for a change (swaragini) Episode 26


Hii darlings tnk u for ur support

They reached hospital
Rag:ok sanky u goo now nd take some rest I.will stay with dii

Laksh:haa u goo if there is any work I will doo
Sanky left
Laksh was sitting outside
Swara:ok tell mee u love him
Rag:how u came to know
Swara:ur eyes are telling
Rag:hmm but don’t know he is not accepting it
Rag:ha he said he dont love mee
Swara:don’t worry he will accept u how any one can live without loving u
Rag:gave a fake smile nd said don’t worry dii iam working with some plan it may work

Swara:ok then all the best

Voice:can I come in
Swara:u don’t need permission miss ankita
Ankita:tnk u .she checked her and said evry thing fine u may get discharge in 2/3 days

Rag:how about my champ

Ankita:hee too seems naughty like his chachi.

Rag:am I really naughty nd saw laksh naughtyly

Laksh was tensed

Ankita:ok now take care nd mr laksh u became very silent now a days not talking to mee

Laksh:by seeing to rags voo due to some distabences iam not able to concentrate on you

Rag felt bad

Laksh:k ankita we will go for a coffee.

Rag eyes were filled with tears but wiped immediately with out noticed,by,others but our lucky saw it

Laksh(in mind):I know iam hurting u but I want u to hate mee then only u can move on in ur life

Rag:dii I will go to home nd prepare food nd will send sanky u take care laksh will stay hear

Swara:noo rag this area is new to u so take laksh with u Iam fine naa I will manage hear

Rag:noo dii I will manage

Laksh:let her goo swara she can goo see her,she is not less than a boy

Swara:what do u mean laksh y r u teeasing my sis u know she pretends to bee hard like a boy but her heart is soft like a girl

Laksh:common swara girl aur ragini any of her acts show her that she is girl

Swara:yaa u r right

Rag:dii u too joined him .iam a girl ok by giving an angry look to laksh

Laksh:see swara how sweet .girls will bee like this

Rag:ok byee

She alone went home nd kept carrage for swara nd gave it to sanky nd sanky went to hospital nd laksh left from there

In home
Rag by seeing mirror :did I really looks like a boy am I not attractive nd sees her physic nd was thinking deep

She called laksh
Laksh:haa tell mee

Rag:wr r u?
Laksh:with ankita in a cafe

Rag:got angry nd said when will u come

Laksh:will bee late u sleep I will come

Rag cutted the call nd was thinking what is there in her which is not there in mee .she sees herself in mirror with an irritated face

Rag:by keeping her hand on her hip ok mr laksh I will show u how a girl look u wait nd watch

Episode ends
Screen freezes with naughty smile of rag

Recap :rag slaps laksh
I know its small update but sorry
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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