She Changed Me Chapter 15, 16






Swara : Siddharth you really love me

Siddharth : Ya Swara I do and I accept that I said all things but I didn’t take any revenge because I knew you Sanskaar and I didn’t do anything do u trust me

Swara : Yes Siddharth I do trust u

Siddharth felt relief

Swara : Sidd but we need to find who’s is behind this all

Siddharth : Ya Swara I’ll help you


SwaSidd start finding proofs here and there but they didn’t get anything

Swara : Siddharth nothing is happening what to do now

Siddharth : I don’t know Swara

SwaSidd think for something

Swara : Siddharth I think so we can get proofs in Sanskaar’s proofs

Siddharth : Ya Swara but how can we get it you can go to boys hostel and get it

Swara : No way I’ll not go you go and bring and I’ll go to Arahav and my friends and we will ask for help

Siddharth : Swara I have s doubt on Monica Kanika and Yuvi people don’t take their help OK

Swara : OK


Siddharth goes to Sanskaar’s room and brings his phone as he was taking a shower and comes to Swara and gang. Swara has already told everything to the whole gang and they are ready to help them. She also told everyone that they have a doubt on MoniKani and Yuvi.

Siddharth : Here is his phone …. He gives the phone to Swara

Swara opens it but there is a password

Swara : Oh no password what to do

Raghav : Damn it

Swara trys SANSKAAR but fails she then trys his mother’s name Annapurna Maheswari but fails

Swara : Oh no what to do only 1 more try if we fail then we can’t to anything

Everyone thinks for sometime then Raghav takes phone from Swara’s hand and types something and the phone gets unlocked

All are shocked

Siddharth : Dude what did you type that Swara couldn’t type

Raghav : I’ll tell later we don’t have time now OK

Everyone : Okkkkk

Swara sees the message and takes the number in her phone and was about to call but Sharvan stops her.
Sharvan : What r u doing if you have a doubt Monica Kanika & Yuvi they have your number

Swara : Oh Ya

Nidhi : Y don’t you call with the PCU outside

Siddharth : Ya Nidhi is right we should call from the PCU and you all follow one one person when I call them if they take my name then that person is the culprit me & Swara will call and then you all know what yo do

Nina : Ya


SwaSidd call on the number and as they here the voice they are not at all shocked and Sharvan and Nidhi who were following the UP were sure this one will only be.

Then after hearing the voice Siddharth immediately cuts the call

Swara : I knew it I knew it she is the only one

Siddharth : Ya Swara I’m not gonna leave her Damn it …. But Swara to prove yourself wrong we need her phone

Swara : Oh No how to do

Siddharth looks at her and smile and also remembers something

Siddharth : Don’t Worry Shona I’ll do it don’t worry

Swara smiles back


All meet in the college and and Siddharth tells what plan he has to prove Swara was right.


Siddharth goes near the girl and calls her

Siddharth : Monica {yes she was Monica}

Monica : Ya

Siddharth : Monica I want to tell you something

Monica : What Sidd

Siddharth holds Monica’s hand : Monica I ….. I….

Monica : Siddharth you

Siddharth : Yes Monica I love you Monica {don’t worry guys he is joking}

Monica : Really Siddharth

Siddharth : Ya Monica …. Saying this he hugs her … Monica hugs him back

Monica in mind : OMG WoOw why did I separate Swara & Sanskaar leave it I got what I wanted

While hugging Siddharth puts his hand in Monica’s purse and removes her phone and gives it to Nina as Monica was facing opposite direction as Siddharth gave the phone to Nina she ran from there and as she disappeared Siddharth immediately left Monica

Siddharth : OK Monica I’ll see you later bye

Monica : Bye Baby

Siddharth in mind : Baby she is just a irritating chic Damn it

And he leaves from there


All again meet and they see the message and now its confirmed that Monica is the real culprit and they send Raghav to call Sanskaar and Raghav goes and brings Sanskaar

