She Changed Me Chapter 12,13,14


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Monica : MoniMoti …. See you don’t know with whom you are talking

Siddharth : Ya with MoniMoti who is right now trying to propose me which I’m not going to be so Bye Bye

Monica got irritated


The days were going very tough for the students because they had to study and physically make themselves fit for the competition

Background Song :- (plz don’t skip the song as it is given in the passage below what the students are doing )

Naa naa naa…
De re na naa… o o
Pressure cooker jaise sar ki baj jaye na seeti
Ratta maar Ratta maar
O Patak patak ke sar gira de
Knowledge ki deewar ratta maar
Ratta maar… Ratta maar..
Chadh jaaye jo bukhar coffee se tu utar
Ghis ghis ke bheja kar le tez dhaar
Ratta Maar…

It is shown that all students are in the class even Sanskaar Raghav Siddharth who always bunk are sitting in the class and focusing on their studies ….. Monica who doesn’t even cared for her books is now reading all chapters again and again and remembering them

O bhool ja average chadh ja tu kitabo ke pahaad
Sau baar Ratta Maar (zara zor se)
Tak pak tak pak brain ko dauda usko chabuk maar zordaar
Ratta maar (zara zor se)
Dar ke milega kya lega kya tu ukhad
Gat gat ke pee ja….
O o Ratta Maar…

It is shown that Swara , Siddharth , Aradhya , Sharvan , Rohan , Nina , Nidhi and Raghav are sitting on the lawn and Reading Books and Sanskaar from far is watching them he also feels to join them but again his ego comes in between and he is continuously looking at Swara the way her hair were flowing the way she was reading her book the way she was hitting her head in tension

At the end of day upar tere
Latki hai performance ki talwar
AIsi dariya hai Remember karle
Jo doobe wohi hota hai paar
Jo bhi aaye yahaan pe usko chance ek milti hai

It is shown that Girls are practicing Dance and boys are racing and cycling and swimming and are doing very much struggle both Boys & Girls

Har nazar ki yahaan pe socho
Ek manzil hi hai
Mauqa mile toh khona nahi
Yeh aaayga naa baar baar
Dhakka maar zara zor se
Zara dheere se…
Dhakka Maar..
Ho o…

It is the that boys are practicing Dance and Girls are Racing cycling swimming and are in tension

Ho maar le ratta ho ja (100% taiyyar)
Na chhod kasar tu koi
Chal maar le baazi maar
Hai ek hi solution teri mushqil ka yaar ratta maar
Ratta maar…


After 2 weeks on the IQ test Day

Monica goes near SwaSidd

Monica : Hi Swaraaaaa All The Best Baby to cry and loose the Game becoz only Monica is the winner

Siddharth : You plz get out Bl*dy Hell

Monica touches Siddharth’s Hair : Ohh Baby you are so hot why are you with this cheap Swara

Siddharth : Swara is not cheap the one who is Cheap is you … Trying to flirt with everyone MotiMoni …. Let’s go Swara

Swara : Let’s Go

Monica again got irritated and was fuming in anger

Monica to herself : Damn it Sanskaar is not there Siddharth is not there and Raghav already has a girlfriend What to do what about my reputation Damn

And She leaves to give her IQ test


During the IQ test

According to the seating Arrangement Sanskaar , Swara, Siddharth , Raghav, Aradhya , Monica , Kanika , Sharvan , Nina , Nidhi , Rohan were sitting in a line but very far far as the seats were not near so that they might not copy.

The IQ test went for 2 hours and everyone were doing well but Monica asked a boy and he was innocent so he showed all the answers to Monica. Sharvan while giving test was just Saying (simple easy easy pisy ) and everyone around him were just looking at him and our Punjabi boy Rohan was just saying JAI MATA DI and was putting a tick on every question. The IQ test got over.

