for a change (swaragini) Episode 23


Hii darlings sorry was not able to give reply to ur comments in last update I read all ur comments nd tnk u nd astha darling may be ur guess was wrong

Rag:what r u saying dad
Shekar:iam.serious if u love I have no objection
Rag:hugged shekar.nd said tnk u dad but I need some time

Shekar blessed her and left

Next day
Laksh nd sanky came to rags house shekar appoliased to sSanky

Sanky:noo u are like my dad u don’t do that any father in your place will react like that only

Shekar hugged sanky

From starting rag was trying to talk with laksh but laksh was avoiding her

Sanky:soo miss saali madam (sister in law) when will bee your marriage

Rag:very soon jijuuu by looking at laksh

Laksh was not at all boathering about her
Rag (in mind):y is he behaving weard is he showing me attitude or he is trying to avoid by thinking that I am loveing manav

All were talking to sanky .laksh gets a call nd he excused every one rag followed him

Laksh went to balcony nd was talking in phone

Laksh:wowww its a good news tnk u very much I will be there tomorrow

Laksh turned nd saw rag

Rag:with whome r u talking ?what is that good news?

Laksh:voo swara was concious now

Rag:(happly)really that is great thank u very much for this great news nd she highed him and kissed him on his cheek

Laksh:was shocked

Rag was very exited she don’t know what is she doing she went from there as if nothing happened

She informed to all the family members .all are happy

Laksh:so uncle this evening I nd sanky wil leave

Rag:what?? Only u nd sanky .noo way iam also coming

Laksh:noo we wil bring her so don’t worry

Rag:noo I will come she may need,mee

Sanky:let her come swara will bee happy

Rag:tnk u jijuu,nd hugged him nd saw laksh

Laksh was not happy

Rag:soo laksh come I will show u our house

Sanky:haa laksh u goo I will stay hear only naa I will see later

Laksh:voo actualy I have some work I will come later

Rag:don’t doo overaction common nd dragged him

She is trying to talk with him but he is not paying any attention on them

She get irritated she hold his hand nd dragged him to her room

Laksh:wt r u doing ragini

Rag:u don’t know wt iam doing?? Ok y r u avoiding mee

Laksh:avoiding ??when??

Rag:don’t act I know u r avoiding but y

Laksh:nothing like that may be its ur misunderstanding

Rag:ok its enough ok .if u don’t want to tell then I will tell but don’t lie

Laksh:wt r u talking about ragini

Rag:voo she gathered,some courrage nd said I don’t know y but when u r with mee I will bee happy .u entered my life every thing going perfect I got all my happyness back due to u .u r my lucky charm nd noww I want to spend my whole life happyly with u laksh .I LOVE U LAKSH will u bee with mee in my whole lifee

Laksh was shocked by her action

Laksh:r u kidding ragini

Rag:noo iam serious now plzz stop pulling my leg nd accept my proposal

Laksh:but I never loved u

Rag was shocked
Screen freezes with shocking face of ragini
Episode ends
Recap:mumbai trip nd meeting swara

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Why he is behaving like that

    1. Tnk u sindu darling may be in next part u can guess

  2. Why is laksh behaving like this pls post next part today itself pls I cannot take this suspense any more pls post next part asap pls

    1. Tnk u nikki darling I already posted it will be soon

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  3. am guessing wrong but cant stop sharing the guess with u. if its right or wrong i’ll share. i think now laksh is kidding. but according to precap there is a chance for fail in my guess.
    anyway epi is super.

    1. Hmm laksh is not kidding nd tnk u astha darling

  4. Awesome di but y laksh is doing like that

    1. There is something u wil know soon nd tnk u priya darling

  5. nice update………bt why laksh s behaving lyk this??

    1. Hmm tnk u anu darling

  6. awesome update next part today itself so much suspense…………

    1. I updated it will bee soon poonam darling

  7. Nice episode.laksh is strange

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  8. Superb episode di and laksh ko kya hua?

    1. Tnk u ammu darling u will come to know soon

  9. Awesome

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  10. superb……update next part asap……

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  11. awesome cant take the suspense plz update soon (:……

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