for a change (swaragini) episode 7


Hii darlings iam really sorry that I bothered about comments but it matters to any writer till now I don’t know that my ff have silent readers too ha ha ha but now I came to know that nd now iam satisfied.nd I wil not force u to comment ok nd one more thing I will not stop my ffs in middlee soo dont think I will end if I don’t get comments I wil not leave any work incompltee .nd one more thing after 15th I may become irregular sorry guys but I wil try my hard to post as iam going to andhra to my parents home soo plzz don’t mind then I will continue this if I don’t complete it before 15

Rag:hii aunty

Janaki::rag u hear y u came again

Rag:what to doo due to my nasty boss .iam help less came hear to take ur help

Janaki:my helpp???how can… I help u…?

Rag:plzz I want an interview from ur son

Janaki:ohh thats the matter but I can’t help u

Janaki:in one condition
Rag:ok for any condition
Janaki:with out listening to my condition u agreed
Rag:ha I trust u
Janaki:ok marry my son
Rag was hell shocked :what?????
Janaki:gave an hifii with purab nd gave a broad smile I was kidding .

Rag:gave an angry look to both puu nd janaki

Janaki:ok the condition is u should call me maa not aunty ok

Rag:with a relaxed tone y not.
Laksh was coming towards janaki .rag nd puu faces were not vissable to laksh

Janaki:saw laksh loo my son was coming u are lucky I will convense him

Laksh came near to them rag turned back to see who is hee both were shocked

Rag:hee is ur son

Jan:yaa u know him ??
Rag: nooo

Laksh:who is she mom
Janaki:I told u na about a girl yesterday she is the girl nd her name is rag .nd he is purab

Laksh gave shakehand to pu nd then to rag

Janaki:they want ur interview plz give it naa

Laksh:mom u know I hate all these

Janaki: for mee
Laksh:I wil do anything for u but this is not our matter its someones matter so I don’t bother

Jailer:hee came to his cell laksh lets meet him


Jailer:the new boy who came a week before he is not talking to any one

Laksh:mamu I want his ful details

Jailer:it will be difficut it is a mumbai case he was shifted to this jail nd more over I think some one big were involved in this matter

Rag:I can help u to gather information


Rag:as a reporter I have soo many contacts nd we have a branch in mumbai too.

Laksh:ok lets goo nd see him
Rag:y soo hurry I have a condition
Lucky:now what
Rag:interview ??
Lucky:tought for a while nd said ok

They went
Sanky back is shown

Laksh:plzz once try to talk to mee I wil help u to come out from this case

Sanky didn’t respond

Rag::-)see with out your coopiration we may not help u

Sanky:by listening to voicee turned back by saying ragini

Rag was shocked to see him hear
Laksh was shocked as how he recognized by her voice
Sanky was shocked to see rag

Sanky came running towards her after seeing her nd hugged her rgini too reciprogated

Laksh was hell shocked

Screen freezes with rag nd sanky crying faces nd shocking faces of lak nd purab

Recap:about past

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Pav di…is this ragsan or swasan ff?

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