for a change (swaragini) episode 8


Hii darlings iam trying to post from morning but don’t know y this page is not opened ok I want to clear u all about pairs as I have decided that but want to keep it suspence but as all swasan ragsan raglak fans are reding they will hope for their fans nd will scold me afterwards that I played with their emotions so I will clear ur doubts its swasan nd raglak ff sorry for ragsan fans iam also ragsan fan u all know it but according to story they suit for these charecters ok

Rag:y r u hear?where is diii?.

Sanky:was silent he released the hug

Jailer:miss rag ur time is completed u should goo noww

Rag:plzzz sir give mee some more time

Laksh:dont worry rag we will come tomorrow nd talk with him

Rag:sanky I will come tomorrow plzz bee strong

She left laksh was consoling her

At a coffee shop
Puu:u know him ?who is hee?

Rag:he is jiju

Laksh:what?soo he killed us sis?

Rag:what nonsense are u talking(with an anger)

Laksh:a murder case is filed on him.nd murdered person iss his wife

Rag:was hell.shocked.she hold lakshs colar nd said how dare u to say that my sis is dead

Puu:hold rag nd said relax rag control ur self first listen to him

Laksh:I can understand ur situation but it is true that he is culprit of your sisters murder think he will doo this

Rag:noo he can’t doo this he loves my sister very much .I trust him

Laksh:may be he acted before u
Rag:noo he is very nice from.heart
Laksh:how can u say that
Rag:becausee I loved him nd I knoww very well about him

Laksh nd puu were shocked .

Laksh:can u tell us some details about him nd how is the bonding btwn him nd ur sister

Rag was studying her gernalism course she went to some politition function as her assainment to cover the function.

Rag in phone with her friend
Rag:wr the hell r u stupid I have been waiting for u nd camera is with u the guests will come in any min if u will not reach hear before them I will not leave u
Frnd:I was stuck in traffic yar I will.try my hard to come fast

Rag:was frustrated she is hitting the vehicle with her leg many time

Voice:miss can’t u see its a police van give some respect to us

Rag:turned back nd was mesmerised to,see him

Voice:bee care ful u r a girl thats y iam silent other wise I will not leave u dont repeat it next time.

Rag:ohh hello who r u to tell mee haa .its none of ur bussiness Nd I will do what I want to doo ok .nd she kicked the police zeep once again

Sanky:how dare u he hold her neck

Rag:help help help ..

People gathered around them
Rag:see sir he is looking soo innocent nd see him how is he behaving with girls

All came near to beat sanky a conistable came nd saw whats happening nd stoped them

Conistable:what r u doing .u know who he is he is the new asp hear
Fb ends

Laksh nd purab:what???
Rag:yaa he is asp sanskar singhania
Fb continous
Rag(in mind):now u r dead lets escape from hear nd she is about to run sanky stopped her

Sanky:now tell mee miss did I have rights to say u

Rag:he he he (a funny smile) voo actually iam sorry sir I was little frustrated thats y

Sanky:ok don’t repeat it

Rag:(iin mind)he is doing this much overaction reacting as if I beat him not the van .nd gave a fake smile

Sanky left from there nd rags friend came nd she completed her assignment nd reached home

Rag in her room :dii u know what today I met a boy u know what he is soo hot

Swara:she was not listening to rags she was in a dilama

Rag:dii wr r u lost

Swara:came to senses ohhh sry tell mee what r u saying

Rag:dii is there any problem

Rag:don’t lie dii tell mee what happened.
Swara:every one in our class came to know about my engage ment
Swara:I told u naa one senior is following mee from many days he gave mee wwarning that he will kill the person who marries mee
Rag:how dare he iss tell me his details I will show him the hell from tomorrow
Swara:I know u will doo like this only thats y I didnt told u till now .he is very dangerous he will harm u
Rag:till when u will run from him dii u should face him any day so y not today .ok we will tell to dad he will handle

Swara:noo if he comes to know he will stop,my studies

Rag:ok leave it to mee I know a person who will handle it

Rag next day went to sanky nd explained the.situation nd sanky helped her

Sanky warned him to not to interfear in her life again

Swara and rag came to tell thanks to sanky

Rag:sir tnk u very much u solved our problem with giving any written complaint nd my sister came to thank u

Swara:with out seeing the face tnk u sir nd she raised the person to see the face nd was shocked


Rag:u know him dii ..

Sanky:ya we know each other very well

Swara:ya he is one of my patient(swara completed her mbbs nd is in a training )

(There is more than it but our bechari rag dont know it)

Days they 3became friends nd rag started feeling for sanky .rag first told it to sumi (as swara is love heater she hate love nd all).
Sumi:who is the guy
Rag:told about sanky
Sumi:do I talk to papa
Rag:noo I will tell after diis marriage
Sumi:I told to forget u .yesterday a boy came nd talked to dad .
Rag:for what maa
Sumi:he want to marry swara
Rag(in mind):may bee that,basterd came again .dad say no only naa
Swara:what r the secret discussions
Sumi nd rag at a time.:about ur marriage
Swara:face became sad
Sumi:ohoo now u r crying .don’t want to leave us aaa
Swara:gave a fake smile nd gave a group hug
Screen freezes at rag sumi nd swa faces .

Recap:swasan marriage

Credit to: pavani

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