for a change (swaragini) episode 2


Hii darlings thank u for ur comments purab from kumkumbhagya

Purab:see now we should take the interview of the criminals also

Rag:don’t call them criminals they were just presoners .nd no one is a criminal by birth the situation nd fate make them ok

Purab:folded his hands sorry my maa if u complete is lecture we will leave

They entered the jail nd jailer comes

Rag:hellow sir we r from xx channel
Jailer:yaa I know seen u many times u r a very good reporter

Rag:tnk u but not a very good reporter iam just an ordinary reporter.

Jailer:it is ur simplicity
Rag :ssaw all around it was very neat nd clean woww sir its not like a jail its neeat nd clean than a college .
Jailer:haa peoplee treat it as their home
Rag:woww its very nice and what other things they will doo sir
Jailer:they doo furnetures nd mainly they cook food u know they have a canteen too hear it is very famous nd that money will be given to them to give for their families

Rag:really then I should eat their once.nd sir how u teach them this much disciplane

Jailer:nott mee there is a boy who comes for every week nd gives motivation classes nd helps in financially if any one needs
Rag:thats great of him.its very rare to find people like him in this society can u say more about him

Jailer:sorry he dont like publicity I cant tell anything about him

Rag:its ok can I meet these people nd take their. Interview

She took interview of many people by listening to their stories she became emotional
She turned to camera soo people dont think people in jail,means criminals society made them criminals iam not saying they didn’t do wrong but treat atleast them as humans cameraman purab with ragini

Rag:thank u sir nd ya I should eat in ur canteen

Jailer:for sure come and they showed

In canteen
It was beautifully decorated nd furniture was very good
Rag:pu open the camera nd shoot it also see how beautiful the furniture is

Pu shooted

Rag:I think furniture is also made by them only

Voice:yes it was made by us only

Rag:turned nd saw a women around 45 nd she looks very humble and polite rag gave a small smile

Women:soo u r the people who came to take our interview

Rag:yaa plzz sit

Women:sat my name is janaki its nice to see that people bother about the people living in jail

Rag:y not we have humanity to

Janki:plyed by janaki from swaraginI.nice I think u may bee ragini from xxx channel

Rag:yaa u know mee

Janaki:yaa listened about u from our jailer sab .by looking at u I remember my son

Voice:yaa I also tought soo they turned back

Janaki:jailer sab
Jailer:yes didi nd she want to know about him but he will scold him if I tell about him.

Rag:soo he is ur son plzz tell us about him naa

Karnaki:what to say he is ferfect example for a son hee not only care about mee he cares about every one he seems to be arrogent but his heart is like ice melts easily

Purab:woww then show him naa

Purab:then he will be perfect for rag nd I will also be escaped from her plzz aunty

Rag gave an angry look
Janaki:what do u mean

Purab:explained that how their parents decided to marry to both altough they were not intrested .soo if I choose a groom for her I will be saved naa

Janaki:then u r very lucky I will be the happiest person if they both get married I liked her very much

Rag:was embarrassed ok now u both stop pulling my leg ok

Purab gets a call nd he comes back

Purab:come rags call from office
She was about to goo at front of one of the cell she fells strange nd turns nd see a person sitting by bending his head she was about to go
Pu:come fast its imp
Rag left
While they were leaving a boy comes in his bike by wearing a helmet rag again feels strange she turns back boy removed helmet but was not seen by rag as his back is facing rag they left nd boy enters inside the jail
Episode ends
Screen freezes with rags strange face,boys back who is entring jail nd another boy who sat by putting his head down.

Hii darlings plzz support mee this time I cant say it is ragsan as I have not secided till now u can see swasan ragsan raglak

Credit to: pavani

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