for a change (swaragini) Episode 16


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Laksh:ok hear is my deal sign this papers or I will give a complaint in police station that u havve married my maasi(aunty)by not telling her that my mom is alive

Raj:soo what do u think I wil be afraid for thiss .how silly u r.what can they doo

Laksh:gave a broad smile I know how cheap u r soo how can I beee soo silly .haa aaa.police may not doo any thing but for sure my complaint can close ur political career

Fb ends
Rag:eyes, were filled with tears
Laksh:I tought u would bee happy but u r crying.
Rag:u talked with that person by listening to wehose name ur gets irritation
Laksh:hmm any thing for ur happy ness
They have an eyelock(neevu neenantu vaaree unnaa naa ku eevela/orange)

They were disturbed
Puu:think we came in wrong timing lets goo
Rag nd lak composes themselves
Buu:bhai (bro)shall I tell to janaki maa
Laksh:oye don’t act smart ok nothing like that she just became little emotional
Puu:ok saalee sahab (brother in law) by eying rag teeasingly

Rag:ok tnk u laksh I should leave should rest tomorrow my engagement is there naa(by teesing puu)

Pu:ok mare maa(my mom) sorry nd now come to convence my dad .

At puus house
Dayal was very angry
Puu:dad plzzz
Dayal:u shut up nd u ragini I didn’t expect this from u
Rag:came near to him by holding her ears sweetly sorry dad .iam ur daughter naa plz once listen to mee we two were not happy with this marrage soo what is the usee if there is noo live between us

Dayal:love only is not sufficient for a marrage dear

Rag:thats y we came to ask u uncle .he gave respect to u thats y he told u directly to u

Dayal:ok I agree will her father agree every one know about her father if any thing happened to puu will u give mee 100% garenty in it

Every one shocked

Laksh:I assure u uncle I wil take his responsibility

Dayal:who r u ?

Rag:her brother

Dayal:son of rajnath?

Rag closed her eyes
Rag felt happy that he is cool
Dayal:u have noo objection with ur sis marriage
Laksh:nooo infact iam very happy for them .nd about my sis she is very nice nd know how to respect elders nd haa I assure u that one day u will feel happy for marriying puu with her

Puu:yes dad infact rag was also in love soo she also not want to marry mee

Every one shocked specially rag

Puu:yes dad see how she is seeing mee as I told about her secret

Dayal:really ok then iam happy if u two r happy rag u will not forget mee naa

Rag:uncle…(she hugged him) iam ur daughter ohh sorry dad
Dayal:hugged her nd blessed puu nd bulbul

Dayal:ok who is the luckyist person whome u lovee
Rag:shocked voo …..vo…

Pu:he only dad (pointing towards laksh )

Every one shocked
Screen freezes with shocking faces of rag nd laksh

Recap:samee (not decided)
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Credit to: pavani

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