for a change (swaragini) Episode 30

Hiii darlings after two days hmm missed u all Nd don’t know when I will update my nxt update sorry for these irregular updates only for this,mnth

Rag was shocked by hearing to the news
She went inside without talking anything nd shekar followed her

In rags room
Shekar:r u not happy

Shekar:u love him don’t u??
Rag:yaa I love him but not anymore
Shekar:what do u mean
Rag:plzz dad I don’t want to marry him
Voice:its ok no one forcing u nd sorry I tought u love him
Rag ran nd hugged her nd said :sorry janaki maa
Janaki:its ok I an not the luckest person to bee ur mother in law
Shekar:what r u saying janaki
Janaki:noo bro we didn’t have any right to force her
Laksh who was listening all this have tears in his eyes
Laksh:its ok mom I too want her happyness only .he tried to.console her but she went away with out talking to him

Rag observed this nd felt bad for laksh

Janaki nd laksh left


Rag was thinking nd was passing from shekars room nd heared their conversation
Shekar:iam happy that janaki excused mee
Sumi:can I ask u one thing
Shekar:haa tell
Sumi:what happened to janaki bhabhi
Fb starts
Janki was very frank girl nd is very brave too she always help others and stands for right .one day in her college some one tried to misbehave with her friend janaki stood againest them .she slapped a boy (he is none other than rajnath)

After some days shekar have heared from some one that janaki is in love with raj nd she is pregnent too so shekar married Janaki with raj to protect his family reputation janaki tried hard to convince him but he didn’t believed her.after some days he came to know the truth that raj to take revange from janaki spreaded the fake rumour about their relation then shekar went to bring janaki back but at that time janaki left raj nd he married a big bussiness mans sister .he tried hard to reach her,but failed to find her
Fb ends
Shekar:she have faced many problems .at the time when she need mee to support her I left her after many days she asked mee for a wish for first time .thistime also I failed how bad iam

Sumi:noo u r good but it is fate that is playing

Ragini listened all this nd felt very bad for janaki

Rag in her room
Called laksh
Rag:I need to talk to u its urgent
Laksh:ok tell
Rag:not now tomorrow at 11 in coffee shop

In coffee shop

Laksh:its been half an hour we a sitting like this do u really want to talk with mee

Rag:hmm vooo. Haa (she inhauled a deep breath) will u marry mee

Laksh:was shocked nd exited .u really mean it?

Rag:yaa but not for u nd mee but for our parents .our marriage that too for ur mom

Laksh:shocked:what do u mean
Rag:I will marry u but can’t give any of husband rights to u .iam doing this only for janaki maa nd it will bee ur wish by listening this u want to marry me or not

Laksh:tought for some time :ok I will nd I want a simple marriage

Rag:I too want simple only y not a register marriage

Laksh:ok (actually he,is very angry)

He left
Rag:I know u r hurt sorry.(noo ragini don’t melt remember what he told to u )

Afer a month
They were married

At first night
In room
Laksh came in nd saw rag sitting tensedly he came near to her nd slept on other side of bed

Laksh:don’t worry I won’t touch u altough u r the last girl in the world

Rag:with an anger thk u very muchh

Episode ends scren freezes with angry faces of rag nd laksh

Recap:don’t know

Tnk u for ur suport
Urs darling pavani

I know its little bowring but don’t worry from nxt update we can enjoy their nokjok

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