for a change (swaragini) Episode 15


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Next day at coffee shop .
Rag :how much time they will take
Puu:how will I know
Lak nd bulbul comes
Lak:sorry for the delay she is the reason
Rag hugged bu nd said u not only saved my diis life but also mine,sankys nd her chailds life
Bu:iam really sorry for what my bro did
Rag:y u r telling sorry we a thank ful to u nd don’t worry I won’t leave him
Laksh:one good news guys .court have accepted for sankys bail
Rag:thats really a great news tnk u
Laksh :with pleasure .nd he wil bee given bail tomorrow
Rag pu:what??but we can’t come tomorrow
Rag:because tomorrow is our engagement
Lak,bu:told u naa
Rag:I think we should tell the truth to ur dad that u love buu it would be better idea
Bu:u r right no more draging
Pu:u two r planning for my murder .my dad will kill me.noo I can’t
Rag:if u didn’t have guts to talk with him y u loved
Bul:leave it with whome r u saying about guts he has no guts to propose mee how can he tell to his father
They both eyed him angryly
Puu:ok baby I wil tell him but plzz don’t be angry on mee
Puu with a fearful face yaa
Rag:thank god I was escaped

Lsksh:one more surprise for u rag
Rag:signed him confusingly
Laksh took a paper nd gave it to her
Pu:what is this .??is this a love letter
Rag:shut up
Puu:noo seriously plzz I will read it I like to read love letters

Rag:onlr reading or u wrote also

Pu:what r u talking .u know what inmy schooling there is not even a single girl to whome I didn’t wrote a love letter .he realised what he said nd saw bulbul

Bulbul eying him angryly
Puu:actually baby….
Bulbul:left from there angryly
Rag was laughing heartfully
Laksh:ur smile is beautiful
Rag:stopped laughing nd gave a small smile
Rag oppened the paper nd was shocked
Rag:how did u doo this
Fb shown
Laksh went to rajnaths house
Laksh:mr rajnath goenkaa
Raj:laksh ..?what r u doing hear?
Shou:came with a range nd hold lakshs collar nd said how dare u
Laksh:removed his hands nd said wait I will come to u later let me deal with my dad
Shou :shocked what
Voice:yes he is ur elder brother
Shou:mom u have another son
Sakshi:(sakshi from ek hasina thi)I hope it would bee but my fate was not that much cool so I have an evil son who is a deto of his evil father
Shou:u r scolding mee ur own son for others
Sakshi:he is not others ok raj:ur voise is raising
Sakshi:yes it will by seeing my son
Raj:soo ask ur son y he came
Laksh gave him a paper nd said I want ur sign in it
Raj read that paper nd was shocked
It is conduct certificate of rag
Raj:what u tought if u ask I will sign it .

Laksh:I know u wont sign thats y I came with a deal (smilesevilly )

Episode ends
Screen freezes with evil smile of laksh

Recap:not yet decided
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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