for a change (swaragini) episode 1


Hiii darlings ur pavani hear .iam not giving intro starting the epi if any new entry I will tell then…

Sumi:rag its alredy 8:30 if ur lover comes he will scold me for not waking me up

Rag:with a sleepy voice he is my best friend not my lover

Sumi:ok but he is ur to be husband naa

Rag:momm plzz I don’t love him nd he dont love mee y u people want us to marry

Sumi:ask ur dad

Rag:what is this maa y dad can’t understand I have many dreams to fulfill

Sumi:did he ever listened to any one I can’t stop him nd by the way purab is a good guy nd ur coluage too nd that too friens then what is ur problem

Rag:angryly went to bathroom nd shouted problem is there is noo love btwn us

At break fast table
Shekar:maa next month there is nice days for engagement

Dadi:ok then fix it

Sumi:y soo hurry she… stopped as shekar gave a deadly look

Rag:sorry dad but I don’t want to marry this early

Shekar:u don’t want to marry him or early .or u too want to spoil my reputation like ur sis did

Rag:didi didn’t do any wrong

Dadi:shut up dont support that cheap bgirl

Rag was about to talk sumi stopped her nd at the same time purab comes

Purab took blessings of all elders nd lok at rags shall we move

Rag gave an angry look to dadi nd went with him

On the way in bike
Rag:yar pu wt to doo yar my dad is not listening u try in ur home naa

Purab:my dad is waiting to see u as his bahu he is not allowing me to talk

Ragz::-)do u have aany bad intensions on.mee??

Purab:bee practicle how can I have feelings on a boy

Rag:beat him what do u mean

Purab:really who will love u I know u from 2years till now one time also I didn’t fell u as a girl

Rag remembered something nd a drop of tear comes out

Purab stopped the bike nd said we reached our destiny

Rag wiped her eyes nd get down

Purab took his camera nd rag took her mike (yaa they were camera man purab with rag)

They saw the entrance it was a jail

Epi ends
I know its smal but its just intro of charecters soo plzz dont mind nd yaa if u like till now plzz comment urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Its a very interesting one?pls update soon!N who’s playin Purab’s role??

    1. Tnk u nd purab role is played by purab from kumkum bhagya

  2. Superb di I have a doubt u ended the ff love from heart? If not please update it di

  3. cameraman ganga tho rambabu?? and by the way what about love from heart?

    1. Ha ha not that movie I took just capstion for fun .nd love from heart I updated my last epi

  4. Super dear

  5. Superb start.keep it up

  6. Wow…it looks very different..??

  7. nice start ….please continue

  8. Very nice

  9. Awesome dr

  10. Superb intro

  11. Is it ragsan ff di

  12. hey….new ff….congrats…may this ff also be super hit? ….like other ffs…..?

    and very interesting start….different ……loved it?

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