Sanskaar : What happen Raghav I’m not going to stay here I hate this people

Swara : Just wait Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Why Swara I don’t want to here your nonsense

Swara shows him his phone

Sanskaar : I was searching my phone and you have robbed it thief

Hearing the word thief Swara gets upset

She shows all the message and and Monica’s phone and everything

Swara : Now got I didn’t do anything
Sanskaar was feeling very guilty for what he did

Swara : And you were talking about this picture (the picture in which Siddharth was holding Swara by her waist )

Siddharth : So couldn’t you see the big stone down there if I wouldn’t have caught Swara she would have been injured badly Sanskaar

Sanskaar was more guilty
Swara holds Sanskaar’s hand and keeps his phone in his hand

Swara : And if I wouldn’t have taken your phone then I couldn’t prove myself and Siddharth plz give Monica’s phone to her or someone will tell that we are thief

Sanskaar feels bad

Everyone leaves except SwaSan

Swara was about to leave when Sanskaar holds her hand

Sanskaar : Swara I’m sorry I’m really Sorry

Swara : I don’t want to hear anything leave me

Sanskaar : Plz Swara forgive me once Swara plz

Swara : Sanskaar I said leave me

Sanskaar : U won’t forgive ur Sanskaar

Swara : I don’t know any Sanskaar

And she leaves

Sanskaar cries : I know this is just anger and all will become fine I’ll make you mine again


Precap – Sanskaar tries to apologies Swara but she doesn’t forgives and Sanskaar ask for forgiveness to Siddharth also ….

Will SwaSidd forgive Sanskaar?
What was Sanskaar’s phone password?

To know more keep reading SHE CHANGED ME


Here is the 16th Part of my ff SHE CHANGED ME.



Sanskaar : U won’t forgive ur Sanskaar

Swara : I don’t know any Sanskaar

And she leaves

Sanskaar cries : I know this is just anger and all will become fine I’ll make you mine again


After that the whole day Swara didn’t talk to Sanskaar and Sanskaar was feeling very upset for that he really wanted to talk to her but she was not ready


Sanskaar was lying on the bed with red eyes remembering Swara and Raghav saw him

Raghav : Dude kya hua

Sanskaar : Swara

Raghav : Kya hua baath nhi kar rhi

Sanskaar : Ha

Raghav : Acha hai nhi baath karni chaiye tujh jese ladke se jo apni girlfriend par trust bhi nhi karta

Sanskaar : Arey yaar Rags Swara is already not taking to me now you don’t start your drama plz

Raghav : Ok what do you want

Sanskaar : I want Swara to forgive me

Raghav : OK let’s go

Sanskaar : where?

Raghav : Girls Hostel

Sanskaar : Smart boy ha

Raghav : I know I am

SansRag went to girls hostel

Raghav had already messaged Aradhya that he is coming and Sanskaar wants to stay with Swara and told Aradhya to come out and Sanskaar went inside. Swara was inside the bathroom and she was taking a shower so Sanskaar went and hided himself behind the curtain and was waiting for Swara. She came out wearing her night suit and and her hair were wet Sanskaar saw her and was mesmerized seeing her the way she was drying her hair with her towel. He came from behind and hugged her

Swara : Sanskaar tum yaha kya kar rahe ho

Sanskaar : Wow Swara bina dekhe pehecan liye ke mai kon ho

Swara : Plz get out

Sanskaar : Swara sorry na yaar plz

Swara : I said I don’t want to hear your nonsense plz get out

Sanskaar : U have to forgive me

Swara : Sanskaar leave me and go

Sanskaar : Swaraaaaaa

Swara : Sanskaar plz I join my hands (she was joining her hands)

Sanskaar couldn’t see her begging and he left with teary eyes

Out Arahav were waiting

Sanskaar came out with teary eyes and hugged Raghav

Raghav : Bhai kya hua

Sanskaar : Woh mujhe kabhi maaf nhi karegi

Raghav : Sanskaar don’t cry yaar she will she is angry right now

Aradhya : Ya she will don’t worry now u both go & sleep

Aradhya and SansRag left to their respective rooms and slept Sanskaar hardly got some sleep


After that Sanskaar tried a lot but Swara was not ready to forgive him and many days and then one day Raghav saw Sanskaar crying and got angry and went to Swara in anger

Raghav : SWARA!!

