for a change (swaragini) episode 9


Hii darlings

Swara marrage date arrived at the day swara seems missing rag gota doubt nd told to sanky

San:I know he only did this dont worry I will bring her

After two hours sanky brought swara
Rag nd sumi saw her nd hugged her

Shekar:thinking she ran with sanky :how shame less u r if u don’t want to marry u would have told that first only y u doo this

Swara:noo papa I didn’t done any thing
Dadi:just shut up nd I should have known this when he came to ask that he want to marry u
Sanky:u have mistaken her aunty I loved her she never loved mee

Rag was heart broken

Shekar nd dadi were not ready to listen them
Sanky:plzz don’t blame her I can’t see her like this nd ya I love her if u don’t trust her then ok I will make ur doubt true he took sindoor nd filled her mang nd took mangalsutra nd tied to her

Every one were shocked
Fb ends
Laksh:saw rag crying as that is heart broken situation for her he felt bad nd consoled her

Puu:then what is all this?
Rag:iam also confused
Laksh:our doubt will bee cleared by talking to sanky tomorrow .

Puu:will u tell in ur house
Rag:noo now only they were angry that he married her with out there will nd stopped talking nd bothering abt them.if they come to know about dii s dead news they will never forgive him.I will tell them after knowing the real truth.then they may excuse him

Laksh was impressed :ok then we will meet him tomorrow

all were waiting for sanky to talk

Rag:tell sanky

Sanky:I know her before I met u
One day sanky was crossing road saw a girl tying bandage for a girl in footpath he was mesmerised with her beauty (love at first sight).he followed her and came to know that she is medical student

He went to meet her
Girl:wes whats ur problem
Sanky:I mean ur name
Sanky:I love u miss swara
Swara shocked what the … u just leave
Sanky:noo hurry u take ur own time Nd he left swara was impressed for his frankness

Daily hee used to impress her nd after helping hher from the guy she started liking him .they became more close nd swara started feeling from him but was stopped because she is sanky understand her nd went to talk with shekar but hee rejected as he is an orphan .nd then he didn’t met her the day of marrage rag called him he searched her nd found her she is kidnaped by the samee guy nd he fought with themm nd saved her nd then marrage happened unknowingly .

After they lead a happy life .they shifted to mumbai
One day sanky gets a call
Swara:sanskar… . Sanskarr…..(swara shouting his name nd not talking)
Sanky was worried nd went homee nd saw swara was with pool of blood

Sanky went near her nd some one hitted him on his head he became unconsious nd when he opened the eyes he saw police arresting him
Fb ends

Every one were shocked
Lakksh:y u didn’t told about it to judge

Sanky:wt is the use when my swara was not there with mee .I was hopeless

Rag:gave a tight slap to sanky

Episode ends
Screen freezes with shocking faces of sanky,puu nd laksh

Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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    some flashes of nag movie

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  6. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh poor Ragini she loved Sanskar 🙁 Like your story a lot

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    1. Tnk u but iam sorry I really dont know where will be previous links

  8. Superb dear and very interesting

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