for a change (swaragini) episode 5

Hii darlings back with one moree.Iam trying my hard to create some intrest in you if u like it keep supporting mee

Rag slept by holding the photo

Scene shifts to jail

Boy:y u did this to mee swara….. u know I cant live with out u then y u left meee.he is cryingg nd thinking

A boy is sleeping by covering a blanket

Girl:sanskar get up.early naa I should goo to hospital.

Boy:swara let me sleep for some more time naa (yaa the girls face is shown swara).

Nd she removes the blanket nd boys face is shown its our sanky

Sanky:swara today give leave to hospital naa

Swara:y soo is any thing special in a teasing tone

Sanky:yaa he pulled her towards him she fall on him nd he hold her waist tight nd said :yes today I want to spend my time with my wife

Swara:which wife

Sanky:what do u mean he tightened his grip

Swara:I mean ur first wife or second wife

Sanky:confusingly looking her

Swara:1st wife is ur duty nd second is mee.

Sanky:so my second wife is feeling jelous ???

Swara:y not it is my right

Nd he pulled her close nd covered the blanket
Fb ends

Sanky opened his eyes nd saw out side its morning
Scene shifts to rags house

Rag today got ready fast nd went to purabs house

Rag:namaste unclee how r u nd wr is purab

Dayal:he is getting ready .today u came early anything special

Purab came nd his mom gave tea he is drinking it nd listening their conversation

Rag:saw puu nd want to tease him so said:yes uncle voo yesterday dadi told me that our engagement date is fixed so in that exitement I woke early nd went to mandir to thank god for giving puu

Puuwho was drinking splitted the tea out nd shouted what??

Rag:haa uncle didn’t informed u about our engagement

Puu:yaa but u r really exited for our engagement

Rag:yaa u are not exited ?she made a sad face nd tirned towards dayal

Dayal:he is happy too but was shying thats it

Rag:ok uncle tnk u nd we will leave now
She took blesings from all nd left

On the way to office
Puu:what nonsense r u talking rag

Rag:its not nonsense iam happy

Puu:stopped the bike nd said get down
He parked the bike nd tell her to follow him .they went inside the coffee shop

Puu:now tell whats the matter

Rag:nothing I want to move on.nd give u a chance in my life

Puu:but I can’t

Rag:why?? U dont like mee

Puu:matter is he was frustrated nd said I love some one

Rag:shocked what????

Puu:yaa I want to tell u from many days but …he stopped as a tight slap is got on his cheek

Rag:u love some one nd u didn’t told mee till now I have been trying hard to stop oir marrage then also u didn’t told mee

Puu:sorry I too want to tell but my love is one side naa

Rag:what ??who will not accept u who is that girl rag was abou to drink waterr

Puu:bulbul daughter of rajnath goenka

Rag:splitted the whole water on the person sitting next to their table

The boy turned back to scold her his face is shown as laksh

Screen freezes on shocking face of rag nd frustrated face of laksh nd sad face of puu

Recap:not decided

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  1. nice ……laksh will kill rags for sure……

    1. Ha ha ha lets see

    1. Tnk u sindu dear

  2. Awesome di kya Swara Mar gayi?

    1. Hmm may bee nd tnk u for comment

  3. That means swara is dead????
    No…..please don’t separate swasan
    I’m waiting the nok jok of raglak

    1. U will see tha for sure nd thnk u for commentng

  4. awsm….cant wait for next part…..

    1. Tnk u I uploaded it it will bee soon

  5. Awesome yaar swasan scenes…..keep more swasan scenes yaar….

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    1. Tnk u lovely darling

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