar with fake anger

Sanskaar : Sorr-

Teacher : And ya he was very bossy
AP : Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Mom … Mom… Mom… I’m hungry bye

He left

AP DP and teacher laughed


He was walking when he saw Swara he went inside an empty classroom and when Swara was passing from there he pulled her inside and they both fell on the and Swara was up on Sanskaar

Swara : Sanskaar yeh kya kar rahe the tum

Sanskaar : Arey yaar bor ho raha tha tumse baat karne ka maan kar raha tha

Swara was just going to stand up and Sanskaar holds her waist and then she is again up on Sanskaar

Swara : Sanskaar chodo jaane do mujhe

Sanskaar : Nhi Swara tum mere pas hi raho

Swara : Sanskaar baad mai plz maa ajayegi plz

Sanskaar : Maa ko pata hai ki tum yaha ho

Swara : Nhi

Sanskaar : Tumne unko bataya

Swara : Nhi

Sanskaar : Unko yeh class pata hai

Swara : Nhi

Sanskaar : Then how will she come chill baby

Swara : OK fine kya hua

Sanskaar : Chalo

Swara : Kaha

Sanskaar : Mujhe tumhe apni mom se milane hai

Swara : Kyu

Sanskaar : Arey mujhe mom ko unki future daughter in law se milvana hai

Swara blushes hard

Sanskaar : Itna kyu sharma rhi ho yaar

(Note :- They were in the same position … They were still lying on the floor)

Swara was blushing but someone came from behind

Boy shocked : Di!!?

Swara looks behind and was so shocked

Swara gets up : Sumedh (Swara’s younger brother)

Sanskaar also gets up

Swara : Sumedh tum yaha kya kar rahe ho

Sumedh : Yeh Sab kya ho raha tha

Sanskaar : What do you want to do huh?

Sumedh : Excuse me and you Di he is ur boyfriend hai na

Swara nodes in a big nooooo

Sanskaar : Swara why are you lying and you Sumedh yes Swara is my girlfriend and who are you (Sanskaar thought he is Elite boy who is in a younger class)

Swara : Sanskaar he is my real brother

Sanskaar shocked

Sanskaar : Abey Saale

Sumedh : Oye Saala kisko bola

Sanskaar : Tujhe

Sumedh : Didi tera boyfriend …. He is crossing his limits

Sanskaar : Chill Saale tu mera hone wala saala hai

Sumedh understands that why he was calling him Saala

Sumedh : Ok fast ha

Sanskaar : I know I know

Sandh give HiFi and hug ….. Swara hits her head


Sanskaar takes Swara to meet his mother

Sanskaar : Mom

AP : haa

Sanskaar : Mom meet her my gir- I mean my friend Swara

Swara : Namaste Aunty

AP : Namaste beta

AP notices that Swasan were catching each others hand and Swara notices that AP is looking at their hands but Sanskaar didn’t notice and she immediately leaves his hand

AP : Sanskaar mujhe tumse bohot zaroori baat karni hai

Sanskaar : Kya hua mom boliye na

AP : Beta yaha

Swara understands and leave from there

AP : Sanskaar sunu tum……………………… (She tells him something) Thik hai and this is final we are not asking you we are telling you so be ready

Sanskaar was literally in tears : No mom esa maat kijiye plz mai nhi re-

AP : Hume jo bolna tha vo bol diya ab Kuch nhi be ready …… And she leaves

Sanskaar goes to his room and cries a lot


Precap – Last Part


So guys what did AP said??

And what will happen in the last part ??

To know more keep reading my FF SHE CHANGED ME


So Guys this is the last part of my FF SHE CHANGED ME I know you all love my FF a lot and I just want to thank you all for this love you have given to my FF . so now let’s start




AP : Sanskaar sunu tum……………………… (She tells him something) Thik hai and this is final we are not asking you we are telling you so be ready

Sanskaar was literally in tears : No mom esa maat kijiye plz mai nhi re-

AP : Hume jo bolna tha vo bol diya ab Kuch nhi be ready …… And she leaves

Sanskaar goes to his room and cries a lot


Parents Teachers meeting got over and all parents went to their home leaving all students in the hostel for 1 day because after that they had their holidays

Sanskaar was still crying in his sitting on the floor his eyes nose was red and he was sad angry

Sanskaar : I can’t do this I can’t but mom why did she do this but anything now I have to do it

He was going to get up but falls again and cries

Till then Raghav comes and sees him and runs to him

Raghav : Dude kya hua tu ro kyu raha hai yaar bol …. Saying this he hugs Sanskaar ….. Bhai kya hua bol na

Sanskaar is still quiet

Raghav : Say na Kuch toh bol Saale plzz

Sanskaar looks at him and hugs him

Sanskaar : Yaar ab mujhe jana hoga

Raghav : kya kyu tu kya kehe raha hai yaar

Sanskaar : Yaar vo mom ayi thi unhone bola ki


AP : Sanskaar sunu tum kal hi humare saath America ja rahe ho tumhare dad aur mene decide kiya hai ki humare kaam ki wajhe se toh hum ja hi rahe hai par isbar hum tumhe bhi lejayenge … You will study there and be with I can’t leave you here (she thinks about Swasan holding each others hand) with these people Sanskaar (cups his face) I know that you don’t love your dad but at least you love me so you have my swear you will come with us or you will see your mother’s dead face and Thik hai and this is final we are not asking you we are telling you so be ready ……..