After the test

SwaSidd and the whole grp was together

Swara : Oh god guys I’m just so tensed I wish I succeed

Just then Sanskaar came from behind and kept his hand around Siddharth’s Shoulder

Sanskaar : Of course Swara you will surely succeed as your the most intelligent in all girls

Monica : Oh really Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Yes Monica

Monica : Then let’s see what rank will Miss Swara get

Sanskaar : 1st

Monica : PJ … Leave it bye guys …. Saying this she gives a flying kiss to everyone and leave

Siddharth : Sanskaar is she stupid

Sanskaar : Dude she is mentally challenged so don’t worry

Siddharth and everyone laugh hearing this from Sanskaar.


Next Day

The IQ test result day

MD : So Good Morning

Every one : Good Morning Sir

MD : So students I have the 16 students who have passed the IQ test and when I call out their names plz stand up

MD : So the 16th Rank is

16th – Monica Khanna

15th – Kanika Thakur

14th – Yuvraj Kohli (Zain Imam)

13th – Arjun …

12th – Shanaya …

11th – Nidhi Tiwari

10th – Nina Gomes

9th – Annie …

8th – Ankit….

7th – Siddharth Rajput

6th – Raghav Oberoi

5th – Sanskaar Maheswari

4th – Aradhya Singh

3rd – Swara Roy

2nd – Sharvan Malhotra

And number 1 is

1 – Rohan Khurana


After results all were sitting in the lawn including Yuvi Sanskaar Monica and Kanika and Sharvan was jumping on Rohan

Sharvan still jumping : Bol jaldi bol tu first kese aya

Rohan : Bhai bol raha ho na bas bolo JAI MATA DI aur tick tick …..

Sharvan : Teri Toh (again started jumping ) Bol copy kiya na

Nina : Ab chod bhi do varna pata nhi kya ho jayega

Sharvan stops

Swara : Let it be guys there is 1 good thing that has happened we are are selected

Monica : Ya right Swara first time you are talking something sense able

Swara : Ya becoz first time your ears are clean and you can hear clearly Dumbo

Monica got embarrassed and irritated

Sanskaar : Chalo Guys we need to make our self’s ready for the camp its going to be difficult

Siddharth : Ya so let’s go and do packing

All leave for their room and do packing for tomorrow


Precap – The Jungle Camp and Siddharth started feeling for Swara . Swasan get closer in Camp


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Here is Part 13 of my FF SHE CHANGED ME.




Sanskaar : Chalo Guys we need to make our self’s ready for the camp its going to be difficult

Siddharth : Ya so let’s go and do packing

All leave for their room and do packing for tomorrow


Next Day (camp Day)

All students were present near the bus wearing all sporty things

Coach : So students this camp is to see how strong you all are so are you all ready

All 16 students : Yes Sir

Coach : So let’s go inside the bus

All students went inside the bus Arahav were sitting together Sanskaar wanted to sit with Swara but Siddharth had already sat. Sanskaar gets upset , jealous and angry

Sanskaar in mind : Oh god I wanted to sit with Swara but she sat near the window and Siddharth near her ….. Wait I can sit near them

So he went and sat on the third seat
Sanskaar : Hi guys

Swara ignored

Siddharth : Hi

And the bus started

Sanskaar and Siddharth were joking all the time and Swara got irritated so she putted her earphones and started listing to songs SansSidd (Sanskaar & Siddharth ) saw this and made a plan to irritated her. Siddharth was sitting near Swara so he removed the earphones and putted in his ear

Swara : Siddharth what is this

Siddharth : Nothing

Swara : Why did you take my earphones ha you have yours na

Siddharth : Ya but I liked yours

Siddharth removed another earphone from her ear and putted in Sanskaar’s ears

Swara : Even you don’t have yours

Sanskaar nodded saying No

Swara : OK you both listen

Swara started eating and Siddharth asked for a bite and Swara made him eat with her hand Sanskaar also asked so Swara gave him the whole tiffin box but Sanskaar asked for a bite so she said to Siddharth to make Sanskaar eat but Siddharth said no so Swara didn’t wanted that anybody has asked her and she is not giving to that so she made Sanskaar with her own spoon and Sanskaar became very happy Siddharth saw this and just smiled. (Guys let me confirm you all that Swara was eating Pasta).