Swara looked at him

Swara : What happen Raghav

Raghav : Swara y can’t you forgive Sanskaar Damn it

Swara smiles as she was going to forgive Sanskaar today : I don’t want to

Raghav : Swara I thought you have a heart but u are impossible you know I should tell Sans to move on stop asking for forgiveness from you idiot girl and you know you were asking what was Sanskaar’s Mobile’s password so listen it was Swara

Swara was shocked : Raghav what r u saying

Raghav : You know Swara I think you & Sidd r really dating that’s y u r not ready to forgive him

Swara again shocked : Stop it Raghav I love only Sanskaar he is only my love and how could you say like that wait I’m going to him

Swara ran here and there but she didn’t find Sanskaar and came to Raghav

Swara was in tears : Raghav where is Sanskaar plz tell me

Raghav points towards a corner where Sanskaar was sitting and crying

Swara saw Sanskaar and felt very guilty for what she did

Swara ran to him and kneeled down before him

Swara : Sanskaar

Sanskaar looked at her and was overwhelmed

Sanskaar : Swara

Swara : I’m so sorry Sanskaar I’m so sorry please forgive me shouldn’t have done it

Sanskaar : Swara…… He gets up …… Now y r u saying sorry its very late Swara

Swara also gets up : Sanskaar plz plz I’m sorry I’m really very Sorry

Sanskaar : Swara and when I was asking for forgiveness what happened at that time huh?

Swara : Sanskaar plz aesa maat karo plz

Sanskaar : You r very late Swara u r very late

And he left …. Swara fell down on her knees and was crying

Swara : Sorry Sanskaar

Sanskaar turned behind and saw Swara and felt bad he went near her and picked her up

Swara : Sanskaar sorry

Sanskaar wipes her tears : Its OK baba I was just acting I’m sorry I didn’t trust you so sorry Shona plz maaf karo na

Swara : chalo maaf kiya ab mujhe bhi maaf kardo

Sanskaar : OK fine I love you …. Saying this he hugs Swara

Swara hugs him back

Siddharth comes over there

Siddharth comes & starts singing : Pyaar hua ikrar hua hai pyaar mai phir kyu dharadka ta hai dil

Sanskaar : Chup re …. Besura

Siddharth makes angry faces

Sanskaar : Bhai I’m sorry yaar I’m really sorry

Siddharth : Its OK yaar I know you were angry

They both hug for the first time

Swara clap

Siddharth : Y r u clapping Swara

Swara : You both hug for the first time

Sanskaar : Ohhkzz

Swara : OK I’ll join u both

The trio hug and click a photo together

*Let’s come to SOTY *

*Days passed and all the parts were getting over and students were getting eliminated from the contest and the treasure hunt finished and prom finished and the final contestant who were remaining for the final race were *

*Siddharth *
*Yuvi *
*Raghav *
*Swara *

*And the race starts first was swimming and Sanskaar reached first then Siddharth following the others and then while cycling Raghav came forward from SansSidd but soon he was behind and who were and the last race was running and Sanskaar and Siddharth were running as fast as they can and the winner was *


*Everyone cheered for him and when Swara came there she hugged him and congrats him Siddharth was not at all upset that Sanskaar won because he knew there is only 1 winner and he to hugged Sanskaar and Congrats him. Sanskaar was happy but something else was going in his mind *


Precap – Sanskaar is given the trophy but something else happens and Exams in Elite and Results day all students parents come….. Sanskaar meets Swara’s parents and Swara meets Sanskaar’s parents …

What happens when Sanskaar is given the trophy?
What will be when Swasan meet each others parents?


Guys I just want to tell u all that I’m ending SHE CHANGED ME in 2 or 3 episodes


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