for a change (swaragini) Episode 23


Hii darlings tnk u for ur wonderful support

Rag:hold his collar nd said u don’t love me

Laksh:rag plz wt r u doing control ur self

Rag:I know u r lying shou told me every thing wt u told to ur dad enough of this teesing plzz I can’t bare this anymore

Laksh:laughing funny ly u r taking that seriously I told like that to warn him thats it there is nothing like that if u feel like that iam sorry

Rag was heart broken nd laksh left

After some time rag came down
Laksh:ok I will leave now nd our flight will be at 5 bee ready nd looked at rag but she didn’t se him.

At airpoart

Laksh was waiting for sanky nd rag .they reached laksh was continously looking at rag but she didnt saw him

Sanky:where will we goo there nd when wil we return .

Laksh:was explaining but continoudly staring ragini but she didn’t lokled at him she is very dull nd her eyes were red Laksh saw this nd felt very bad

Laksh(in mind):iam sorry ragini I don’t want to hurt u but can’t doo any thing .he closed his eyes and said to him self I have been waited for that moment but when the moment came I have to choose btwn u nd my mom .I wil choose my mom only I can sacrifice life also for her .he opened his eyes nd saw ragini who is sitting .

Sanky:to rag is any thing happened btw u nd him

Rag:gave a fake smile nd said nothing like that y r u thing like that

Sanky:he is staring u continously nd u didn’t even see him

Rag:nothing like that just pretending that iam angry on him (to convence sanky she lied)

Sanky:ohh thats good

They two were laughing nd laksh came
Laksh:our flights announcement is given lets goo .he gave ticket to sanky nd sanky left nd he gave to rag she took it with out raising her head .laksh felt very bad

Rag was traveling in flight for the first time
In flight rag nd laksh got same seat
Rag sat at window seat nd laksh sat side to her she was trying to keep her seat belt but was not able to keep it

Laksh:wait I will keep it

Rag:noo thanks

Laksh felt happy that atleast she talked to him
Laksh hold her hands nd kept the seat belt she raised her head nd saw him they have a sad eye contact

Rag turned to other side nd started crying

Laksh:ragini y r u doing like this

Rag:didn’t replied
Laksh:hold her hand nd said plzz lets bee friends

Rag:I can’t imagine a person whome I love as my friend so it is better to stop hear before I hurt more

Laksh:y can’t u doo this u did this with sanky too u loved him but u made him ur friend now then y not me

Rag:was stunned by his question .actually she didnt have ans for that.she turned nd said ok.we r friends nd iam sorry for my behavior tears were falling from her eyes

Laksh(in mind): I know it hurts u but I want u to move on in ur life again I don’t want u to stuck with mee

Rag slept by crying she kept her head on lakshs sholder unknowingly laksh saw this nd kept his hand on her head nd also kissed her on her head

They reached the destination

Rag:woke up nd saw her head on laksh nd said:iam sorry

Laksh:its ok

They went to swasa house ndgot fresh up nd went to hospital

They reached swaras room .
Sanky:saw swara nd ran to her nd hugged her
Swara:iam fine don’t worry
Sanky:a surprise for u
Swara:was eagerly seeing nd saw rag coming :ragini….
Rag ran nd hugged her nd started crying
Rag:I will not talk with u
Rag:u didn’t call mee once also nd how is my champ(by keeping her hand on swaras belly)

Swara :he is fine now his maasi came naa he will bee very happy
They both higged (swaragini mudic plays )

Swara signed sanky by asking about laksh
Sanky:hee is laksh he only took care of u till now nd is my lawyer nd explained her every thing

Swara:this time I will not leave that chepoo

Laksh:u take rest don’t take strain
Rag:ok I will bring some food for u
At that time a girl with fairy face came into the room by wearing an approan

Girl:how r u feeling now swara

Swara:iam fine doctor ankita
(Yes she is ankita from pavitra )

She checked her nd said u r fine now
Rag:can we take her to our home doc

Ankita:she should take rest for a week

Rag:ok I wil take care of her

Ankita was about to go nd saw laksh :ohh lucky after many days nd higged him

Rag was eyeing her angryly

Laksh:voo little busy with cases
Ankita:ok see u tomorrow bye

Rag was leaving to prepare some food nd bring to swara

Sanky:I will stay with swara laksh u go nd take some rest for some timee

Laksh:its ok
Rag:ok I wil goo
Laksh:ok I wil come wait

Rag was not paying any attention to him

They reached home by doing some marketting which are necessary

Rag went to kitchen nd started her work laksh went to room hd slept
Rag went to seee what he is doing nd saw him sleeping nd a smile came on her lips

She went near him nd kissed him on his forehead nd said plzz don’t doo this to mee laksh.I can’t forget u(a vissel sound comes) she ran from there nd laksh opens his eyes with teary eyes

Screen freezes with teary faces of rag nd lak

Recap:not yet decided

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Its so emotional di pls update the next part soon di

    1. Tnk u priya darling

  2. Its really touched…..
    And say one more think aapki writing skill is very gud …
    Even very very very very gud …..
    When i reading this i too feel the same emotion sad…..
    And story is really very nice ……..
    Pls revel suspens soon pls …..can’t wait more…….

    1. Tnk very much reetu darling suspence will be revealed soon

  3. superb…..cant wait for next part…..

    1. Tnk u kriya darling

  4. Excellent di . feeling sad for raglak.Plz reunite them soon. Waiting for nxt.

    1. Tnk u abu don’t worry they will reunite soon

  5. awesome waiting for the next update
    by the way i think laksh is lying that he does not love ragini… (:

    1. Hmmm he loves her nd tnk u

  6. Felt very sad for rag

    1. Hmm poor rag nd tnk u dhara darling

  7. Ohh god!! Plzz dont do this to her… Solve that mom wala matter plzz and get them together… Btw i started reading your ff today and loved it so i read all the episodes at once..

    1. Tnk u very much ananya darling ya they will unitee soon

  8. I thought it about some one threaned him

    1. Hmm may bee not nd tnk u sindu darling

  9. Very sad episode and poor raglak

    1. Yaa ammu darling

  10. really u r killer akka. u know how many questions going in my mind. janki ma y went to jail, wat is the connection btw lak and anki, wat abt shek sis and y manav revenged raj. u nd ur supence. my mind is going to blast.

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