for a change (swaragini) not an episode

Hii darlings tnk u for ur support .it was my son actually I don’t know how to set a profile picture soo I kept it there ha ha ha tought diff naa.darlings in last promo 1),2)are not options but iam telling both will happen .some tragedy nd sakshi truth .actually I hate tragedy stories but iam trying it for the first time as it was in title FOR A CHANGE .actually in this f I just want to show a chane in every ones mind set

1):first I want to show every person in jail were not culprits (I think I have shown it)
2):secondly that parents have to trust their children nd they should change their mind by giving some imp to their children’s individuality nd their decisions
3):third is love is not of expectations its of hope which will give strength to every person till their end (I showed it in janakis love )

Now I want to show some other changes that I think that should come in our society .don’t know u got all these points or not thats y I just want to give some breaf skech about my toughts .

Actually I want to confess one thing today it will be silly to listen
Actually I started the ff with some other tought but don’t know where it reached really its so funny
Nd one more thing I selected the name of this ff as my previous 2ffs are movie concepts so I want some change in my mind to boost me to write an ff of my own so I kept this name for mee but to make the tittle apt for the story I changed my fill story for this .I felt sad first for changing my concept which I want to write but feeling happy that u all r liking it

Sorry for this waste talk but by saying this my mind feells fresh nd I can think more to impreve my story
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani


  1. Aastha

    nice talk akka. naku telusu meru ee speech ichinaduki 1st reason ur son pic am i right. if i hurt u sry. ur son looking soooo cuteeee. my nephew also looks like him. what is ur sons age? my nephew’s age is 3n1/2

  2. ur son is so cute di and I accept all the points u said even I l think of those things when I am free I l always think that in our world there are parents who fully trust their children and there are some parents who doesn’t trust them…..we have same thoughts!!!!but my mama and papa has a lot of trust so that I m really blessed and I hope I never break their trust in anyways….and this is not waste talk di this is really NYC… miss u di waiting for ur ff

  3. rags

    akka mi babu chala cute ga unadu and naku miru radham anukunna story telidhu gani i story ayithe matram chala baga nachindhiii and a 2 mvie ff’s kudha chala baghunayi you are an awsome writer akka and nuvvu chupinchalani anukunna 3 points superrr akka

  4. Amna

    I mst say di ur son is very cute and by seeing him l cld say that u mst also be cute nd beautiful.

  5. mee babu chala bagunadu pavani chiti tandri chala cute unadu disti tagulutadi bujji gadiki disti tiseyi i lv ur all ffs i am a silent reader

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.