After some time Swara was yawning not only Swara but everyone were yawning and asked sir

Raghav : Sir when will we reach

Coach : In 2 hours

Raghav : Freak

Arahav slept putting their head on each other and the trio that is (Swara Siddharth Sanskaar ) Swara slept on the seat only but Sanskaar and Siddharth slept on each other putting their head on each others head. Actually the whole bus slept.


After 2 hours they reach the spot

Coach : So students here will be the camp today as you all look very tired so today no activities now build your tents and fresh yourself and come for dinner ok

Students : OK sir

All students get fresh up and have their dinner and put a born fire. All students went to sleep but Swara was near the river she was lying there looking stars up in the sky and the big moon. Just then Sanskaar sees her and comes near her and lyes near her and as he lyes Swara feels something and she holds Sanskaar hands

Swara : Sanskaar look this place is so quiet so pure so beautiful I wish I could stay here away from the place of Cheating Ignorance

Sanskaar : Swara I want to tell you something

Swara : Hmmm tell

Sanskaar : Swara I know you don’t want to talk to me I know you just want to be far away from me but I can’t bare this anymore Swara I can’t plz plz forgive me (saying this he sits and kneels down and joins his hand) I can’t bare your ignorance Swara I can’t …. Saying this tears roll down his eyes

Swara wipes Sanskaar’s tears : Sanskaar I have come out of that incident and it was very difficult for me so I don’t want that to happen I can’t trust you again I really can’t so please leave me and let me focus on SOTY plz Sanskaar

Swara again lyes down and Sanskaar gets angry and lyes up of Swara …… Swara is shocked

Swara pushes Sanskaar : Sanskaar move What r u doing move away Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Swara can’t you see my love in my eyes can’t you see it huh

Swara moves her head to the right side : No I can see only fun time pass and nothing else

Sanskaar touches her cheeks and make her face him : Swara you know I was so desperate to talk to you I know I’ve done wrong but I can’t see you ignoring me I can’t see you with someone else Swara I can’t plz forgive me plz ….. Saying this he cries more

Swara : Sanskaar I have managed myself with very difficulty I can’t break again

Sanskaar cups Swara face : Swara I won’t let you break again I promise

Swara : Please don’t make promises which you can’t keep plz Sanskaar

She pushes Sanskaar and gets up and was going when Sanskaar hugged her from behind

Swara : Sanskaar plz leave me if anybody sees us then

Sanskaar : Swara today you can’t go you can’t today I will not let you go

She pushes him and again trys to leave but Sanskaar holds her by waist tightly and kisses her on her lips and keeps kissing her Swara trys her best to get out of his grip but fails and Sanskaar is not ready to leave her … After some time Swara fails in all attempts so she starts responding him. They kiss was so passionate. All anger love everything was seen in their kiss.


Background Song :-

Main toh bas teri chahat mein
Chahoon rehna sada
Main toh bas teri qurbat mein
Chahoon rehna sada
Saaya bhi tera main hone naa doon juda
Maine tay kar liya

Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe
Bas haq hai ik mera
Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe
Bas haq hai ik mera
Bas haq hai ik mera
Bas haq hai ik mera

Yaadon mein tujhko rakhun
Baatein bhi teri karoon
Itna deewana hoon tera
Ho ho raaton mein jaaga karoon
Din bhar bhatakta rahoon
Main toh yahaan se bas wahaan

Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe
Bas haq hai ik mera
Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe
Bas haq hai ik mera
Bas haq hai ik mera
Bas haq hai ik mera

Main toh bas teri chahat mein
Chahoon rehna sada
Main toh bas teri qurbat mein
Chahoon rehna sada
Saaya bhi tera main hone naa doon juda
Maine tay kar liya


They broke their kiss due to lack of oxygen and were breathing heavily and were looking in each others eyes they eyelock was very passionate Sanskaar’s hands were around Swara’s waist and Swara’s hands were around Sanskaar’s neck

Sanskaar : Swara

Swara : Hmmm

Sanskaar : I love you Swara I can’t live without you I can love you all my life I just want you and nothing else only you Swara only you know Swara

Swara : What?

