for a change (swaragini) episode 3


Hii darlings tnk u for ur wonderful comments .sry I didn’t decided about pairs first read the story for few days next I will ask u for pairs according to story then u tell mee ok .plzz support mee ok like this main lead will bee rag about swara u will come to know in next epi or may be this epi

Boy entered jail every one greated him
Boy:momm I am missing u nd hugged janaki
Janaki:u came yesterday nd u missed me
Boy :yes y not hey na mamu(uncle)

Jailer:y not I too missed u .u are a bit late ur mom was lokking for a bride to u

Boy:what???he gave a questioning look to janaki
Janaki:yaa I liked her I would bee happy if she is my bahu(daughter in law) but she is engaged it seems by making a sad face

Boy:thamk god y u want me to be murdered or what

Janaki:in.a serious tone shut up dont talk like that

Scene shifts to rag nd purab

Purab:hey wr r u lost madam

Rag:dont know by seeing the person sitting in a cell I was getting a strange feeling that I know him nd he is very near to my heart

Pu:woww u are jaya bachan nd he is shruk khan u have mother nd son relation in ur last life

Rag:gave a killing look

Pu:or what I can say u r getting feelings for a criminal

Rag:u cant understand just shut up

Pu:What shut up ???wait I will complaint to ur dadi that u r not respecting mee .by blinking his eyes

Rag:you…. dadi ka bachaa.go hell with ur dadi I am not afraid of her

Dadi:ladooo u camee this much early

Rag:rag was jerked by her voice voo actually I forget my pendrive thats y we came we will leave nd she runned to her room to bring her pendrive

She came nd both left

Pu:he imitated her by saying “iam not afraid of dadi ” see how u ran by listening to her voice

Rag:beat him on his shoulder nd said shut upp

They reached their office
It was very big one nd this was a channel of a famous politician rajnath goenka (rajnath from ek hasina thi)

They gave their presentation nd every one felt happy

Associate editor(as):woww its very nice nd very good lesson to be leared by public also I think u should also gather information about that boy too

Rag:we tried but they were telling he don’t like to come in public

Raj:then y r we giving salaries to u its ur duty to gather the information I dont know I want full details about him nd his works .it may increase our trp

Rag:but with out his permission how can we publish sir

Rag:its not ur duty do what I say ok

Voice:common dad u don’t know how to talk with girls .

Raj:keep quite shourya (yes shourya from ek hasina thi)

Shourya:what wrong I said dad we should treat girls like flowers

Raj:was irritated nd said meeting was completed nd u miss ragini its ur duty to know about him

Rag :was also irritated but can’t show as (how can we show our frustration on boss)nd said yes sir nd went by holding purabs hand

They came out
Pu:what happened

Rag:what happened what u saw na that sshourya such an wwomeniser will flirt with all girls nd ccheapooo nd his father he is ccheapeoo than him who ddont know about him nd it is our fate that we r working under these ccheepooos

Pu:chill dear we know about him but we cant do any thing its our job k lets think how to find information about that person

In cabin
Shoury was observing rag only
Raj:now another girl
Sho:common dad its just like that
Raj:when will u be serious
Sho:oh dad this dialog dont sute u
Raj nd shu started laughing
Raj:ya she is hot by blinking his eyes
Shou:dont know there is some thing in her not there in any other he is observing every part of her body
(Its a transoerent cabin every one were vissable from his cabin)

Scene shifts to jail

Boy:sorry maa I will not talk like that again

Janaki :ok excused nd tell me how is hee

Boys face became red:dont talk about him mom

Man:laksh betaa a new person came to our house

Boy turns nd he is our laksh

Laksh:coming kaka

He turned to janaki
Janaki:u goo
Nd he left
Jailer:y u bother about that person who is soo cruel
Janaki:because he is my husband screen

Screen freezes with janakis face

Recap :not yet decided
Plzz support swa san will be shown tomorrow urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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