for a change (swaragini) Episode 25


Hii darlings tnk u for ur support

Rag felt happy for his care towards her
Laksh completed feeding her nd was about to goo rags hold his hand

Laksh:with out seeing her rag I told u alredy I don’t love u nd don’t feel that I am showing concern as I love u I am showing concern on u due to humanity

Rag:who told u that I stopped u to for that I stopped u as I don’t want to waste food

Laksh:confused what???

Rag:took his hand nd showed that u hand have food for it I don’t want to waste it nd she started sucking his fingers with her smooth lips by staring to laksh

Laksh:was fully shocked for this reaction he tried to loose his hand but rags hold tightly

Rag:ok now u can goo
Laksh left from there with a shock

Rag:in mind:I am not ready to loose my love once again I know something bothering u but iam stubborn too now see how I torture u from tomorrow

Next day

Laksh was sleeping
Rag:laksh coffee
Laksh:opened his eyes nd saw rag nd talking to him self if it happens in real then how nice it would bee

Rag came near to him nd went close to his ear nd said:it is real only darling

Laksh was jerked nd got up

Laksh:ragini y r u hear

Rag:with a naughty smile to givee u ….a….morning…coffe.don’t think naughtyly nd she kept the coffee on the stool nd left

Laksh:was fully confused :what happened to her all of a sudden if she continue to come close to mee I may not control my self .noo noo lucky wt r u saying u should have control in your self common bee a good boyy nd he went to fresh up

At dining table
Laksh:sat with tension (in mind):now what will bee she up too

Rag:came there nd gave him a tiffen plate nd she sat opposite to him nd staring him

Laksh:wt r u doing rag y r u behaving odd

Rag:wt I have done now

Laksh:don’t try to act smart why r u doing all these things

Rag:ok I will tell u iam trying to impress u

Laksh:what????but I told u that iam not interested

Rag:soo what .every one will not accept with a proposal after rejection also we have to doo some hard work to impress themm
Rag:yaa see sanky also did many acts after my diis rejection then only he got his love soo iam following him

Laksh:was trying to stop his laugh nd said :but it suits for boys not to girls

Rag:y not love is equal to all naa soo y only boys should try to impress y not girls

Laksh:with an irritation:stop all this nonsence ok iam not intrested in u .u are not my type

Rag:ok tell mee then which type of girls u like I will try to bee like that (with a naughty smile)

Laksh:ok I think we should leave they will beee waiting for us

On the way to hospital
Rag was intensionlly trying to touch her brest to him .laksh was loosing his control nd stoped the bike

Rag:y u stopped laksh(romantically)

Laksh:what the hell r u doing

Rag:what I did laksh???

Laksh:fuly irritated,by her actions shut up now u come by auto if u disturb like this I can’t drive

Rag:ok I will not disturb u plzz don’t leave mee hear

Laksh:ok sit
Episode ends
Screen freezes with irritated face of laksh nd smiling face of rag

Recap:not yet decided

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Omg, di it’s so funny. I can’t stop myself from laughing . Superb chap di . You nailed it as always . Waiting for nxt.

    1. Tnk u very much abu darling

  2. Nyc di pls unite raglak soon di

    1. Yaa they will nd tnk u priya darling

    1. Tnk u kriya darling

  3. its so funny. after some suspense epis this epi makes a relaxation. super epi akka.

    1. Ha ha ha I like naughty people nd tnk u astha darling

  4. Too short..make it long next tym..

    1. Hmm I will update 2/3 daily so I write short ones nd haa I will try for it tnk u harshita da

  5. awesome………

  6. Very funny episode ???

  7. Such a funny episode

  8. Awesome episode di and plz unite raglak soon

    1. Tnk u ammu darling yaa I will

  9. Akka super

  10. Awesome it was really funny I really liked rags attitude

    1. Hmm tnk u nikki darling

  11. Cant wait until the next update laksh is so cute

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