for a change (swaragini) Episode 24


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Laksh:closed his eyes
Fb shows
After laksh saw shekar he fought that he have seen him some where
After going home he saw his moms chaild hood album and is shocked yes shekars sister is none other than janaki

Laksh:what y this happened to mee I love the person whose father is responsible for my mothers condition .I can’t doo this I can’t spare any person who is responsible for my mothers state I can’t forgive him not even for my love .no one is more than my mom to mee
Fb ends

Rag after completion of cooking came to see laksh if he is awake or not

Laksh was not there in the room she searched all the house but not seen him she started calling his name

Laksh came from terrace
Laksh:in a rude way y r u shouting
Rag:where u went with out informing

Laksh:y I should take permission from u to go out or what

Rag:y r u soon serious

Laksh was about to talk his phone rings

Laksh:has sanky tell mee

Sanky:nothing is food ready

Laksh:yaa we will bee there in an half an hour

Rag:sorry to disturb u and let’s goo its becoming late

They left in swaras room
Swara:wow ragini u learned how to cook also not badd

Sanky:really is it that tasty give it to mee also

Rag:enough OK u both stop pulling my leg and ha I bought food for u and laksh also

Sanky:laksh u didn’t ate in home

Laksh:noo actually I slept

Swara:u ate naa ragini

Ragini:wt a fake smile yaa but she didn’t eat laksh know it

They all ate
Rag:OK jiiju I will bee with dii u too and take rest

Sanky:noo I met her after many days so I don’t want to leave her I will be with her u two leave

Rag:noo I will stay

Swara:in rags ears it will not bee nice for laksh by telling him to stay alone soon u too I too want to spent some time with my Hus

Rag:nodded OK

Laksh:actually I should leave tomorrow

Sanky:u can’t leave us now u too after a week or I will call janaki aunty and complaint her u know she consider mee as her elder son

Laksh:OK baba iam sorry I will not too any where

Raglak left
There was pindrop silence through out the way

They reached rag went to her room
Laksh went to kitchen and brought a plate full of food and went to rags room and knocked the door

Rag:yaa tell me need some thing

Laksh brought the plate :eat it or u will feel weakness

Rag:I already ate
Laksh:I know u didn’t ate and don’t lie to mee

Rag:OK iam not hungry

Laksh sat beside ragini and said :if u r angry on mee then show that anger on mee not on food

Rag:y u bother about mee

Laksh:because I ….. Was stopped by thinking something

Because I care about u

Rag:noo need iam OK

Laksh kept food on her mouth forcefully

Laksh:take care don’t ever dare to hurt itself
Rag was shocked for his action

Screen freezes with rag shocking faces
Recap:don’t know
I know its small but iam sleepy now good ni8
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Credit to: Pavani

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