for a change (swaragini) Episode 11


Hii drlngs tnk u for ur suport

Scene shifts too jail
Laksh:ok maa I will leave now have some work

Janaki:ok but bee careful nd haa call ragini u took her noo naa

Laksh:shocked nd saw jailer looking somewhere nd understood that he told her
:nothing like that maa I took her no to discuss about the case nd gave a killing look to jailer

Janaki:hold his ears nd said liying to ur maa

Laksh:ok sorry yes I like her not love but…
Janaki nd jailer:but…
Laksh:it may become love at any time if I spent some more time with her nd started blushing
Janaki:thats a great news

At night
Rag was thinking abou swaras death nd was crying
Rag(in mind):dii y u left mee dii .I promise u I wil not leave the person who did wrong to u .nd was disturbed by her phone ringtone Yes it was laksh

Rag:haa laksh tell mee is any thing urgent

Laksh:nothing like that just called to ask u u r fine or not

Rag:yaa iam fine what happened to me
Laksh:actually I tought that u have listened about ur sis naa so u would bee feeling bad thats y I called u to divert u
Rag:tnk u for ur concern nd don’t worry iam very strong
Laksh:hmm I know

They talked for some time nd went to sleep

Next day
Rag called pu
Puu:yaa tell mee
Rag:iam going to jail to meet sanky u goo to office nd I will join u there
Puu:u will goo alonee
Rag:laksh will come there nd dont worry he will drop me to office
Puu:o hooo new friend
Rag:shut up.ok bye I should leave now nd she cutted the call

She gets a call from unknown no
Rag:yaa whzz this
Voice:didn’t recognised my voice
Voice :ok mee shourya
Rag:sirr u .who gave u my noo.nd y u called mee
Shou:come to office immediately dad calling u
Rag:but ..
Shou:noo but comee fast
Rag:cutted the call this cheeppoo naa I will kill him nd she went to office by auto .

At office
Rag:u called mee sir
Raj:yaa nd hee gave somee new project to rag nd he is explaining nd shou was continously stering rag .she felt uncomfortable

Rag:ok sir I will doo it nd was about to goo

Shou:miss raginir u single
Rag:gave a killing look to shou nd looked at raj in a puzzle
Raj:don’t mind him u goo
Rag:noo prblem nd yaa iam not single I have a lover too nd she left from there

Laksh called rag nd she told that her boss called nd he angryly cutted the call

In evening
Shou:u r interligent dad
Raj:bee careful don’t do mistakes like last time
Shou:don’t worry I will enjoy her today
Raj:gave an evil smile nd said all the best (actually raj gave more work so that she becomes late nd shou can take advantage)

Shou:rag u r finished
Episode ENDS
Screen freezes with evil faces of raj nd shou nd innocent face of rag

Recap:not yet decided

Tnk u dalings.plzz suport like this only urs loving dear pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Nice

  2. Oh my god i hope lak will save her
    And my doudt confirmed that he is behind swara death

    1. Yes ofcourse he will nd tnk u sindu darling

  3. superb… waiting for ur next part soo soo soo eagerly…

    1. Tnk u already updated it will bee soon

  4. Awesome di and eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Tnk u priya darling

  5. Episode 12 kahan par milay ga nd….who is shou

    1. Shourya (shourya from ek hasina thi)

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