for a change (swaragini) Episode 31


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Rag:in mind insted of pleading mee he is showing mee his attitudee how dare hee now see how I will torture u from tomorrow

Laksh:in mind:I know are angry but for that mistake u want to punish mee my whole life .i have a reason for doing soo ia know my approach was wrong towards u but y can’t u understand mee .did u really loved mee ??

Rag: in mind :I know I reacted little more but how can any girl bare if a person point her charecter that too the person whome we love a lot what ever may bee the reason

Laksh:in mind:u love mee or not but I love u till my last breath I will wait for u untill u excuse mee nd u want to take our marriage a step farward

Rag:in mind:I know u love mee laksh but u don’t trust meee .trust is main in any relation u lost it it takes some time for mee too trust u

Laksh: in mind:my love is true that’s y destiny united us I know I wil convence u

Rag::in mind :I told u that I married u for ur mom but y can’t u understand I loved u nd wil always love u ur mom was just an excuse I want to marry u as I don’t want to loose u .I LOVE U LAKSH

Laksh:in mind:in all these one thing was nice u became mine forever now no one can seperate us I LOVE U RAGINI.

They two slept by thinking about each other

Next day
Laksh woke up early in the morning nd saw rag sleeping she is looking very cute he leaned nd kissed on her forehead nd said good morning

Rag:still sleeping
Laksh went to wash room nd he returned after having bath nd saw rag still sleeping

Laksh:madamwake up early its already 8

Rag:in a sleepy tone don’t disturb Laksh naa only 8 naa nd that too today is holiday for mee

Laksh:madam now u r in mother in laws,house u should have some disciplane .to whome u married mee is strugling there alone nd I e still sleeping

Rag:what?? Ohh noo maa is alone I should goo nd she ran to washroom

Laksh:every man wants to see a mother nd daughter relation btwn their wife and mom but I would bee the first person to feel jelous by seeing this relation of mom and rag
He left nd rag came fastly nd went down

Rag:sorry mom I have a habbit to raise late,in morning

Laksh:now u should change that

Janaki:shut up laksh.nd turned to ragnd said its ok rag I don’t have any problem with that .I want to do my work iam habitued to that nd when I have no strenth then u doo for mee

Rag:hugged janaki nd said love umaa

Janaki:I smel something burning

Rag:confused but..

Janaki:signed towards laksh.

Rag:yas mom I too smell it .some ones face became redtomatoo

Laksh went from there with a rangee
Janaki went behind him
Janaki:laksh… come back
Laksh:y u got ur new daughter naa u forget mee completly

Janaki:yaa actually my daughter is soo sweet that any one wil love her

Laksh:u r showing partiality in ur children thats,not fair

Janaki:u two r equal to me .I just want ur happyness nothing more

Laksh hugged her nd said we r happy mom we both want ur happiness onlyy .

Rag saw then nd felt happy

Epi ends screen freezes with smiling faces of rag, jan, nd lak

Recap:don’t know

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Credit to: pavani

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