for a change (swaragini) epi 47 last episode


Hii tnk u for ur support nd its my last episodee.I will missu u all not decided any next concept of next ff will come back soon with another for sure

Shekar house
Everyone gathered
Shekar:he accepted to marry someone one

Shekar:noo sumi it is not his fault it is her decision (pointing rag)

Rag:iam happy that he accepted for this I too want he should move onn

She went into her room nd closed it

Rag :u accepted soo easily Laksh once also u didn’t objected for this .y laksh I tought u will try to convince mee .

Her mind:y r u feeling u only want this right .y it is bothering u if he is ready to marry someone .

Her heart:because she love him nd can’t see any other with him

Her mind:she can’t bee selfish she should accept it

Bell rings nd her toughts were disturbed

Sumi:rag its a letter for u

Rag:for mee
She took the letter nd opened it nd is shocked to see
Sumi:what is this
Rag was numb
Shekar took the papers nd gave a shocking expression
Sumi:wt is this tell mee
Shek:divorce papers
All r shocked
Sumi:how can he doo that
Shek:if ur daughter want to go away from him then wt he wil doo

A door is knocked
Dadi opened the door
Rag was shocked by listening Laksh name
She turned nd saw laksh who entered with a girl.

Laksh:I think u received papers nd I want to tell something more
Actually she is rachana (pointing to the girl with him)iam marrying her if rag have no objection for my marriage we want to marry soon

Rag was heart broken nd want to go nd slap laksh hardly but she contcontroled herself nd said :I have noo objection u can marry

Laksh:actually we want to marry in same regester office wr our marriage happened nd if u don’t mind I want u to sign as a witness for our marriage

Rag was shattered for his proposal

Laksh:I know u don’t mind

Rag:controled her tears :no I have work

Laksh:I even didn’t mentioned about date u r saying u r busy .plzz if u didn’t come I will think that u still love mee nd I feel that iam cheating u

Rag:ok I will come
Nd she ran to her room
Laksh gave an evil smile

Shekar:do u fell she wil come on track by ur shock

Laksh:yaa uncle don’t worry I know her she can’t see mee with others

(Yaa it was al the plan of laksh every one knows it except rag )

At register office
All r waiting for the registar to come rag came nd saw laksh talking happily with rachana nd felt bad

Register :ok now sign the papers

Laksh was about to sign rag came running nd hugged him

Rag came to senses
Yes hugging was her dream

Laksh was about to sign he stopped it
Laksh:sir actually I want to doo the marriage rituals first nd then sign
They changed garlends
Laksh:turned towards rag nd said:rag plzz give mee that mangalsutra I should tie it to her

Rag:was shocked nd hold her mangalsutra

Laksh:common rag bee fast
Rag:noo I won’t
Laksh:u should if u want mee to goo away from u then y u should have my mangalsutra
Laksh went near her,to remove it
Rag gave him a tight slap
Rag:noo I won’t give this nd I won’t allow u to marry any one
Laksh:y ?u only wanted mee to marry naa
Rag:haa but now I can’t see u going away from mee nd she higged him

Every one clapped

All happies
Same night
Laksh entered his room rag was afraid
Laksh:hold her hand nd said now onwards u will feel only my touch nd he kissed her hand .rag closed her eyes
Laksh:u will feel mee only when ever I touch u he dragged her closed to him nd kissed her gently on her neck .I will erraserraseur darkness with my love he removed her pallu nd higged her tightly .
Laksh:just trust mee I will never,leave u I love ur heart not ur body Rag:sorry
Nd lights off
Episode ends

Tnk u for ur response darlings love u nd will miss u all
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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      Tnk u swathi,dara,rafee,lovely,tani,abbu,priya nd ammu tnk u very much for ur support nd love u all nd will definitely miss u all

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      T’nk u rakhi,priya,annanya nd sindu darlings I posted my next ff plzz read that

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