for a change (swaragini) Episode 10


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Rag:how can u doo this .do u really love swara

Sanky:was blank u r beleaving that I killed swara

Rag:I slapped u for leaving the real culprit of my sisters death


Rag:yes how can u leave the person who snached ur love nd my sister .nd what u told u love her is this the love .once also u didn’t bothered to give justice to her death such a selfish u r.

Sankys:eyes filled with tears
Rag:u r not that sanky for whome duty is first nd will always fight for justice .
U r not my friend by seeing him iam proud off
U r not that sanky my dii used to love u

Rag was broken out nd laksh hold her

Sanky:u r right I became selfish in my love that I didn’t bothered that I am not that person which swara used to love .nd thank u for giving mee a hope to live .

All r looking at him
Sanky:yes now the reason of my life is to find the real culprit who took away my love from mee

Rag became happy nd gave a smile to him
Laksh:not only urs it is ours duty
Sanky:tnk u sir
Laksh:not sir call mee lucky
Puu:nd iam purab

All gave a smile nd they all have a group hug
Janaki sees all this
Janaki:see jailer sir how she gave a hope in him .how matured she is
Jailer:yes sis she will be a nice match for laksh
Janaki:I too hope that should happen

Jailer came to them
The time is completed beta u come nxt time
Rag again gave a hug to sanky nd said today my diii would bee very happy
They left

Outside the jail
Rag:thank u very much laksh
Laksh:for what
Rag:for helping us
Pu:u both talk I will come just now (he left)
Laksh:can I ask u a question
Laksh:do u still loves him
Rag:what u tought now my sis is not there so I will goo back to him
Laksh:sorry if I hurted u
Rag:I forgeted that I loved him .nd he just my best friend now .I moved onnn in my life
Laksh felt happy Inside
Puu:came by bringing his bike ok can we leave now
Rag said bye
Laksh:byee .sorry I forget to ask when will we meet again
Laksh:if I have any doubt in case
Rag:we will discuss tomorrow
Laksh:how can wee come to know about the exat time
Puu (understood what he want to ask):are mentel he is trying to ask ur phone no
Rag lak were shocked nd emberrased
Puu:stop blushing both ok laksh take her noo .he gave her no nd left from there
On the way
Puu:u r stil blushing?
Rag:beat him on his sholder nd said shut up
Puu:ohh I think some one is very happy
Rag:y r u doing overactin shall I call bulbul
Puu:suddenly his face become palee:: ok sorry
Rag gave a victorious smile
Rag:now iam going too meet bulbul any one want to come they can come

Puu face glowed like 100volts bulb
Rag:just jocking
Puu:howw cheep yar u r playing with my feeling
Rag:don’t doo overactin first think how to break our engagement

They reached office

They saw bulbul
Rag:o hoo some one is flowing in clouds
Puu:shut up
Rag went to talk with bulbul .puu due to fear he went to his seat
Rag hugged bulbul after many days nice to see u darling
Bulbul:mee,too actually I was out of town .she came near to rag nd said in ears:what happened to the matter I asked about

Rag:y soo hurry enjoy some thrill

Voice:I too love thrills nd surprises
Shourya:yaa,I like thrill nd I snach what I want (by looking at rag gave an evil smile)
Episode ends screen freezes with evil smile of shourya

Recap:not yet decided

Credit to: pavani

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