Sanskaar : I know that I broke your heart I have given you much pain but I just wanted to tell that the way you cared for me The way you loved me Swara was like the best thing that ever happened with me YOU CHANGED ME Swara you changed me from a careless useless unloved boy to a caring loved boy I love you Swara I love you plz don’t leave me….. Saying this he hugged her

Swara had tears in her eyes She was so overwhelmed with whatever he said She couldn’t believe that Sanskaar has changed so much she didn’t understand and hugged him back

Sanskaar : I love you Swara

Swara : I love you too Sanskaar I love you

Sanskaar couldn’t believe what he heard and broke the hug with a wide smile on her face

Sanskaar : What did you say

Swara : I love you

Sanskaar : Say again

Swara : I love you

Sanskaar : Again

Swara : I love you

Sanskaar : Again

Swara : Enough … She started leaving

Sanskaar pulled her and gave a back hug

Sanskaar : Just 1 more time I won’t say again then

Swara : I …

Sanskaar : I…..

Swara : I…

Sanskaar : I..

Swara : I am feeling sleepy Sanskaar bye good night

And she left

Sanskaar : Swara not fair

Swara from far away shouts : Sanskaar

Sanskaar looks at her

Swara makes figures with her hand

? ? ?

Sanskaar smiled and gave her a flying kiss Swara gives him back a flying kiss and went to sleep.


In Siddharth’s Tent

Siddharth is thinking about Swara the way she talks the way she laughs the way SwaSidd give HiFi to each other and everything

Siddharth to himself : Am I in love with Swara do I really love her or this is just a crush I don’t yaar but Swara has something which is driving me crazy Oh God ! Do I really love her

He thinks for sometime and sleeps


Precap – First Day of Camp all students have to face many problems ….. Swasan Romance….. Siddharth comes to know about Swasan patch up …. What will be Siddharth’s reaction

To know more keep reading SHE CHANGED ME.


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In Siddharth’s Tent

Siddharth is thinking about Swara the way she talks the way she laughs the way SwaSidd give HiFi to each other and everything

Siddharth to himself : Am I in love with Swara do I really love her or this is just a crush I don’t yaar but Swara has something which is driving me crazy Oh God ! Do I really love her

He thinks for sometime and sleeps


In the Morning

Everyone get up and Siddharth comes out of his tent the first thing he saw was Swara he goes towards her

Siddharth : Good Morning Swara

Swara : Good Morning Sidd finally you got up

Siddharth : Yaa … Siddharth notices that Swara was smiling

Siddharth : Swara y r u so happy today

Swara : just like that

Siddharth : OK …. He feels something is fishy


The whole day students were doing different activities and many tasks they did boating they did mountain climbing they did racing they were wet in mud and when they were coming back they were not even able to walk they were just so weak they somehow managed to take a bath and make themselves fresh they had their dinner and everyone went to sleep but Swara again went near the river and was standing there looking at the stars and the moon and then Sanskaar came there and hugged Swara from behind

Sanskaar keeps his chin on Swara’s shoulder

Sanskaar : You are so tired and you didn’t sleep

Swara : Just wanted some tiredness so came here

Sanskaar : I’ve an easy way to reduce tiredness

Swara : What?

Sanskaar starts kissing her neck and making her shiver

Swara : Sanskaar what are you doing

Sanskaar doesn’t replies he keeps kissing

Swara pushes him

Sanskaar : Arey

Swara : Kya Arey

He again comes near Swara and kisses her forehead Swara smiles and they start talking

When Sanskaar was kissing Swara on her forehead Siddharth saw them He was shocked he had tears in his eyes he couldn’t believe what he saw he ran inside his tent

Siddharth to himself : Swara Sanskaar … Yeh … Yeh… Yeh Maine kya dekha …. No this …. This can’t be They both again together …. He feel on the ground and cried out and said I LOVE YOU SWARA I LOVE YOU I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU I will make you mine at any cost and I know you love me and I to love you I know Sanskaar is forcing you to love him but you’ll be mine only mine

(There was someone who recorded this all).

