for a change (swaragini) episode 6


Hii darlings tnk u for ur comments but little didsapointed as from last 3 up dates iam getting very less comments .actually iam thinking that iam not creating any interest in u guys but noo prblem I will not stop my ff in middle anyways nd really tnk u for my darlings who r commenting regularly .

Laksh:what the hell can’t u see

Rag:iam really sorry it happened mistakenly

Laksh:u should bee care ful while doing those things

Rag: ignored him nd hold pu hand nd draged him to parking clot

Puu:y r u dragging mee

Rag:other wise he will start his lesson .

Puu:its ur mistake naa soo listen

Rag:don’t over act actually it was because of u now tell mee u r loving bulbul .duffer how can u think like that will she accept u

Puu:if u don’t support ok keep ur mouth shut but don’t discourage yarr

Rag:ok tell whats nxt

Puu:help mee u are her friend naa

Rag:ok…. but what formee .nd y should I spoil my marrage in a naughty tone

Puu:foulded his hands nd said ok maree maa I will do what ever u want



Rag:ok then help me in gathering information about that guy

Puu:which guy

Rag:janaki auntys son

Pu:ok .but u should help mee too

Rag:don’t fear when ragini hear

Rag thinking

After talking with swaras photo rag was about to sleep her phone rings it was bulbuls no

Rag lifted the call

Rag:haa bolo na bulbul y u called at this time (rag nd bulbul were college friends)

Bulbul:actually I listened that u r getting engaged

Rag:haa u know him my daffu puu

Bulbul:ohh u love him

Rag:I like him he is a good guy

Buu:hee loves u

Rag:ha ha ha hee nd that too love he is after how to break this marrage

Bulbul:do he loves any one

Rag:ok tell mee u when u started loving him

Bulbul:shocked ??how do u know nd who told u

Rag:ha ha ha devilishly laughed I throughed a stone nd it stick right


Rag:u were asking about him so I guessed it nd its truee.woww its a good news nd for mee too I can be escaped from this marrage

Bu:ok then as u came to know plzz help me na

Rag:leave it to mee nd dont fear when rag is hear
Fb ends (she have doubt on puu too so she made this drama to make him confess )

Puu:common lets goo

They went to jail to meet janaki

They were about to goo they saw laksh there

Rag:y he came hear she went near to him

Laksh:stand there :thinking y she stood hear

Rag:r u following mee


Rag:see I told u sorry for that .what else u want

Laksh:dont expect much ok…stop ur nonsence .iam not following u I havework hear

Rag:really ok tell me what work u have

Laksh:y I should tell u nd its none of ur,bussiness

Puu:rag come fast naa we have soo much work
Rag left they took permission from.Jailer nd were,going to talk with janaki .laksh was about to go to janaki nd saw rag pu going that side ..

Laksh:if I goo behind them that mental will ask me again that iam following her its better I wil go nd meat that boy then I will go to mom

So he go in opp direction

Screen freezes with opp directions of rag nd laksh

Recap:rag lak came to know about each other from janaki nd rag sees sanskar

Credit to: pavani

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    1. Hmm I cant tell about pairs nd tnk u for reading my ff

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  6. wat are the pair ragsan or swasan plz if it is swasan plz change it to ragsan

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  7. Superb ……..I am sorry I didn’t comment on your previous episodes but I read it and that were amazing

  8. Don’t judge ur ff based on comments…I was a silent reader B4 aft u guys gve imp to our comments oly I started commenting…ter ill b many silent reader so don’t wry ur ff s awesome nd plz cntnu

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  12. Nice & interesting.plz give ur other ff’s names

    1. Tnk u ammy nd at present iam writing only one ff I.can’t handle 2/3ffs at a time I go by step by step nd if u want about my previous ffs then they are
      1,new ff love makes life beautiful
      2,meaning of love
      3,love from heart
      All were ragsan ffs only

  13. Awwww! So Rag-Purab’s frndship is sooo cute?Raglak plzzz?

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