for a change (swaragini) Episode 12

Hii darlings with one more update

It became very lateby preparing for a program every one went only rag was left
Rag called to sumi nd informed that it will become late nd puu will drop her nd called puu nd told him to come to office to pick him

It became very late she completed her work nd was about to goo shou stoped her
Rag:(with an anger)excuse me sir I should leave now

Shou:wr will u goo
Rag:she was about to goo with out listening to him

Shou:draged her nd said where r u going
Rag:leave mee
Shou:I will not nd he hold her tight
Rag:was shouting for help but found noo one
Shou:don’t worry darling no one were there .if u compramise then it will bee ok nd I swear I will not tell to any one

Rag:freed her hand nd gave him a tight slap

Shou:lost his control nd started behaving like an animal :how dare u .u slapped mee .u r the second person who raised my ego noww see what I will doo

Rag:pushed him nd ran from there nd shou following her she was about to fall as usualll like every story our hero hold her rag saw him nd hugged him hee too responded

Shou came and saw lucky
Shou:leave her she is mine
Lucky:hold rags hand nd eyed him that neverr
Shou:u know who iam
Laksh:iam not intrested too he hold rags hand nd was about to go
Shou:don’t dare to collide with shourya goenka
Laksh:don’t think that he seems like choclate boy he cant fight with mee actually now a days girls were mad for choclate boys thats y I am trying it otherwise iam moree ****** than u don’t try to bring my original ok( eedu anti soft ga unnadu choclate boy la unnadu anukuntunav emo charecter kotta ga undi ani try cheesa original ala nee undi)

Shourya :u have already done a mistake see what happens to u

Laksh went from there with rag giving him a pitty smile

At baadi out side
Rag:thank u
Laksh:its my duty .
Rag:y u came that side
Laksh:pu called mee nd said he is busy so told,me to pick u .take care nd bee care ful he can doo any thing
Rag:u know him
Laksh:changed the topic ok tell to ur parents too
Rag:noo don’t tell to purab too he will tell to my dad nd my dad this time he will leave me after marriying mee
Laksh:but bee care ful nd dont go alone any where call mee if u want to go any where
Laksh:byee they have a small eyelook
Rag left
Laksh:I won’t allow any one to do bad with u rag nd uu mr goenka this time I wont leave u ur son is just like,u evil
He left

Next day In jail.

Rag:tell mee sanky did any one have enimity on u .
Laksh:what about the guy who followed swara
Sanky:yes hee can bee he,is,soo evil nd he can doo every thing if it hurts his ego

Rag:ok then tell his name we will find out his details

Sanky :his name is shourya goenka

Rag nd laksh were shocked :what????
Sanky:yaa shourya the spoiled barath of rajnath goenka

Rag:how dare hee I will not leave him this time I defnetly kill him

Laksh:dont worry iam ur lawyer from now .this time I will not leave both father nd son
Sanky:but how will we get proofs .
Laksh:leave it to mee
Rag:i know bulbul will defnetly help mee
Laksh :wait a min when is this insedent happend
Sanky:last Wednesday
Rag:what happened
Laksh:ur sister is alive ….
Screen freezes with shocking faces of rag nd san

Recap:not yet decided

I know its very fast but I want to complete it fastly before I go to my native hmm sorry .nd plzz,dont forget to comment urs darling pavani

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