for a change (swaragini) epi 44


Hiii darlings tnk u for ur response nd really sorry for not replying to ur comments.I know I dissapointed u very much nd really sorry for that nd haa rag will definitely get justice nd our laksh is there with her naa.nd sorry yar its not a dream(sanchami) .nd sorry ria darling if I gave u a false hope actually my every ff revolves around rag only nd I every time I keep the tittle with swaragini as caption actually I was habituated for that name ok from next time I will add caption acording to pairs .iam sorry astha darling for not showing Sanky I will try in my next ff .nd tnk u all for trusting my story .

Laksh entered his room but didn’t found rag he got afraid that she may harm herself nd knocked bathroom

Laksh:raginii….. plzz open the door ..
Rag opened it nd came out with wet clothes only

Laksh:wt r u doing rag (he hold her nd made her sit on sofa nd took a towel nd cleaning er hair)y r u punishing urself ragini

Rag was numb
Lak:ok tell mee do u know the,person who did this .

Rag her mind was full of those fearful moments

Laksh:enough of it u r not that rag whome I love nd who always fought for justice by risking her life .where is that strong rag.u want to leave the person who did this.iam with u plzz bee brave nd tell mee who is hee


Laksh:maasii u know it

Sakshi:yes she explained him how she listened to every thing .nd haa I will be the witness in this case

Rag saw her nd ran nd hugged her

Sak:noo more tears its enough it is time to fight against those people who think that girls are there to satisfy there pleasures

Scene shifts to raj house
Raj saw sakshi going out at mid night nd was thinking for the reason suddenly shou came who was drunken

Raj:whats the matter seems happy

Shou:yaa its a victory for mee I spoiled two lifes with one arrow

Raj:what do u mean

Shou:yaa I raped rag nd spoiled her nd her husbands lifee

Raj gave a tight slap to shou
Shou was shocked
Screen freezes with shocking face of shou

Recap:shou jail

I know its very small but situation demanded .ok now u all suggest mee with a punisment that should bee given to shou
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Raj slsp was awesome

  2. Very nice di

  3. really akka now i’m feeling good that raj stands for justice. ib ur previous ff u showed shuo as grey shed but in final he’ll turn to +ve but in this ff he crossed his limit. he should punished very harshly. u gave him a proper punishment bcos he is rag’s devar ji. u plotted story b4. so u have to decide the punishment as per ur future story.

  4. awesome….update next part soon

  5. Good shourya slap !!!!actually I feel whenever I read those cases in real life to I feel like that person should be shifted in the middle of the road by the public???

  6. His punishment shuld b death….liked hw laksh stands fr ragini

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