for a change (swaragini) Episode 20

Hii darlings tnk u for bearing me from last two updates I know they were boaring but wt to do if I shown her as a reporter I should show these things naa

Rag saw many girls in that dean (they were selling girls).

Rag:u are selling girls

Shou:u don’t know then y u told u know every thing

Rag:to see what is happining

Shou:ha ha ha (evily laughed) its of noo use as u will also bee selled now then I will see how ur lover will save u .I want to see his face after he sees u in any brutal house (prostetute house)

Rag:what do u think I will come hear with out any plan after knowing how cruel u r I have my plan u will come to know it soon .nd about mee if laksh sees mee in that position also he will accept mee heartfully I know it

Shou:soo much trust on him now I will see how he helps u .now I nd my gang will rape u nd will see who will help u

Rag was about to run but was surrounded by goons shou came near her nd was about to keep hand on her he hears a police syrinee

Shou:how police came hear nd saw rag nd gave her a killing look nd rag gave a victorious look

Shou nd some goons ran out to stop police they came out nd saw no police zeep there
Shou:she tricked us .nd ran inside to see nd saw goons fallen down nd rag was not there

Shou:hold one of the goons collar nd asked how did she escaped

Goon:a man came nd beated us nd took her .

Shou:shit nd called his dad nd informed that rag came to know about ther girls bussiness

Raj:u idiot how can u bee soo careless now u leave that place nd come

Shou was about to leave real police came

Police:we got a complaint that hear u were selling girls

Shou:some one gave u wrong information

Voice:first let them check then I will agree

Police:checked nd found many girls in goodoun who were drugged

Voice:soo now also u say that we gave a wrong complaint

Shou was silent
Nd police arrested him
Shou:came towards rag nd said I will not leave u I will come again to distroy you

Rag gave a get lost smile
Shou:by helping her u did a big mistake now u also became my target

Voice :tnk u nd get lost (now the face of the man is shown yess asta darling he is manav)

Manav:well done ragini.
Fb shows
Rag called manav
Rag:iam going inside I will be caught by them nd u come hear nd inform to police to come to this area

At the time of conversation manv enterd nd gave a fake police sirine nd when shou leaves he saved rag

After some thime police reached there then he explained that they were selling girls so police searched

Fb ends.

Rag:its my duty sir .u know this first only


Rag:then y u didn’t done this work till now

Manav :gave a smile nd said no one were ready to sacrifice their lives for my channel .every one were not like u ragini u doo every thing for benifit of others

Rag:not like that there were many people who doo their work by risking their lives

Manav:I know I alone may not doo it with out u nd where is the proof

Rag:removed her glasses nd gave it to her
.can I ask u one thing


Rag:I think u r hiding something from me

Manav:tensed little bit nd said what will I hide nd y will I hide

Rag:to bee frankly I did this because I want to take revange from him for my sisters condition so I think u were targeting rajnath to take some revange

Manav:gave a shocking look nd said in a high pitch tone

Manav:I think ur duty is completed miss rag we can leave now nd I think u should it is better for u to not to interfear in others matters
Episode ends
Screen freezes with angry face of manav nd doubted face of rag

Recap:as usual not yet decided

Darlings I may not update tomorrow as tomorrow my sons akshrabyasam so some what I will bee little busy so plzz don’t mind if I get time I wil poste
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani


  1. Anaita

    update was awesome… no worries take ur time.. well i wasnt able to understand what u hv about ur son so whatever it is may it gets well (just best wishes so sorry if it isnt like that)..

  2. Aastha

    awesome epi akka. i think ha ha ha i think he is taking revenge that something is related to janki ma am i right?

      • Aastha

        then ok no prob i’ll wait. do puja well not only 4 ur son pray for me too. i’ve two major xam on 21 nd 25 its really tough.

  3. Swasthi

    I am not a reader of swaragini ff…I’m commenting here by looking the picture… Ragini looking awesome… I just scroll down 4 to 5 times to see the picture… I’m rosid fan… That’s the reason… Please don’t mind about my comment

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