for a change (swaragini) episode 4


Hii darlings thank u for ur wonderful comments nd thk u for silent readers too if have .this time I dont want to say about pairs not to gain many readers attension but I want all to focus on story nd from that will come to know who suits more .sorry talked too much

Laksh saw the boy in the jail

Jailer:he came1week before but from then he didni talk to any one

Laksh:what is the case

Jailer:he killed his wife .

Laksh:what then he should be hanged

Jailer:I know y u reacting like this but from one week iam seeing him but I dont think he have done it

Laksh:y do u think soo

Jailer:from these many years seeing all type of prisoners but he is diff .his face shows that he have lost every thing nd he has no hope to live

Laksh:so u think some one traped him

Jailer:may be but any thing will be happen only if he speaks but I listened that from the day of death of his wife he never speaked to any one

Laksh:intresting …. I will try to handle him
.ok mamu I wil leave now I have to goo there is a judgement today

Jailer:ok bye nd I know there is no need to tell all the best for u

At court .
Laksh came late to the court nd disrespected judge

Judge :what is this laksh firstly u came late nd secondly u disrespecting court rules so u will be suspended for month

Laksh:thank u my load nd sory for my behaviour I did this to make u see the truth
.u know mee from 5years nd u all know how puntual iam then also u misunderstand mee nd u gave mee punishment then how can u make ur judgement by listening to the person who knows him from only 6months it mat b his misunderstang only that he has been cheating by thefting his money .when he saw my claint was near his locker he didn’t see that hee only took that money but the truth is when my claint reached there he saw locker open nd kees fal down he took the kees to see at the same time woner came nd misunderstand him .so this case is just about misunderstanding .thank u

Judge:by listening to both the court have decide that the client of laksh is revealed he is not the real theaf .nd police should find the real culprit

Every one congratulated laksh (laksh was very famous lawyer he mainly solve the criminal cases nd he also help the poor people also if they cannot effort for lawyers )

Scene shifts to rags home
Dadi:pandit told that next saturday is good for engagement

Shekar:ohh its great time is very less we should complete lots of work .

Rag who arrived just then listened it nd went into her room with a sad face

Sumi saw this nd went to her room

Sumi:how was the day
Rag:every one were selfish maa no one cares about otheres
Sumi:what happened
Rag:she told what rag said
Sumi:leave it k what u want to eat
Rag:mom I dont want to doo this marrage

Sumi:u don’t want this mar rage or u don’t want to marry anyone
Rag :was numb
Sumi:u took 2years but u didn’t forget him till now??
Rag:noo momm I forget him when he married dii .
Sumi:soo y u dont want to marry
Rag:don’t know
Sumi:because he is still there in ur corner of ur heart .plzz rag u should move on In ur life u may not spend ur whole life by remembering him u have right to live ur own life it will happen only when u forget past
Rag:he is my fist love momm it takes some time but I never thought that he should enter my life again I just treat hhim as a friend the day when he married dii

Sumi:I know ur happyness lies in ir sis happyness

Rag:tnk u maa for understanding mee nd giving mee support always

Sumi:soo u r ready for engagement

Sumi left
Rag took a photo nd was talking to it
Dii where r u .when will u come dii .Iam missing u very badly .mom will be very happy if she sees u as u know naa she loves u only more than mee .nd dad u know if he listened to any one nd dadi she also always doo what she want but every one loves u diii they were angry as they don’t know what actually happened.soo if once they see u they will definitely fogive u plzz come backk

Screen freezes
Recap:not yet decided

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Oh pavani
    That one was sanky and his wife swara

  2. It’s sanskar & his wife swara.. but ragini to loved sanskar means.thr is no use of asking the pair coz it will very confusing…

    1. Hmmm yaa thats y iam not telling the pairs nd tnk u fokr reading

      1. Dnt tell sanky killed swara…n now laksan both r ter n rag has optn to chose anyone…plsss v want swara bake swalak or swasan Nt a big deal BT swara Shd b ter plssssssssss plssssss plssssss plssssslsss

      2. Hmm will see but u will see swasan for sure

  3. Interesting..update nxt prt soon

  4. Awesome

  5. Interesting dear

  6. So sad swara is sanky’s wife…….

  7. Nyc di I think it’s sanky and his wife is Swara and ragini loved sanskar but she gave it up for Swara

    1. Hmmm half is true nd tnk u for comment

  8. Interesting………

  9. Story is really very interesting ………
    Aapki writing skill keliye. Eke hifive ……

    1. Tnk u darling its very big compliment

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