for a change (swaragini) Episode 33


Hiii darlings back with one more update nd sorry for not replying in previous updates nd haa tnk u for ur support nd haa anitha nd swathi I think asked to show more swasan scens but iam really sorry darling I already told that in my ff rag will bee main nd I used swasan for only story if I gave a wrong hope by showing them means tn really pardon mee darlings

Rag was waiting for laksh in their room nd laksh came nd about to sleep

Rag:tnk u
Rag:for trusting maa nd giving chance to papa
Laksh:I can doo any thing for maa nd haa I can’t forgive him soo easily it will take some time I aggered to this only for maa
Rag:I want to ask u one thing
Rag:y maa went to jail ??
Fb starts
After janaki nd rajs marriage janaki avoided him raj also was not intrested on her soo her too avoided but gradually raj fell in love with janakI soo hee started ating in before her that he was changed soo by seeing his change janaki also fell in love with him soo they became one

Days passed janaki became pregnant then she came to know that raj have married some other girl for money by killing her brother then janaki was broken nd left him after some days a man came to kill janaki then laksh was 6years in an anger to protect his mom laksh stabbed that man and then when janaki tried to ask him whi send him hee toldd raj… nd died .janaki came to know that this man was send by raj nd as laksh stabbed him to protect laksh she accepted that she killed him nd went to jail

Laksh:noww u tell mee how can I forgive him
Rag:yes he did wrong but y he want to kill ur momm
Laksh:don’t know
Rag:I want to tell u 1thing
Rag:I to want to give our relation one more chance
Laksh:tnk u ….. wait????? What u tolddd????? U excused mee ?
Laksh was about to hug her but she stopped him nd said

Rag:stil there is time for rommance I want some time
Laksh:but…. y.. now?
Rag:u have to gain my trust again ??
Laksh:iwil wait
Rag left from there nd went to Janaki room nd hugged janaki

Janaki:whats the matter
Rag:I want to accept laksh whole heartly
Janaki:really ….. tnk u for ur wonderful decision
Rag:ha ha ha I told him that I need time..
Janaki:y soo?????
Rag:I want to teese him .
Janaki:its not fair u can’t teese like that

Rag:y nott I have right to teese him.stupid due to him we lost some kick in our lo e story

Rag:haa I love exiting love stories but our story was planee .soo now I will enjoy my love story .I want to know how much he loves mee

Janaki:u r crazyy?
Rag:haa iam crazy in ur sons lovee nd hugged her ndd said gn8

Rag came to her room laksh already slept.rag slept on her.side of bed nd starred laksh lovinglyy hee iss soo cute nd innocent soo she control herself nd jently kissed on his lips nd slept

Laksh:good morning darling nd he gently kissed on her lips

Rag:tought that it was a dream nd said in a sleepy tone god morning

Laksh:now get up nd drink this bed coffee(by offering her a cup)

Rag was jerked from the bed
Rag:its not dream… u r really hear … nd what u didd???

Laksh:what I did
Rag:don’t act smart u know what u did nd y u did like this

Laksh:ohooo same thing if u do is then noo problem if I doo means its a sin aaa

Episode ends screen freezes with shocking face of ragini
Recap:not yet decided

Credit to: pavani

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