for a change (swaragini) Episode 28


Hii darlings tnk u very,much for ur support nd really sorry yar not able to comment in last epi actually little busy nd don’t know I can post from tomorrow regularly for few days as I already told u iam going to andhra for vacation so plzz don’t mind if I post irregular .

Janaki:really woww its a good news

Laksh:noo mom how can I love her .he is responsible for ur state today

Janaki:shut up laksh don’t be foolish how hee can bee responsible

Laksh:he is the one who marred u forcefully with that *****

Janaki:not only he any one in his position will doo that he just did his duty to protect his family reputation nd his sisters life

Laksh saw janakis face innocently
Janak:yes laksh he dont know how cruel raj was nd common I who knows about raj very well before my marriage only then also I felt in love with him by his actions then how can we blame my brother he also trusted raj words that iam pregent of his chaild thats y he married mee with out listening to mee

Laksh was numb
Janaki:soo tell mee laksh if he done a mistake by trusting raj then I should also bee blamed for loving him

Laksh:but y he didn’t have trust on u mom

Janaki:sometimes our mind stops thinking when we r in anger at that time he was angry on mee thats y he didn’t trusted mee but I know when he comes to know the truth he would be the person who will bee more,guilty for his deed

Laksh:started crying

Janaki:don’t worry laksh now I have noo objection for ur love soo go nd tell her that u love her

Laksh:sorry mom but she will.not excuse mee

Janaki:what do u mean?

Laksh explained about rags proposal nd his rejection

Janaki:how can u doo that to her .u pointed her charecter I didn’t expect this from u .raj is better than u he never pointed my charecter tough I was away from him for 5years

Laksh:maa don’t compare me with him

Janaki:y not u also broke her heart nd now iam telling u don’t talk with mee untill u marry her

Laksh:what is this mom
Janaki left with out talking to him

Laksh felt very guilty for what he have done

Laksh:ok now mission pleading (mananaa)start

Rag became very dull nd lost her smile

Manav:wt miss rag looking disturbed

Rag:nothing manav
Man:dont lie u can’t lie properly.
Rag:sry just thinking about love
Man:anything serious
Rag:did u love any one
Man:yes ,u know she is the only girl who is the reason for what iam now
Rag:show mee her,photo naa
Man:y not but not now day after tomorrow is her birthday she will come hear then u can see her
Rag:I tought,iam special for u but today I came to know that iam not,special

Man:y r u saying like that

Rag:because I toight u will introdue her first to mee but u want mee to meet her with all(a pout face)

Manav:ok I will introdue her tomorrow first to u Ok

Rag:done nd gave a fake smile

When rag was about to goo nd saw her vespa puntcher
Rag:y god u always play with mee u gave mee pain so many times but I took it positivly every time now also u want to torture mee by doing these silly things

Nd she started walking at that time a bike came near her nd stopped at her feet

Rag:can’t u see
The boy opened the helmet
Laksh:yes I think u want lift ?am I correct

Rag ignored him nd started walking he ran behind her nd hold her hand nd said sorry

Rag:leave mee I have to goo otherwise many peole start judjing mee nd my charecter (looking laksh angryly

Episode ends
Screen freezes with angry face of rag nd dull face of laksh
Recap:don’t know

Credit to: pavani

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