She changed me chapter 1


{Guys in my ff Elite College is in Shimla}

Part – 1


A girl wearing a beautiful blue color Salwar Kurta is running in the street with a paper in her hand. She has got a smile on her face which is making her more beautiful. While running she bumped into a small boy

Girl : Sorry Chinto

Chinto : Aree Swara Di kaha bhag rhi ho woh bhi itni tezz

[Yes She was Swara who was running with the scholarship in her hand. Her dream in her hand]

Swara : Chinto aaj mera sapna pura ho gaye hai Mujhe Elite mai admission mil gaye hai I’m so so so Happy

By saying this she again starts running and reached home and as she reached she shouted

Swara : Ma Papa Sumedh jaldi aao

All came running

Sushmeeta her mother : kya hua beta itna pasina(sweat) kyu araha hai

Swara : (stammers) Ma… Vo…. Vo…Vo …… Mujhe Elite mai admission mil gaya {she said this with a big smile on her face}

Her mom had tears her eyes her dad was very happy as well as her bro

Siddhant her dad : aree wah beta ab meri beti Elite mai phadegi I’m so happy……. Toh elite ke liye bohot shopping bhi karni hogi na hai na

Swara : Ji papa

Siddhant : Toh aj hum shopping pe jayenge and today no limits do how much u want to do

Swara : Thank u papa I love You

Siddhant : I love you 2 beta

Sumedh : toh final aaj hum shopping jayenge shopping is so boring yaar can’t we go for a movie

Siddhant : no becoz ur sister is going to Elite

Sumedh : Oh wow … But Di I’ll miss you

Swara : I’ll miss you 2 …… [They hug and everyone hug]


Scene 2 in Elite

2 boys are running with their girlfriends in library and they go behind the bookself

Boy : Today I won’t leave you

Girl : come on it’s school we have to go to class if anyone sees us then

The boys starts kissing her neck

Girl : Sanskaar ……. Sanskaar leave me we have to go

Yes the boy is Sanskaar and the girl is Monica his latest girlfriend

Sanskaar : OK I’ll leave you but only at one condition

Monica : what condition

Points Towards his lips

Monica : OK got it

Monica leans to kiss him and finally their kiss

Same is going on with Raghav and Kanika

Kanika : Baby I love you kisses him on his lips

Raghav : OMG! What a kiss

Kanika blushes just then Raghav shouts to Sanskaar

Raghav : Bhai chale kya warna class ko bunk karna padega chal jaldi aaj iss semester ka first day hai come on dude

Sanskaar : coming dude

And the four of them run Raghav and Sanskaar have a habbit to race when ever or where ever they run and Sometimes Sanskaar wins toh some times Raghav but this time Sanskaar reaches the class first

Sanskaar breathing heavily : Bhai aaj toh mai jita

Raghav : Better bad luck next time dude

Sanskaar : OK dekhte hai

They went and sat on their benches and the first period started and ended like that only.


Scene 3 at Aradhya’s house

She tells the news to everyone that she is going to Elite as she has also got the Scholarship. In her house everyone become very happy and they to go for shopping.


In shopping mall Swara buys everything what she needs for her as now she is going to Elite hers fathers gives her no limits but she knows that her father is not that capable so she buys everything she needs without making her dad upset. [If any 1 didn’t understand this they can read the intro so they will]. She buys her books , school uniform , shoes, new bag, new clothes for hostel and everything wht she needs and now she is perfectly ready. To go to Elite.

At the bill counter SwAradhya meets

Swara : Hii Aradhya

Aradhya : Hii Swara

Swara : Aradhya I want to tell u 1 thing that I got the scholarship for Elite and now I’m going to Elite

Aradhya : Wow Swara even I got it means we both r going

Swara : Oh wow! Till now we just knew each other but now we should become friends right

Aradhya : Right

They both shake hand and hug

Siddhant : come on Swara we r getting late u have to do packing also

Swara : Yes Dad…. Dad I got a new friend her name is Aradhya she is also going to Elite and it’s her first day in Elite tomorrow

Siddhant : Good….. Now let’s do fast

Swara and Aradhya both go back home and pack their bags to go to Elite.


Precap :- Swara and Aradhya’s first day in Elite and they have to face SansRag and SanRag get a slap from SwAradhya on their first day.

So guys here is my the first part of my new ff SHE CHANGED ME hope you all like the track and guys the roles

Roop Durgapal as Kanika

Adaa Khan as Monica

I know u all suggested me Nikita Sharma but I bored with it so I choose Adaa Khan ARE YOU ALL HAPPY WITH IT?

Credit to: Ayushi

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