for a change (swaragini) Episode 32

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Voice:love only for ur son and daughter u forget mee completely

Three turned
Jankai:how can I forget my naughty
Rag:ha Maa now a days they were busy in their love life and telling us we forgetted her

Laksh:OK it’s enough stop pulling my sis leg

Voice:tnk u bhayya.and poor bhayya u r dead from now see there were two loiness in this house how can a goat live with them

Rag:bulbul ki bachiii(yes she is bulbul)

Voice:don’t leave her she became a head ache to mee now a days .and turned to laksh its ur duty to make her marriage

Laksh:has maasi
Janki:y soo hurry sakshi

Bulbul:wt r u saying Janki Maa iam old enough to marry .I to want to marry my love and leave that hell

Sakshi:has all leave mee alone there

Laksh:u too come hear Maa

Sakshi:I too want too but I promised some one that I will change them

Laksh:wt r u saying momm animals can’t change

Janaki gave a tight slap
Every one shocked

Janaki:hold ur young laksh .how evil he is but he is ur father remember it

Laksh:how can u forgive him Maa

Janaki:that is what the meaning of love .I loved him by accepting his bad deeds to thats y I want to change him

Rag went to console her

Rag:its OK Maa we will change him I promise u

Laksh went from there with an anger

Ragini followed him by signing bulbul to see janaki

In room
Laksh sat on bed and is frustrated rag came and hold his shoulder

Rag:laksh plzz cool down and try to understand her

Laksh:yes I will try to understand every one but noo one understands mee

Rag:noo I can understand ur situation

Laksh:u r saying that u understand mee it don’t soot u .u are rejecting mee for a simple thing then how can I accept him as my dad

Rag was numb
Laksh:y u became silent it is easy to advise others but difficult to follow

Rag:OK till now did u ever tried to give a chance to him to change

Laksh was numb

Rag:try to give a chance to change make him realise that money is not every thing relation is main .

Laksh is numb she is going from there and turned back at the door nd said
Rag:if mom trust him then y can’t u trust him .I have trust on janaki Maa
She left
Laksh was frustrated and started thinking

Janaki and rag were waiting for laksh to eat he didn’t came out of the room from morning

Rag:I will call him and is about to too

Jan:wait I should talk to him now

In room
Laksh was staring from window
Janaki:till now u r angry

Laksh turned back and saw janaki and went near her and hold her hand and made her sit on bed

Laksh:how can I bee angry on u Maa.I was angry on mee

Rag was seeing all this from door

Janaki:iam sorry to raise my hand on you

Laksh:noo Maa don’t say that i ts my mistake I should apologized u .iam really sorry Maa .u asked me something for first time as a son it is my responsibility to fulfill ur wish .I don’t have any trust or any affection towards that guy iam doing this only for u .iam ready change him .now my mission starts Mission FOR A CHANGE and her see rag

Episode ends
Screen freezes with happy faces of rag lak and janaki

Recap: not decided

Darlings don’t know when I will update my next one and will miss u
Your s darling Pavani

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  8. please give some swasan scence also and their lovestory after marriage ……………………….

  9. as usual ur epi is rocking akka. waiting for nxt part.

  10. Dear its just a suggestion that u should concentrate on swasan too coz this is swaragini n not only raglak. …pls don’t feel bad n it’s ur opinion to accept my suggestion or not

  11. hey pavani so sorry couldn’t comment on previous updates …i read all them they were sooooo good…….so many twists loved it dea

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