for a change (swaragini) epi 45


Hiiii darlings tnk u for ur response.nd sorry for not replying as I reached my mom’s house nd there is a signal problem hear .


Raj:shut up don’t call mee like,that

Shou:u slapped mee for that women who send mee to jail.

Raj:insted of repenting for ur work u r enjoying for ur victory chii shou

Shou:ha ha ha you r telling about sins its very funny

Raj:yaa u r right .I never stopped u when u done wrong insted I supported in all ur sins.but u.u never stopped nd continued doings ur works .u raped ur own babhi to spoil ur bhai’s life .

Shou:about which bhai dad u never bothered about him then how that much love came for him suddenly

Raj:I never neglected him I love him too but I was not able to accept him as when ever I saw him his motheres betrayal comes before my eyes so I kept himfar away nd helped him with out others knowledge

Shou:u can’t doo this dad u love mee naa

Raj:yaa I love all my children soo I will not support u this time .I can’t see my other son’s life spoiled

He was about to goo he saw laksh who listened all the conversation nd shocked

Laksh came running and hugged raj
Laksh:iam sorry dadd
Raj:iam sorry betaa I never gave u the love u needed

Sakshi:today I too want to confess one thing which seperated all

Laksh nd raj see confusingly

Sakshi toldd all the truth

Raj was heart broken nd was about to fall laksh hold him

Raj:I want to meet her
Lak :haa

Scene shifts to Janaki home

Rag saw her nd hugged her tightly

Jan released the hug nd nd wiped her tears
Jan:I won’t say that I can understand ur situation as I never fased it but I can $ay that by thinking about past we may not move on .soo forget it nd fight aganst what have happened with u .I know u r strog hey naa

Rag:haa maa I won’t cry now .y should cry he did a mistake soo he should cry

Voice:thats my girl

Shekar:iam happy to see my brave daughter again

Rag:maa I want to see my maa Can I goo with dad now

Janaki:haa goo

Rag left with sekhar

At the same time laksh came with raj

Janaki was about to goo


Janaki felt the voice familiar nd turned nd is shocked

Janaki:with a teary eyes raj .

Raj:iam sorry for not understanding u

Janaki:noo . Plzz don’t tell that

Raj:turned to sakshi:iam sorry for u too sakshi I spoiled ur life too
Sakshi:noo iam happy that due to that I got a family like this

Laksh felt happy nd went to search rag ng give them some space

He serched all over the house but not found rag he came running

Lak:maa wr is rag

Jan:she want to see her maa so she went there

Laksh:ohh he left from there nd went to his room.

Scene shifts to rag .she directly went from there to police station nd complainted against shou .they asked her many things which keeps her uncomfortable but rag know that it was the leagle prosess nd she should face all this then she gained some courage nd gave all the ans

They left to rags home

Sumi saw rag nd hugged her by crying
Rag:don’t cry maa iam fine nothing happened to mee see

Sumi:wiped her tears nd said haa u sit I will make some fav dishes of u

Rag:ok maa I will take some rest

She went to her room nd locked the door .she remembered the whole incident nd crying .

Rag:iam sorry laksh now I can’t live with u .I don’t want to spoil ur life .I can’t forget this insident in my life time when u touch mee also I remember this only .iam sorry I am not fit for u .u desrves moree

Scene shifts. to lak
Laksh:when will u come back rag.I want to bee with u .I know u needed mee but y r u avoiding mee plzz I can’t bare this anymore .I can’t live with out u and a tear fall from his eyes

Episode ends
Screen freezes with crying faces of raglak

Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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