For a minute he thought to make Swara his but he thought for a while and changed his mind

Siddharth : No Siddharth you can’t do this she loves him and he loves her I can’t come between them they both are meant to be together you can’t come between …. Saying this he smiled but tears were still flowing down his eyes and with teary eyes he slept


Next Morning

Swara came to talk to Siddharth but he ignored her the whole day Siddharth ignored Swara because he didn’t wanted Swara to know that He loves her and the whole camp he ignored her and on the last day Swara couldn’t control and she went to Siddharth

Swara shouts : Siddharth

Siddharth was shocked but he ignored

Swara came closer and shouted in Siddharth’s ears : SIDDHARTH!!!

Siddharth : Y r u shouting

Swara : Y r u shouting … Siddharth you are ignoring me the whole camp what happen Siddharth tell me

Siddharth : I’m not ignoring you… You are not talking to me

Swara : What? I’m trying to talk to you from so many days and you are saying I’m not talking to you Siddharth tell na what happen

Siddharth : Swara I’m angry with you

Swara : WHY?

Siddharth : Such important thing you didn’t share with me

Swara : What important thing

Siddharth : That …. That …. You and Sanskaar have patched up

Swara hits her head : Oh that I was coming to tell you but you ignored

Siddharth : Sorry

Swara : I’m also Sorry

They both laughed and Sanskaar saw this and became angry and Monica saw him.


All students sat in the bus and left for College and reached college and as they reached the principal appreciated them for so hard work and all went to their hostel and slept and next day all came to college and everything was fine between everyone and all was OK but 1 day Sanskaar got a call from and unknown number

Sanskaar : Hello!

Unknown person : Swara Roy is making you a fool She doesn’t loves you she loves Siddharth

Sanskaar hearing Siddharth’s name got a shock : Who the hell are you to tell this who are you you are blaming my Swara

UP : Don’t trust me just wait

The UP sends Sanskaar some pictures of SwaSidd in which they were laughing and in one picture Swara was falling down and Siddharth was catching her and the UP person also sent the recording in which Siddharth was telling he’ll make Swara his and he’ll take revenge from Sanskaar. The UP again called Sanskaar

UP : Now did you see

Sanskaar : Who r u

Till then the call got disconnected

Sanskaar was full in anger and ran to meet Swara and when he saw Swara. Swara was with Siddharth and she was laughing and even Siddharth was laughing. Sanskaar was full in anger and he went near them

Sanskaar came near Swara

Swara : Arey Sanskaar come sit with us

Sanskaar full in anger : Why should I disturb you lovebirds ha why

Swara : Sanskaar

Sanskaar : What Sanskaar Swara What

Swara : Lovebirds what r u talking about

Sanskaar : That you and Siddharth are dating

SwaSidd are shocked

Sanskaar catched Swara’s arms tightly

Sanskaar : Answer me Swara what’s going on r u double dating

Siddharth : Dude list-

Sanskaar : Don’t you dare come between us Damn it

Sanskaar : So Miss Swara Roy answer me

Swara : Sanskaar let’s talk about it why r u blaming me like this

Sanskaar left her : I’m blaming you wait

Sanskaar showed SwaSidd their pictures and SwaSidd are shocked and he even showed what Siddharth was telling that he loves Swara

Swara : Sanskaar trust me nothing is like that

Sanskaar : That only Swara I trusted you I shouldn’t have trusted you

Swara cries : Trust me once [she holds Sanskaar hand]

Sanskaar jerks his hand : Stay far from me Swara stay far I hate you I hate you

And he leaves

Swara : Sanskaar …. She falls on her knees

Siddharth picks her up

Swara : Siddharth you really love me

Siddharth : Ya Swara I do and I accept that I said all things but I didn’t take any revenge because I knew you Sanskaar and I didn’t do anything do u trust me

Swara : Yes Siddharth I do trust u

Siddharth felt relief

Swara : Sidd but we need to find who’s is behind this all

Siddharth : Ya Swara I’ll help you


Precap – SwaSidd find proofs and are not at all shocked to know who has done it …….

Who was the one ?
Was it Siddharth only or someone else?
Will Sanskaar forgive Swara?

To know the truth keep reading SHE CHANGED ME


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