Flashback ends

Raghav was in tears but he told Sanskaar : Toh isme bura kya hai you will stay in America you will study hard and become a great man

Sanskaar : Yeh kya bol raha hai yaar I can’t leave you all I want to be with you all I just want to be with you all you all are my everything and Swara I can’t live without her

Till then AP calls Sanskaar

AP : Beta pack your necessary things OK we are leaving tomorrow evening only plz fast

Sanskaar : Mom but

AP : Sanskaar you have my swear do you want to see your mother’s dead face

Sanskaar : Na

AP : So be ready OK

Sanskaar : But –

Till then she cuts the call

Sanskaar : I have to go yaar

SansRag hug each other with crying faces

Sanskaar : how will I tell her

Raghav : You have to tell her

Sanskaar : I can’t Raghav plz tell her plz

Raghav : Me

Sanskaar : Yes plz plz

Raghav : OK


Raghav goes to girls hostel and Sanskaar starts packing his bags.


Raghav in Swara room he has told her everything and she is totally broken sitting on floor

Raghav : Swara you have to come with me

Aaru makes her get up and takes her to boys hostel

As Swara enters SansRags room she looks at Sanskaar who’s eyes were in tears face red and was packing his bags

Swara : Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Swara

They both run and hug each other for a long time

Arahav leaves from there

Swara : Sanskaar tum kyu jaa rahe ho plz mat jao

Sanskaar : Mujhe nhi jana Swara par halat (circumstances) ne majbor(force) Kardiya hai mujhe

Swara : How will I stay without you huh

Sanskaar : I’m sorry Swara

Breaks the hug and cups her face

Sanskaar : Swara promise me u will wait for me I’ll surely come and you will be mine forever

Swara : I’ll wait for you forever Sanskaar

Sanskaar kisses her forehead. Then her both the eyes and then leans to kiss on her on her lips but before he looks in her eyes and Swara closes her eyes and they share a passionate kiss. They kept kissing. Like if they just wanted to be together forever but they broke the kiss when they were out of breath. Then Sanskaar touches his forehead with Swara’s forehead

Sanskaar : I Love you Swara I really love you

Swara : I love you too Sanskaar

They both hug for a long time

Swara breaks the hug

Swara : Now start packing your bags

Sanskaar : Ya

Swara helps Sanskaar in packing his bags and goes to her room in girls hostel and cries on the other hand sanskaar also cries.


Next Morning

Sanskaar gets up but doesn’t finds Raghav

Sanskaar : Raghav!! Raghav!!

He doesn’t finds him so he gets up and goes to the washroom and gets ready in jeans and T-shirt and takes his bags and comes out as he comes out he sees everything decorated with balloons and curtains and there is big thing wrote ‘WE WILL MISS YOU SANSKAAR’
Sanskaar gets very happy on seeing this and then he watches everyone come from back

Raghav : Sanskaar ll miss you yaar…. Saying this he hugs Sanskaar

Sanskaar : I’ll miss you too

Everyone gave him cards and flowers and gifts saying always remember us and Swara gave him a band written on it SwaSan

Sanskaar wore it and even Swara wore the same band and Sanskaar even gave Swara a SS written chain
They both hug

All gave gifts including Monica and Kanika and All were very Sad

MD : Sanskaar we will miss you very much without you the school will be incomplete…. Saying this he also hugs Sanskaar

Sanskaar : I will really miss this school Sir. This school gave me everything education amazing friends awesome teacher and true love (Swara).

All hugged Sanskaar and AP came to take Sanskaar with her

AP : Let’s go Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Yes Mom

Sanskaar : Byee Guys

Everyone : Byee

Sanskaar looks at Swara who was crying and he runs and hugs her she too hugs him back. AP saw this and got irritated.

AP : SANSKAAR We are getting late
Sanskaar : Yes Mom

Sanskaar waves bye to everyone as he was sitting in his car and when he went far from the school he cried in his car and on the other hand Swara cried in the school

Sanskaar sitting in the car

Sanskaar in mind : Swara you were best thing that ever happened to me I LOVE YOU Swara I love you I’ll come back and make you mine forever just wait for me

Swara in School

Swara in mind : Sanskaar you were my first love my first feeling I LOVE YOU Sanskaar I’ll wait for you my whole life but plz come back

Screen Freezes on both Crying faces.



I know guys you all will be thinking that I have ended my FF SHE CHANGED ME but don’t worry that was just the end of Season 1. I was so happy after reading the comments on the last part of SHE CHANGED ME that you all love my FF so much and don’t worry. I know I separated Swasan in the end but come on guys think a sad ending is not an ending so I have a Surprise for you that is

‘SHE CHANGED ME SEASON 2’ ????????????

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