for a change (swaragini) Episode 21


Hii darlings tnk u for ur support

Manav nd rag left from there
Every channel is showing how rag risked her life nd protected many girls life nd about shou the head of all this

At rag home

Shekar :what is this ragini ?if any thing happens to u?

Rag:whats wrong with u dad y can’t u see how many girls I saved

Dadi:what is the need for u to save

Rag:how can u talk like this as a women

Shekar:slapped rag nd daid:talk with respect with elders

Rag:u two can never changee dad .ur hears are stonee u think only about urselfs .y u don’t listen to others once also nd due to this behaviour swara dii is in comaa now

She dada dadi sumi:what???

Sumi:what r u saying what happened to swara

Rag:she if fine maaa .u know what happened to her in her marrage day
She explained every thing

Shekar :was broken nd was about to fall sumi hold him

Sumi:enough ragini now stop all this

Shekar:noo let her tell she is right I was a very selfish person I didn’t listened to my daughter when she need mee nd now she is in coma nd I didn’t listened to my sister then thats y she is not in this world

Rag:what?? U have a sister?

Dadi:ha but not now k leave it where is swara now

Shekar:I want to talk with sanskar .I should apolasise him

Rag felt happy nd said today u take rest tomorrow I will bring him

All went to their respective rooms

Rag was very happy nd called puu
Rag:wr r u ?
Puu:in office today u have blocked rajs brain naa now he his showing his anger on us I wil call u later

Nd she went for a walk to take some fresh air she was thinking about shekars words that he have a sister I should find out

Voice:thinking about mee??

Rag turned nd saw laksh

Rag:hmm not about u but I have a good news for u

Laksh:whats that ?

Rag:tomorrow I will take Sanky with me to our house dad want to meet him

Laksh:woww thats really a great news

Rag:by the way what r u doing hear

Laksh:voo actually I saw news about u nd came to see how r u

Rag:remembered hiw shou said that laksh loves her

Laksh:what r u thinking

Rag:nothing ..actually iam very happy today I have 3 good news today

Laksh:u told me only one hmm made a sad face

Rag: ha ha ha don’t fell other was I took my revange from him nd saved many innocent girls nd other one is ….nd she stopped (in mind what r u doing let him confess u first )

Laksh:tell me what is third one

Rag:voo…vo.. (thinking) haa actualy today I came to know that some one loves mee

Laksh:(did she come to know about mee???) Whao is hee in a tension tonee

Rag:by smyling in side said vo my b0ss(she is just lying to make him jelous nd confess his feeling)

Laksh:shocked nd said what??

Rag:by controling her laugh yaa he told hee loves mee.

Laksh:what u told

Rag:I told I need time (she is observing his facial expressions)

Laksh:ohh (little dissapointed)

Rag was about to say some thing some one kept their hand on her
Rag turned:who the hell Nd was shocked

Manav:talking about mee???

Laksh:u r her boss??

Episode ends screen freezes with shocking faces of rag,laksh nd questioning face of manav

Recap:hmm mumbai tour
I know its a smal one but I will try to upload if I get time nd haa ammu,kriya,priya nd lovely I read ur comments also t k u I was not able to reply there nd astha darling all the best for ur exams
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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